by Europe2048

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Added Kana Extended and Kanbun


Maybe it looks as my dot matrix font but being pixels,overall nice font!

Comment by KnZahid300 27th august 2023

Thanks for the feedback, KnZahid300!

Comment by Europe2048 27th august 2023

Looks exactly like the Minecraft font.

Comment by Samichaelg9 9th september 2023

I don't think this looks like Segoe UI.

Comment by Europe2048 9th september 2023

I meant, this is a monospace font, so it isn't exactly like the Minecraft font.

Comment by Europe2048 9th september 2023


Comment by Lucaprii 'ss altt (digitalio) 9th september 2023

I just thought he said Microsoft font first.

Comment by Europe2048 9th september 2023

If you didn't know, I'm just a child...

Comment by Europe2048 9th september 2023

Oh, same

Comment by Lucaprii 'ss altt (digitalio) 9th september 2023

Very perfect

Comment by Hache2024 (Hache2023) Sun, 8th october

Thanks for the review!

Comment by Europe2048 Sun, 8th october

So look at my font but you can clone my font as for ultra 75blitzel is many glyphs but don't ruin it thanks

Comment by Hache2024 (Hache2023) Fri, 5th january

Are there plans to make this at double resolution for more detail so that the circled, parenthesized, etc. glyphs are more legible?

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) Sat, 6th january

Yeah, I just did that. Thanks for telling me about this, BWM! :)

Comment by Europe2048 Sat, 6th january

I am planing to get 10000 glyphs on this achievement

Comment by Hache2024 (Hache2023) Sun, 7th january

1. Sorry, the alternate glyph forms are overlapping the Tengwar block. 2. I already have Glagolitic in this font.

Comment by Europe2048 Mon, 8th january


Comment by Hache2024 (Hache2023) Wed, 10th january

Hache can make everything in almost 10k glyphs so I gonna clone it and giga 75blitzel

Comment by Hache2024 (Hache2023) Wed, 10th january

I added more

Comment by Hache2024 (Hache2023) Thu, 11th january


Comment by Bernat Jansà Pascual Tue, 9th april


Comment by Europe2048 Tue, 9th april

bro literally made a copy of the minecraft font and decided to put 100 tags on it

very creative

Comment by benjiboioof Thu, 11th april

This is not a copy of the Minecraft font. The Minecraft font is not monospace.

Comment by Europe2048 Thu, 11th april

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