Noptical 2x2

by riccard0
Cloned from Noptical by riccard0, Noptical elder by riccard0. See also Simple Russian by JamesLim, Rough Edges by fonety.

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Here’s Noptical as it was meant to be. Two years in the making, still an ugly font! But look: better spacing, 1333 glyphs, all latin variants you could wish for (including Vietnamese), Greek, Cyrillic, Braille, Yijing hexagrams, the not yet Unicode-encoded Rouble sign, interrobang (after a design by Adien Gunarta), even a tombstone!


Comment by riccard0 29th december 2011
It’s curious: I published this a while ago, but it still doesn’t appear on the live page…
Neither do this comment…
Comment by riccard0 31st december 2011
really like it. and my wow for your endurance.
for me a to-be TP
Comment by regular_one 1st january 2012
Thank you :-)
Comment by riccard0 1st january 2012
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Noptical 2x2” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 9th january 2012
Check out the vast character set of Nooptical 2x2. Now a top pick!
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 9th january 2012
wise choice sir, wise choice.
@riccard0: i told you... :)
Comment by regular_one 9th january 2012
This is really cool! Thanks! (So many characters. I don't even know how to type some of those)! :P
Comment by 9Dragonflair9 10th february 2012
I hope its ok if I use this in an indie game...
Comment by geekygenius 12th february 2012
@geekygenius: That would be definitely cool :-)
Please let me know more about it.

@all: Many thanks for the kind words!
Comment by riccard0 12th february 2012
Thanks nice TT font!
Comment by elenp 18th june 2013

Ugly? I don't think so. My only advice is this, and I do mention this a lot to people: A lot of the images that accompany the unicode characters are incorrect—when they added them they misnamed them; an example is Latin Oi (Latin extended-B), which is actually Gh. The characters listed with the cedilla are another example—not S and T, mind you, but, G, K, L, N, and R. These should have commas, like your lowercase g does. —Love the interrobang. Also, there are a ton of deprecated characters that people tend to add, like the number glyphs in Latin Extended-B. The uppercase versions of the swash s and z, by the way, are in Latin Extended-C. I rather like this overall, except for my one pet pieve: I dislike the capital J being the same height as the rest of the capitals. The original J is literally an I with a palatal hook (tail) added to it. Whoever decided to design it with a baseline hook . . . ? >_< Lol. Anyway, good font. :)

Comment by TCWhite 26th september 2016

The Ruble sign looks like "₽" and its unicode is U+20BD.

It doesn't look like the actual Ruble sign in this font but it looks like the Cyrillic letter Р (R in the English Alphabet) with a line through it.

Comment by Aceblack10 1st december 2019

So why did you put "the not yet Unicode encoded Ruble sign" in your notes? It is Unicode encoded.

Comment by Aceblack10 1st december 2019

Roses are red, violets are blue, Nice!!!!

Comment by VTOTFS2021 16th july 2021

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