NCD Deconium SC Black Serif Inlines

by djnippa

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A simple modern triple inline deco. This is the small caps version.


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Comment by djnippa 7th february 2014
Loving the deco style! (This is another of those remakes that I would have done it!)
Comment by elmoyenique 7th february 2014
Comment by djnippa 7th february 2014
Comment by djnippa 7th february 2014
Comment by djnippa 7th february 2014
Excellent work!
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 7th february 2014
Beautiful - I normally like Uppercase designs, but here I think the lowercase takes the prize.
Comment by p2pnut 7th february 2014
Thanks guys.
Comment by djnippa 7th february 2014
@Ray You're spot on with your comment. Deco only normally works in uppercase, so the lowercase was a real design challenge. I'm still not 100% satisfied with the way that a,d,g,q go against the style, so I've had to include balanced alternatives, just incase the design warrants it.
Comment by djnippa 7th february 2014
absolutely delicious. As always :)
Comment by kix 7th february 2014
Wonderful art deco design. And a true inline font, by the way. Your demo poster looks very authentic. Outside of the competition, you might consider to make a taller version as well. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 7th february 2014
Have you tried turning "K" upside down?
Comment by kix 7th february 2014
Thanks Frodo. You've read my mind. It's already been cloned and 'normal' sized caps has been inserted into the title.
Although knowing me the final version will be totally redrawn and fully curved in illustrator. So many fonts, so little time :)
Comment by djnippa 7th february 2014
Thanks Kix, much appreciated.
Not sure why I'd want to turn the K upside down though. I think it works perfect. :)
Comment by djnippa 7th february 2014
This is exactly why I love these competitions. They squeeze so many awesome fonts out of us fontstructors, and most of them might have never come around, had there not been a competition. This is another example of a very brilliant fontstruction. I love your last sample, too! Awesome work.
Comment by ETHproductions 7th february 2014
dj, this is great.
So easy, so effective and so expressive.
Comment by beate 7th february 2014
Beautiful. :) Concerning a, d, g, and q: how about turning them, meaning, put the stripes on the left? E.g., the 'g' could mirror the 'S'.
Comment by sarreyn 7th february 2014
Hi Sarreyn, Thanks for your comment, but I've already done alternative variations with the stripes on the left, if you scroll through the font, you can see all.
Comment by djnippa 7th february 2014
I did notice after I commented, lol. And I do like the alternates.
Comment by sarreyn 7th february 2014
@ETHproductions. I totally agree, they do seem to bring out the best in us. This particular font is one several deco variations. As to whether I would've released it or not, probably, but not available for download, and only shown for constructive criticism by my fellow fonstructors.
Comment by djnippa 7th february 2014
@beate. Thanks buddy, but I think you've got this one in the bag. My money's on you. :)
Comment by djnippa 7th february 2014
wonderful! i think the regular g, a, etc. work better than the alternatives. the samples are outstanding.
Comment by laynecom 8th february 2014
The proportions and treatment create not just a nice-looking font, but a calm, take-your-time mood. Strong, sturdy, elegant. And wow, that @ sign. 10, fave.
Comment by demonics 8th february 2014
Comment by djnippa 8th february 2014
I was doing something similar, only curvier, not for the comp, know...just. That alone was too many bricks to place. Having seen this, I might never finish mine. No point. You are so good, you make me want to give up. Damn.
Comment by thalamic 8th february 2014
THIS sample! absolutely no words. top of the pops
Comment by kix 9th february 2014
Thanks Demonics. much appreciated.

Ha Ha thanks Thalamic. I can only hope that my work will come close to your much more creative fonts. Your early work is amazing, and a massive inspiration to my designs. More so than you realise I think.
Comment by djnippa 9th february 2014
Thanks Kix. Top Of The Pops, not heard that phrase in a while. Made me laugh, and reminded me when I was much younger and managed to sneak into the televising of the show whilst on a Uni trip in 1986.
After the show I met Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff who signed the vinyl they used during rehearsals. It was for their hit single "Girls Of The World". Will actually complemented me on my Fila Hi-Top with the laces undone (well before it caught on as a fashion). He & Jazzy Jeff both signed the record "To Nippa a real Cool Dude, The Fresh Prince"
Unfortunately the performance wasn't aired as they couldn't get their work visas sorted. They were gutted. Cyndi Lauper (who complained about too much dry-ice at the beginning of her performance) and the Housemartins were also on the show. It was obviously the very early days as Will & Jazzy Jeff left in a clapped out Ford Fiesta, and Will could hardly get in it. Which was comedy gold. Nobody else knew who the hell they were. Good times.
Comment by djnippa 9th february 2014
This font really come out great with your fantastic Samples.

It's a delightfull Art Deco
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 9th february 2014
Funny you should talk about music; this is the sort of thing I imagine seeing on a Dave Brubeck album cover. By the way, contrary to your want to curve the letters, I like the straight lines and angles and octagons because I think it sets this apart from other Deco fonts.
Comment by Cohnisgone 10th february 2014
Thanks Cohnisgone. Isn't Dave Brubeck a jazz musician? I can see that working.
I agree - the octagon feel, does set it apart from other deco fonts. I had planned to keep the straight angles, but knowing me, I will also do a curved version as another variation of it. There are four other inline variations of this font with straight angles. It would be a shame not to use them. :)
Comment by djnippa 10th february 2014
Seriously? Unbelievable! :-)
Comment by thalamic 11th february 2014
Comment by djnippa 17th february 2014
This type effect seemed to reflect the grill of the car.
Comment by djnippa 17th february 2014
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “NCD Deconium SC Black Serif Inlines” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 18th february 2014
Congratulations on winning the contest!!! I know we had our differences. But I hope that's behind us. Plus, since you dubbed me the deco king, I hereby dub you the inline-king, congrats!!!
Comment by time.peace 18th february 2014
Congrats for the well deserved 3rd Prize and the TP, compañero! This last sample is fantastic!
Comment by elmoyenique 18th february 2014
was my fav, congrats

this font have a high potential as commercialized fonts
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 18th february 2014
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “NCD Deconium SC Black Serif Inlines” is now a current Featured FontStruction.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 28th february 2014
Nice work but I was wondering.. how can I download this? I can't find any button anywhere..
Comment by Elliaahhh14 28th february 2014
Thanks, there are several variations of this font.
I am currently adding kerning and OT features to them all - which is very time consuming.

The font will be available FOR SALE soon. If you want just this one with kerning, then it will cost you $8. If you are still interested, then please send me a personal message.
Comment by djnippa 1st march 2014
I am late to the party, but I just saw this and had to say "Great job!" :-)
Comment by SquarePeg 9th march 2014
Comment by djnippa 15th march 2014
Wow!! Stylish Ever!!
Comment by daisuke kamihara 29th march 2014
Comment by ELAND 12th april 2014
Comment by kouki nishikawa 14th april 2014
That's an amazing font! :)
Comment by beanisawsoment 15th april 2014
love this font so much
Comment by meshbox 23rd april 2014
I really like this font. It inspired my font Deco Future- I'm only a kid and I don't know how you get so good at this!
Comment by GeronimoFonts 27th april 2014
Thanks everyone. Much appreciated.
Comment by djnippa 27th april 2014
I've changed a few letters around like the S. I still can't work out is better, the split S, or the diagonal S.

I also gave the W and M more breathing room. The colour of them looked too dark in the original design.

I've also added a few new glyphs like (C),(R), §, ±,¥.

I've tweaked C,c, j,8,6,9,# and the biggest move of all was to adjust all the SPACING to fit in with the 'Walter Tracy Method' so it'll make life easier for the guys who are doing the KERNING.
Comment by djnippa 28th may 2014
I prefer the diagonal s. Ooohhh, yes, the new W and M are much better.
Comment by TCWhite 28th may 2014
Thanks TC, the diagonal S will still be there in the final version, it will just be as an OpenType style feature.
I wasn't too happy with the way the lines zig-zagged on it. No other letter does that in the font, apart from the 8, so it had to go unfortunately.
Comment by djnippa 29th may 2014
very nice fonts
Comment by yigoo 30th may 2014
Which do you prefer/ works best?
Comment by djnippa 6th june 2014
Comment by djnippa 6th june 2014
Comment by djnippa 6th june 2014
On the first pic I prefer 1 or 2, and on the second, either 1, 2, or 7
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 6th june 2014
I like the 'g's on 1, 3 and 5, which might look good with the ears on 7,9 and 11.
Comment by Cohnisgone 6th june 2014
2 and 7 looks good on the first sample. And I like the 'g' and 'f' at number 3 on second sample.
Comment by cablecomputer 6th june 2014
For the first: I like 1.

For the second: I like 1 & 3.
Comment by TCWhite 7th june 2014
I don't understand what I have to do to Download it?
Comment by Orson_Zedd 26th july 2014
Realy I am new for this font collection work.......but it seems very good work in lines u have done dear.......Thank
Comment by kripanidhan 25th august 2014


Comment by shawntaeyoung Tue, 23rd november

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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