The 1st Six Yrs 1of6

by Goatmeal

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A collection of six iconic video arcade game dingbats (1978–1983) presented as 2-bit FontStructions. Some small liberties may have been taken concerning color correction, direction / orientation, sprite merging or overall composition. See character / game listing in the Discussion Section below. Remember: Pixel view may not yield the best preview image. Enjoy, and welcome to "The Fun Hut"!


The 1st Six Years 1of6:

B–F = Galaga (Namco / Bally, 1981)
G–J = Galaxian (Namco / Midway, 1979)
K–L = Mr. Do (Universal / Taito, 1982)
M–P = Mr. Do’s Castle (Universal / Taito, 1983)
Q–S = Q*bert (Gottlieb, 1982)
T–Z = Xevious (Namco / Atari, 1982)
a–i = Spy Hunter (Bally Midway, 1983)
j–n = Berzerk (Stern Electronics, 1980)
o–u = Wizard of Wor (Midway, 1980)
v–w = Amidar (Konami / Stern Electronics, 1981)
x–y = Warp & Warp (Namco / Rock-ola, 1981)
Comment by Goatmeal 2nd august 2010
Your efforts are astonishing.
Comment by djnippa 2nd august 2010
Thank you for the kind words, djnippa!
Comment by Goatmeal 2nd august 2010
My entire childhood just flashed in front of me!! I know all the characters in the series well. Thank you for your dedication to this prolific and massive tribute, Goatmeal. So many memories, so many quarters...
Comment by geneus1 4th august 2010
@Gene --

Thanks for the very kind words! I had a lot of fun revisiting these characters from my formative years. Growing up, the nearest local arcade was in the next town over called "The Fun Hut". And who could forget the ubiquitous arcade chain, found in just about every mall in the 1980s? "Aladdin's Castle"!

There have been a few other video arcade game dingbats over the years:
-- Ben Belvanz / Fontalicious = "Arcade" [was originally "Arcade Dings"] and "Thingbat"
-- Fontvi.rus = "Invaders From Space"
-- dustBUSt Fonts = "Invaders"

As well as a few on FontStruct:
-- pauldhunt = "Arcade Fever"
-- atatz = "Old School"
-- Tiery's "Galaxian"

With FontStruct's the ease of construction and differently-sized bricks that could yield 'colors' via gradient effects, I felt I could 'give back' something to all the fans out there like myself: to cover a wide range of memorable games with which we all grew up; not just a few select characters for a single font, and not concentrate on any one game or series in particular. Just games we all enjoyed playing...

As I began to work on this in January, there was a certain nagging familiarity. Sure enough, upon review in February/March, 80% of the initial characters I made were the same ones that Ben chose for his Fontalicious dingbat font "Arcade". Funny thing was that I hadn't looked at Ben's font in years...

Just goes to show what an tremendous impression these blinking lights have had on us all over the last 30 years!
Comment by Goatmeal 4th august 2010
@Funk King -- Check out "K". Mr. Do finally has his diamond!

funk_king Mon, 24th August, 2009

"might be cool to throw in a diamond :)"
Comment by Goatmeal 5th august 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “The 1st Six Yrs 1of6” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by afrojet 5th august 2010
You're great!
Comment by elmoyenique 5th august 2010
mr do and the monster, how cool :) congrats on the TP. the entire series is tremendous and if you never did another font (which i doubt) this would definitely be crowning achievement for the incredible library that you have created. i'm not much of a gamer, but regardless you have definitely set a standard here which will a lasting tribute to the greatness of your talent and passion for your subject.
Comment by funk_king 5th august 2010
@afrojet --

Thank you for the Top Pick. As always, I am honored!

@elmoyenique --

Thank you!

@funk_king --
Your words are both touching and inspirational; this truly is such a place of wonderful creativity that I am just happy to be here as we share our mutual love of typography and font design with each other!
Comment by Goatmeal 5th august 2010
Your creations are amazing.
congrats for the tp.
Comment by naveenchandru 13th august 2010
Thank you, naveenchandru!
Comment by Goatmeal 14th august 2010
You must be a master of pixel!
Very inspiring
Comment by Dr.Eames 19th may 2013
@Dr.Eames - Thank you for the kind words. Let me know if I can help with suggestions!
Comment by Goatmeal 19th may 2013

Hey! I no longer remembered this fantastic and extensive series of super-groomed dingbats! Good to remember (and what a lot of work, compañero)!

Comment by elmoyenique 31st august 2021

@elmoyenique - As always, thank you for the kind words!  They are greatly appreciated.  :^)

Comment by Goatmeal 1st september 2021


And to think you can do these in color now.

Comment by minimum 1st september 2021

@minimum - My head hurts just thinking about that!  (:^b  ;^)

Although, I believe that would take away the charm; it would reduce them to something that anyone could easily recreate in any image progam.  I prefer the two-tone limitation.  :^)

Comment by Goatmeal 1st september 2021

You know we are all a little OCD. at least I am. I searched for sprites and backgrounds. Then imagined how to build them in the FontStructor. When I was satisfied it was doable, I went back to work. :)

This is charming, no doubt. I like how you were able to achieve this many levels of gray. 

Comment by minimum 1st september 2021

@minimum - "You know we are all a little OCD."  You are certainly correct on that one!  :^D

I, too, was surprised at the range of the grayscale illusion produced by FontStruct. This set was inspired by the original FontStructors [2008-2010] and their experiments with gradient effects.

Comment by Goatmeal 1st september 2021

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