InfiniSans Max 1.05

by TWIaK TzlUd (SuIsJustBack4523721387)

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This is that Best font ever myself made.  Keep expert mode and unicode letter sets.

1.0 - Basic Latin, More Latin, Ext. Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Arabic, Gen. Punctuation.

1.1 - The Rest of Latin Ext.B and IPA, Hebrew (accents in 1.3), More Cyrillic, Phon. Extensions.

1.2 - Coptic, Even More Latin.

1.3 - The Rest of Latin, N'ko, Greek Extensions, Cyrillic Ext-A and B, The Rest Modifier Letters & Combining Marks.

1.4 - Dhivehi (Thaana), Cyrillic Ext-C, Greek & Cyrillic Unencoded Extened Characters, Tengwar, Cherokee, Private the font until it's finished.



This font is used in MegaHard OS, iOS, Windows, Motorola, and more!

Only install can use this: IOS, Microsoft, Linux


A2048-NG-CDX Compatibility


(I forgot Zhi)

Comment by TWIaK TzlUd (SuIsJustBack4523721387) 18th july 2023

White cells are  & 's uppercase and lowercase form.

Black cells are what i got from r/neograpy on reddit.

Orange cells are phonetic unencoded letters.

Red cells are just the letter "Kwak" for new english.

Cyan cells are not assigned.

Purple cell is the capital ligature ꭣ.

Blue cells are from this video: Click.

Teal cells are from the Cadexian Alphabet.

Yellow cells are from this video: Click.

Magenta cells are Ӿӿ in latin, using [k͡ħ̰̊] as the phonetic use.

Forest green cells are from & .

Brown cells already was in my Latin Ext-G phonetics.

Comment by TWIaK TzlUd (SuIsJustBack4523721387) 18th july 2023

I cannot make out some of the symbols in the image. They look too blurry to me…

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) 18th july 2023

If you know, i have a spua-A font for latin.

Comment by TWIaK TzlUd (SuIsJustBack4523721387) 22nd july 2023


The "ş" and "ţ" glyphs have been added a cedilla.

Comment by TWIaK TzlUd (SuIsJustBack4523721387) 23rd july 2023

Kerning is in-fact WIP.

Comment by TWIaK TzlUd (SuIsJustBack4523721387) 27th july 2023

Want to make this font more robust well make it cloneable

Comment by AlphaUnicodeFonts 28th july 2023

Cyrillic ў is missing a breve

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) 28th july 2023


Comment by TWIaK TzlUd (SuIsJustBack4523721387) 30th july 2023

I have noticed that the initial Ba in arabic is missing a dot, & i fixed it.

Comment by TWIaK TzlUd (SuIsJustBack4523721387) 1st august 2023

Ռ was the 1,000th glyph milestone!

Comment by TWIaK TzlUd (SuIsJustBack4523721387) 16th august 2023

made more kerning for "tt" and more ligatures :₹

Comment by TWIaK TzlUd (SuIsJustBack4523721387) 19th august 2023

More than so many gylphs

Comment by Nayef Aljahdali ( Tue, 26th december

should i revamp the hebrew glyphs they look weird tbh

Comment by TWIaK TzlUd (SuIsJustBack4523721387) Fri, 19th january

1.05 is here

Comment by TWIaK TzlUd (SuIsJustBack4523721387) Sat, 20th january

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