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WihiibiFuturistakan is a Computer Font.

A Good Font and Best Font Ever!

If you ever heard of name "WihiibiFuturistakan," means futuristic in Armenian, data in Amharic.

═════════════════════New changes══════════════════════

• Added: Caq̂ir, Some Cyrillic Lowercase. Revised: 

• Added: Shidinn and Some cyrillic glyphs. Revised: Lowercase Cyrillic Dzwe. I have plans to add Caq̂ir and Church Creadhj Latin.

• Added Ogham, Accent on H with hacek, Remade glyphs to look more like Dylacomputer, Added More Skooeian (Скуи'ан)

• New letters for compatibility with Unifon, and Shidinn (unifon sh will be in latin ext. D because wikimedia says so) (shidinn is only caps ATM)

• Added and revised some glyphs

• New glyphs for compatibility with North Bing Chilling & New English

• Added some Cyrillic Lowercase (Finishing cyrillic lowercase)*

═════════════════Announcements & Goals═══════════════════

(* means top priority)

Finish the Cyrillic Letters *

Finish caqir *


This font won't consist of all Unicodes.

I Can't comment nor clone, so Current answer to a comment:

(I'm ignoring Dukir because he is a commenter i think)

@Legendarytypo Justov? Laggy? Check out Lagginess!

@Kyyle 3~4 months to be exact. The font still isn't finished.


It finally has 1355+ glyphs. 1355th glyph: Ḵ

this font probably won't be legible for the comp because it was published

9 DAYS before the criteria:

3. Your submission(s) must be posted and made “public” between 18th April 2024 and 10th May, 2024...

Comment by lucapri Fri, 3rd may

Umm, how do I actually use this font lol? And is it possible to fully utilize it?

Comment by Dükir Tue, 21st may


Comment by LegendaryTypoOficcial Sat, 6th july

More like justov

Comment by LegendaryTypoOficcial Sun, 7th july

how long did it take you to make this?

Comment by Kyyle Mon, 8th july

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