by Casiohueweh

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The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

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InfiniMrGoogleStructMax is a Official Font.

A Good Font!

The InfiniMrGoogleStructMax font is required for the following Windows versions: 

Windows 1.0✅

Windows 2.0✅

Windows 3.0✅

Windows 3.1✅

Windows NT 3.51✅

Windows 95✅

Windows NT 4.0✅

Windows NT 5.0✅

Windows Memphis✅

Windows 98✅

Windows 2000✅

Windows ME✅

Windows Neptune✅

Windows Whistler✅

Windows XP✅

Windows Server 2003✅

Windows Longhorn✅

Windows Vista✅

Windows 7✅

Windows Blackcomb✅

Windows 8✅

Windows 8.1✅

Windows Phone✅

Windows 10✅

Windows 11✅

Windows 12✅

That font supported other:





The font is also available for Android users:










Google Pixel✅





The font is also available for iOS Users:



The InfiniMrGoogleStructMax font is available for Handheld Game Console font display download:

Nintendo Switch✅

Supported Mac OS Versions:

Mac OS 1✅

Mac OS 2✅

Mac OS 3✅

Mac OS 4✅

Mac OS 5✅

Mac OS 6✅

Mac OS 7✅

Mac OS 8✅

Mac OS 9✅

Mac OS 10✅

Mac OS 11✅

Mac OS 12✅

Mac OS X✅


1.0 - Initial

2.0 - Added Imperial Aramaic, Mandaic, Chit'de, Nooalf and Alfamejor.

3.0 - Added More Cadexian letters, Metelko and Latin Abkhaz, Pamphoneticon, Korean Dessert, Lisu, Redmi Logo, Xiaomi Logo, Bilibili Logo and Google Logo.

4.0 - Added Huewehnese, Ishinese, Gavinnese, Clydenese and Elbasan.








The InfiniMrGoogleStructMax font is an official font that was founded in 1988.

It is powered by Mr. Google and Google.


I will use single storey.

Comment by Casiohueweh Sat, 2nd december

Good font.

Comment by Casiohueweh Sun, 3rd december

I made shidinn.

Comment by Casiohueweh Wed, 6th december

I will add Liran, Leafonetix, Syriac, and Tagalog.

Comment by Casiohueweh Sun, 10th december

I have thaana

Comment by FontMakersOfficial Tue, 12th december

I fixed seen and sheen initial form in Arabic.

Comment by Casiohueweh Tue, 12th december

Would i add Korean Dessert?

Comment by Casiohueweh Tue, 12th december

Soon, I will add Pamphoneticon and Korean Dessert.

Comment by Casiohueweh Tue, 12th december

I'm Done.

Comment by Casiohueweh Fri, 15th december

I will add Old Italic, Alfamejor, Nooalf and Mandaic in 2.0

Comment by Casiohueweh Fri, 15th december

Last Update in 1.0, I will Add Arabic Numbers and Letters and Number Forms.

Comment by Casiohueweh Sat, 16th december


Comment by Casiohueweh Fri, 22nd december

I fixed it.

Comment by Casiohueweh Sun, 24th december

I will add Pamphoneticon and Korean Dessert in 3.0.

Comment by Casiohueweh Tue, 26th december

I will add Huewehnese, Ishinese, Gavinnese and Clydenese in 4.0

Comment by Casiohueweh Tue, 26th december

I will add Brahmi and AABBCC in 5.0.

Comment by Casiohueweh Wed, 27th december

Thai is already added and I will add Uniqænrer in 6.0

Comment by Casiohueweh Thu, 28th december

I will add Morse Code and Donald Duck too in 4.0.

Comment by Casiohueweh Thu, 28th december

Uh ok.

Comment by Casiohueweh Fri, 29th december

I don't want to add Donald duck.

Comment by Casiohueweh Sun, 31st december

I dont want to add Morse code too.

Comment by Casiohueweh Sun, 31st december

Of course!

Comment by Casiohueweh Mon, 1st january

I will cancel this so I am Mr Google and USMWO.

Comment by Casiohueweh Fri, 5th january

I will never cancel this.

Comment by Casiohueweh Tue, 9th january

@Casiohueweh T - Oops!  From your list in the description, Windows 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 does not support TTF fonts. Neither does Classic Mac OS 1-6...  :^(

Comment by Goatmeal Tue, 9th january

I doubt the font was established in 1988 either. 

Comment by Sed4tives Tue, 9th january

Windows 3.1 does support TTF files, but only if it is enabled. I am not sure if 3.1 to 98 can recognize this font as a valid font file.

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) Tue, 9th january

Unfortunately, I stopped InfiniMrGoogleStructMax Versions.

Comment by Casiohueweh Wed, 10th january

Mr. Google... My great-grandfather (RIP, God bless) used to say that... ;(

Comment by AFontAbove Tue, 27th february

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