fs lost

by ETHproductions

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The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

If you would like to use the FontStruction for a specific project, you may be able to contact the designer directly about obtaining a license.

My final entry in the competition. Inspired by Mazey, zlabyrinths eYe/FS, and wavelength. Each glyph has its own maze, and each maze connects with the next. Tilde ~ and low line _ connect words, grave ` closes beginnings and ends, and the left and right arrows < > are for the start and end. There are also some alternates in Extended Latin A. Suggestions and critiques are welcome. Thanks!

04/06/14 The whole font has been updated to be one brick taller, and thus properly fit onto a grid. Also, some characters have been redesigned. V2.0
05/13/14 All punctuation has been modified to continue a word maze. V2.1
07/05/14 1000 downloads! Hooray! As a 'thank you', I've completed more of More Latin. V2.2
08/22/14 I've made the accents part of the maze. I've also changed a few characters, and added Œ and œ. V2.3
08/04/15 Added Polish support with Ą, Ć, Ę, Ł, Ń, Ś, Ź, and Ż. Tweaked a few characters as well, and added a crossbar to the ð. V2.4

06/18/16 Added support for multiple languages with more Cyrillic chars and punctuation. Also tweaked a few chars.


Comment by ETHproductions 23rd january 2014
awesome piece of work!
Comment by laynecom 23rd january 2014
Lovin' this. Some great solutions, well executed with high usability. 10/10
Comment by djnippa 24th january 2014
Magnificent - as an entry to the comp and as a maze font in it's own right.
Comment by p2pnut 24th january 2014
Wow, thanks, guys! I'm lost for words... ;)
Comment by ETHproductions 24th january 2014
This is a LUPO of inlinecomp. :-)
I will try to make a 3D sample for this.
Comment by kassymkulov 25th january 2014
It's a-MAZE-ing. ;) 11/10 + fav
Comment by platypus11 25th january 2014
this is very cool
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 25th january 2014
Very good font. 10/10 +fav :)
Comment by Joefred24 25th january 2014
@platypus11, Upixel, Joefred24: Thank you very much for your kind comments! :-)

@architaraz: Thanks, but I don't think this could measure up to lupo. :-) I can't wait to see your sample!
Comment by ETHproductions 25th january 2014
Great and fantastic work! (the labyrinths are one of my faves). But some glyphs appears hard to be connect with the next one (btw: the F, P, T, Y, f, r...), you would try something about these, IMHO.
Comment by elmoyenique 25th january 2014
Thanks, elmoyenique! I've added some alternates for those letters.
Comment by ETHproductions 25th january 2014
This is so awesome.

I think you could do an overlay, fs lost (and found) version with a line going through the way path in and out of a letter, or fill the path that leads out.

Or something.
Comment by thalamic 31st january 2014
Thank you so much, thalamic. I am definitely going to make that.
Comment by ETHproductions 31st january 2014
Comment by ETHproductions 8th february 2014
Comment by ETHproductions 8th february 2014
the last sample iis very cool
Comment by kix 8th february 2014
you really "found" something here. amazing and awesome. good luck.
Comment by funk_king 12th february 2014
Thank you very much, guys! Your comments are much appreciated. :)
Comment by ETHproductions 12th february 2014
Testing your font. :)
Comment by janking 12th february 2014
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “fs lost” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 18th february 2014
@janking: Thanks for this fun sample! I love to see my fonts in use... :)

@meek: Thank you for this amazing honor! :D
Comment by ETHproductions 18th february 2014
Congrats for the well deserved 1st Prize and the TP, compañero!
Comment by elmoyenique 18th february 2014
Well deserve, was my fav
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 18th february 2014
Awesome font. Congrats on the 1st place in the inline contest, I love your design. Did I say?... Awesome!
Comment by SymbioticDesign 25th february 2014
@elmo, Upixel & SD: Thanks a ton for your continuous support!
Comment by ETHproductions 27th february 2014
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “fs lost” is now a current Featured FontStruction.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 28th february 2014
Comment by minidonut 2nd march 2014
Thank! You! Meek!
Comment by ETHproductions 7th march 2014
This one is more like to play than reading! Great criativity
Comment by Noronha 13th march 2014
This font is so cool!!
There are a few symbols that create dead ends, though, like the exclamation mark.
Comment by 12Me21 3rd may 2014
Awesome work you are crazy :P
Comment by savvatore699 13th may 2014
Thanks, Noronha, 12Me21, and savvatore699, as well as to everyone who has downloaded and faved my work!

@12Me21: I'll fix those symbols right away! :-)
Comment by ETHproductions 14th may 2014
Comment by crosek6 31st may 2014
Comment by Cohnisgone 31st may 2014
@cohnisgone: Be nice :)

@crosek6: On most systems you should be able to open the .ttf-file and click the "install font" button. If not, you will have to manually put it into your system's "fonts" folder. in windows it's usually C:\Windows\Fonts

Or you could have just googled it...
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 31st may 2014
@CMunk: Yes sorry I was a bit of a d*ck there; I just get a little annoyed when people type in all caps and got more than a little annoyed this time
Comment by Cohnisgone 31st may 2014
OMG, this is too amazing to believe.
It's already not a font, it's an art!
Comment by Jordan Chen (jc70262) 3rd june 2014
@cohnisgone: That's exactly how I am. Yesterday, some of my classmates kept annoying me by using Comic Sans in our presentation, double spaces, repeating exclamation marks... They just can't realize that most typographers (even if they're young, like me) really hate that.
Comment by minidonut 3rd june 2014
@minidonut: lol - don't forget that even Comic Sans was once hailed as an exciting new design
Comment by p2pnut 3rd june 2014
As well as Arial and Times New Roman...
Comment by cablecomputer 3rd june 2014
@minidonut: I feel bad for you :(
My science teacher always uses Comic Sans in her presentations. AAAAAARGH, IT MAKES MY EYES BUUUUURN!!!!!!!
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 6th june 2014
could i use your font for comercial uses in an app and you will earn a profit of an money made?
Comment by MD_ 7th june 2014
@cablecomputer: I don't think Arial was ever an exciting new design, considering that more than half of it is no different from the 50-year ubiquitous Helvetica.
Comment by Cohnisgone 7th june 2014
@cohnisgone ( I can never spell your name right)
Why was Arial even made anyway? It's kinda pointless...
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 7th june 2014
@winty5: So that Microsoft wouldn't have to pay Helvetica's license fee. And Bill Gates calls himself a philanthropist.
Comment by Cohnisgone 7th june 2014
@Cohnisgone - How do you think he saved/earned all of that money he can now give away?... ;^)
Comment by Goatmeal 7th june 2014
No one can beat "The Great Helvetica" lol.

(And you should continue this discussion on the forum, not here.)
Comment by cablecomputer 8th june 2014
Oh, the terrible ways people misuse typography... ;-)

@jc70262: Thanks a bunch! :)

@MD_: I've sent you a private message concerning your request.
Comment by ETHproductions 10th june 2014
Marks: 1000000000000000000/10
Comment by Sreenikethan I (sreenikethan) 1st july 2014
Write, print it and have maked a maze.
Comment by anonymous-1000937 1st july 2014
Can you fix the F and f please? they don't connect to anything. :(
Comment by Jonathan224 15th july 2014
Hey, if you can do Russian Cyrillic, maybe you can do the Greek alphabet, Hiragana and Katakana, too.
Comment by LDEJRuff 3rd august 2014
@LDEJRuff: Kana maze, sound cool! However I thinks there are 2 problems.
1. Hiragana strokes are smooth and full of curves, maybe it is not suitable to design to maze.
2. FontStruct does not supports Unicode, so the author must map each kana to ANSI chars. I think the mapping rule is already exist since I've use some Japanese kana font which is mapped to ANSI chars.
Comment by Jordan Chen (jc70262) 5th august 2014

2. FS does support Unicode. Turn Expert Mode on, then look and you'll see unicode letter set or something similar.
Comment by Evie Atarax (j4s13) 5th august 2014
@jc: it could work. I've seen plenty of anime/manga designs that are incredible and entirely angular, and which, to me look better than the standard characters.
Comment by TCWhite 6th august 2014
PS: All of my fonts utilize Unicode.
Comment by TCWhite 6th august 2014
Thanks, everyone! :)

@Jonathan224: I've fixed F and f for you. When I redo this font with OpenType, I'll include an automatic alternate.

@jc70262: I can do Greek's simple shapes, but I don't know how well I can make the more complex Hiragana and Katakana. Maybe I'll give it a try... :-)
Comment by ETHproductions 9th august 2014
It seems that the Ж (Cyrillic zhe) is one pixel shorter than the rest of the capital letters.
Comment by Houlaiziaa 9th august 2014
Thanks for the tip, Umbreon. That's actually just a preview glitch. I updated it four months ago with the rest of the font. I even tried deleting it from the font, and the old version was still showing up. The downloaded version is fine. :-)
Comment by ETHproductions 9th august 2014
Is it possible to make diacritics accessible too, just like you did with cyrillic Й, й?
Comment by kassymkulov 17th august 2014
"When I redo this font with OpenType, I'll include an automatic alternate."...
Great news :) Will you abandon bezier curves too?
Comment by kassymkulov 17th august 2014
That's the plan. :) I've created a few glyphs already. It looks better without all the miniature angles inside the curves.

I've also changed the diacritics for you. Some of them seem a bit awkward, so I'll try to fix them soon.
Comment by ETHproductions 17th august 2014
Hello, this is a superb font, nice work! I love how the letters relate to each other! But it lacks a ligature which is important for my language is French, it is the "œ" Otherwise it's perfect. :)
Comment by 30100flo 21st august 2014
AMOR A PRIMERA VISTA con esta fuente!!
Comment by jayneraxion 22nd august 2014
@jayneraxion: Muchas gracias!

@30100flo: Thanks! I've added in the œ at your request. :)
Comment by ETHproductions 23rd august 2014
Hi again, I had an idea for FS LOST is to materialize the "space" with a horizontal and straight path, like the picture (I did it with Paint). ;)
Comment by 30100flo 23rd august 2014
And thank you for adding the œ :D
Comment by 30100flo 23rd august 2014
Great font! dIt deserved the inlinecomp award! Congrats

As the rest of the users, I only miss one quite important character to complete my language's (Spanish) character set.

Guess which one
Comment by Isaac González (1saac) 24th august 2014
A-MAZE-ING! Not original, but it IS so! You've poured time, thought and serious effort into this work! My hat is off to you!
Comment by Constructype 27th august 2014
I meant that the A-MAZE-ING COMMENT I made is not original, NOT the typeface concept. This typeface is DEFINITELY original! Sorry for any confusion.
Comment by Constructype 27th august 2014
People worldwide are really flexing their creative muscles with Fontstruct! I'm stunned by some of the typefaces that are made with this wonderful tool!
Comment by Constructype 27th august 2014
@30100flo: You're very welcome! :) You now can get a blank path with _ or ~.

@1saac: Thanks for your compliments! I've added in Ñ and ñ for you and your Spanish-speaking compañeros.

@Constructype: Thanks for the not-so-original comments! ;) Fontstruct is definitely a great typeface-building tool, for anyone from beginner to professional!
Comment by ETHproductions 27th august 2014
@eth Thank you compañero :D
Comment by Isaac González (1saac) 28th august 2014
TEST scratch.mit.edu/users/NolanAwesome
Comment by NolanAwesome 28th september 2014
Awww, the pic didn't work
Comment by NolanAwesome 28th september 2014
Comment by whoa999 28th november 2014
Я - начинающий. Как создать шрифт с латинскими и кириллическими символами одновременно?
I am beginner. How to create a font with Latin and Cyrillic characters at once?
Comment by HLEBNY 24th july 2015
@HLEBNY: It's easy. In Fontstructor select the menu at the bottom left corner > then select Cyrillic. Good luck.
Comment by Frodo7 25th july 2015
Please add Polish letters, because I'm from Poland, and it's VERY important for me (Polish letters: ż,ó,ł,ć,ę,ś,ą,ź,ń). Thank you ;)

P.S. I added example below :)
Comment by ArrowUP 4th august 2015
@ArrowUP: Done! I'm not sure I'm happy with the current version of the acutes, but it matches the ones I already had (on Á, É, Í, etc.). Your first suggestion for ć looks nice; I may use that instead.
Comment by ETHproductions 5th august 2015

I recommend you make the spaces look just like the underscores, so the maze can always continue!

Comment by Skelepound 11th december 2015


How did you do that?

Comment by NUMB3R 73X7 12th january 2016

I love this, but the clone button doesn't show at the bottom. I wanted to know how you made it.

Comment by NUMB3R 73X7 13th january 2016



   A Maze-ment Adventure begins...

   It is nice to see your font gets updated. Unfortunately the font lacks some support of Belorussian, German, Russian and Ukrainian: «/»/„ (U+00AB/00BB/201E), Ё/ё (U+0401/0451), Є/є (U+0404/0454), І/і (U+0406/0456), Ї/ї (U+0407/0457), Ў/ў (U+040E/045E), Ґ/ґ (U+0490/0491), ẞ (U+1E9E, it looks similar to ß, but the upper right part is sharper like in Z). Maybe making accented versions of I/i to be wider (like in Ł/ł/Ъ/ъ) helps to avoid overlaps of accents, or additional short space character works. The stroke of Ø/ø is very thin. There are possible places for some alternate glyphs: ɑ (U+0251), ɡ (U+0261).

   Good luck.

Comment by Eʟᴇᴋᴛʀᴏɴ 17th january 2016

Commercial license purchase options? 

Comment by piccolo3nj 6th march 2016

the J looks a lot like the​ ​|

Comment by xanman12321 25th may 2016

Thanks for the Cyrillic. It's great.

Comment by Alex Tickie 30th may 2016

@Skelepound: I've considered doing that, and it would certainly make it easier to continue the maze, but it also makes it hard to get an actual space. I suppose I could put a space in place of another character...

@Eʟᴇᴋᴛʀᴏɴ: I appreciate your input, as I don't know much about the letters and punctuation of languages other than English. I'll see what I can do about your suggestions.

@piccolo3nj: I've sent you a private message concerning your request.

@xanman12321: I see how the "|" might look like a "J" in the context of a word. Perhaps I could make it one "passage" wide.

@NUMB3R 73X7: Thank you! I use a lot of angled composite bricks, which you can find in All Composites saved in MY BRICKS, a wonderful tool by user djnippa. The uppercase is 43 bricks tall, and the lowercase is 37. Here's a screenshot of the "A":

Comment by ETHproductions 7th june 2016

This always makes me want to find the open path when I write text on a sticker or gift tag ... what a way to spend time tracing lines through the letters instead of doing 'serious' writing work (ok, using this font shows that the work on stickers, gift tags and similar small items isn't really 'serious' but one of those pleasures with added font value).

I would give you a second 10/10 but FS doesn't allow it. So you just add in your mind another 10/10 to the one I have given this font many months ago.

Comment by Aeolien 18th june 2016

@Mr. Meek: For some reason, the "Ж" and "э" glyphs are each showing up twice for me. I've tried reloading the page and switching browsers, but nothing changes it.

@Eʟᴇᴋᴛʀᴏɴ: I've finished adding in the characters you asked for. I've also made (both versions of) the "ї" wider. To put a little more spacing between other glyphs, you can now use the asterisk "*" for a single-width path.

@Aeolien: Thank you! I'm grateful that you enjoy it so much. :)

Comment by ETHproductions 18th june 2016

@Eth I'm really impressed by how this design has grown. Are the "Ж" and "э" glyphs duplicated in the download as well?

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 20th june 2016

Nope. It's not happening in the FontStructor preview either, nor on any other font I've seen. It's just on this one page. Signing out doesn't fix it either, nor does using a different computer. Do you see the same glitch?

Comment by ETHproductions 21st june 2016

Yes, I can see it. I'll take a closer look when I get a chance.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 21st june 2016

I, too, see the "Ж" and "э" doubled in the fontview.

Comment by Aeolien 21st june 2016

please add the same letters with different paths for a complex maze

Comment by brynda1231 4th august 2016

@brynda1231: It'd be awesome if there were alternate mazes, but that would require much more time and effort than I'm able to give at this point. If I ever port this to OpenType, which I really hope to do, I'll look into making alternative sets of glyphs.

Comment by ETHproductions 4th august 2016

Honestly, I signed up because of this font, it just looks plain "a-maze-ing!"

(laugh) Yeah? Anybody? nevermind...

Comment by Shonz (shonzou) 28th august 2016

I can't help but notice that you dont have this character: /, which prob. means you don't have this either:\


Comment by Shonz (shonzou) 28th august 2016

Something I would like to point out: the capitol A does not connect properly to the sentence connector. Other than that it looks awesome!

Comment by DamianP. 12th september 2016

This is amazing work, incredibly complex and beautiful.

Comment by La police de caractère 12th september 2016

how do i use it?

Comment by memesdank 22nd september 2016

@spider257: As long as you keep using FontStruct to create fonts, you'll get better and better and start to create professional-looking fonts. My first font wasn't very good at all, but less than a year later, I was creating fonts like this one. Keep at it and you'll be glad you did. :-)

@shonzou: I will add those characters when I have an opportunity.

@DamianP.: I'm not sure what you mean; it looks proper to me.

@La police de caractère: Thank you very much!

@memesdank: Click the "Download" button at the top of the page, under the preview window. See this page for instructions on how to install the downloaded font.

Comment by ETHproductions 6th october 2016

Exquisite work! But I still would like to note a few things about the Cyrillic alphabet. In letters (russian) 'Д', 'Ц', 'Щ' extension element should stick out right, and such forms of 'M' is too unusual for us and confused with three-leg 'T'.

Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) 15th october 2016

This font looks nice! 10/10

Comment by Sagan (Spaceman032) 19th october 2016

@ETHproductions: Thank you!

@Rob Meek: Ж and э are doubled in the preview.

Comment by Eʟᴇᴋᴛʀᴏɴ 23rd october 2016

You still have the Φ Character, you can create the greek alphabet

Comment by brynda1231 14th november 2016

Just change the paths

Comment by brynda1231 14th november 2016

Extra bumps on the N in end.

Comment by brynda1231 14th november 2016

Can we have copies of this so we can have our own paths

Comment by brynda1231 18th november 2016

I can make the greek alphabet for you, i can copy ghe to gamme, ef to phi, pe to pi, etc.

Comment by brynda1231 18th november 2016

Add ¡ and ¿, fractions, punctuation, etc,

Comment by brynda1231 18th november 2016

Alt. N 14A, Alt, n 14B

Comment by brynda1231 18th november 2016

Uae ` for a locked gate.

Comment by brynda1231 18th november 2016

Somebody should make a 3d maze game of this font.

Comment by brynda1231 18th november 2016

El Laberinto de la Soledad

Comment by NinfaRoma41 21st november 2016

Can we make our own paths

Comment by brynda1231 26th november 2016

I found two glyphs that are just glitchy jargon.

Comment by MVBit (Multinia) 6th december 2016

You need to add the square and curly brackets. [ ] { }

Comment by MVBit (Multinia) 6th december 2016

you have forgotten circumflexed letters

Comment by brynda1231 13th january 2017

Custom pats and a cl9ne

Comment by Challenger100 15th january 2017


Comment by akashCGI 14th may 2017

@Sychoff: Thanks for your suggestions for the Cyrillic alphabet; I really appreciate getting feedback from someone knowledgable about the subject. I believe I fixed the extensions on 'Д', 'Ц', and 'Щ' a while back. Not sure what the 'M' should look like though; slanted sides would be difficult, but probably doable.

@brynda: Greek would be a little difficult: there aren't too many unique uppercase letters, but I believe most of the lowercase would have to be built from scratch. Same goes for adding a bunch more punctuation, fractions, etc. Also, I'd rather not make the whole font cloneable, but if you're interested, I'd be willing to make a copy with a selection of chars from the font (some of the letters, some number/punctuation, etc.) And oops, I have forgotten circumflexed letters...

@Multinia: One of those glitchy chars is a set of useful composite bricks, which you can find in All Composites saved in MY BRICKS. I don't see a second one though...

Comment by ETHproductions 11th september 2017

Really cool man!

Comment by Capacelan (Crazyhex) 30th january 2018

Looks like the title of a book. Very cool.

Comment by Windhelder (Snipples) 5th march 2018

cool! really cool!

Comment by jwbays 31st july 2018

Wow, it have all symbol of cyrillic! I'm in the shock!!!

Thank you :-)

Comment by Saturn21 (Gena1231) 21st october 2018

Can't think of it, 11/10.

Comment by Leighton25 27th december 2018


Comment by sshalamax 5th february 2019

THIS SUCKS! -99999999999999/10! D:<

Comment by Leighton01 11th june 2019

10/10 IGN

Comment by Myname5749 (Mark sensen) 23rd august 2019


Comment by U7U 13th april 2020


Comment by billiegraves 11th august 2020

That. Is. An. Amazing. Work. Of. ART!!!

Comment by James Holmes (HolmesType03) 16th september 2020

Awesome. But can you make a Unicode version?

Comment by xxIamcoolxx 8th december 2020

@xxIamcoolzz That would take a lot of work and time to do… And besides, without an override for the fontstructor.js file, the rest of unicode is not accessible…

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) 8th december 2020

What a nice piece of work.

Comment by baltvilks fonts 29th december 2021


Comment by LeightonMicrosoft 6th march 2022

I'm lost. (pun intended)

Comment by AFontAbove 17th march 2022

@ETHproductions Do you know if the default FontStruct preview can be solved?

Are there any configurations that lead to an impossible (or at least extremely difficult) maze?

Comment by s_richmondn 3rd may 2022


Comment by ThEternal131 1st june 2022

letters in greek that look like cyrillic/latin (uppercase)


Comment by Lucapri (lucapri) 27th september 2022

maze font!

Comment by KnZahid300 26th november 2022

you can make a maze with a lot of words

Comment by KnZahid300 26th november 2022

you can add arabic letters?I like arabic!

Comment by KnZahid300 26th november 2022

Super original 10/10 :)

Comment by Luuk Mölders 10th january 2023

MG they are even connected!

Comment by Luuk Mölders 10th january 2023

Font ahh maze

Comment by Chapy Bara (nikoplushowo) 14th march 2023

It be maze

Comment by Gr4ftY (groan) 1st april 2023

Why are a bunch of you hating on comic sans? It's a good font!

Comment by Nathan Douglas (Yellow Candy 8432) 23rd may 2023

s_richmondn: All of the individual letters are solvable, so all words are, too.

Comment by Nathan Douglas (Yellow Candy 8432) 23rd may 2023


Comment by Nathan Douglas (Yellow Candy 8432) 23rd may 2023

@lucapri Which leaves only ΔΘΞΣΨΩ, and Λ since it doesn't really resemble Л.

Comment by AFontAbove Mon, 26th february

and the lowercase greek are all unique, except (ο) as (o).

Comment by digitalio Mon, 26th february

I am lost looking at this

Comment by NepIzCool8 Sun, 17th march

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