FS Ariapenciroman

by kix

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The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

If you would like to use the FontStruction for a specific project, you may be able to contact the designer directly about obtaining a license.

hey fellas. let me introduce my personal CROSSOVER of "arial" and "times new roman", two of the most famous fonts of western typefaces. nicely presented in a scetchy pencil drawn quickie style :) it's just lower case yet, but i wanted to share it. upper case, numerals and symbols to come. really :) this is especially tasty in small pixel sizes! thanks for attention! try it... *UNDER FONSTRUCTION*


Comment by kix 26th august 2008
So this is what you have been doing all this time. Well, what can I say but...it's superb! Every single character is gorgeous. Your skill, creativity, and daring grows with each new font. Very admirable. An 11.
Comment by thalamic 26th august 2008
Comment by funk_king 26th august 2008
I must find a new word to replace wow. The "chalk" effect looks magnificent in your reverse example. As thalamic says, 11 out of 10. Surely we need a "font of the year" category.
Comment by intaglio 27th august 2008
Comment by guentersen 27th august 2008
Kix, that's really impressive. It seems an hand-drawn font in every piece of letter. Wonderful!
Comment by alexfulton 27th august 2008
Although everyone might not agree about Arial and Times New Roman being the "two most important fonts of all western typefaces", I think we can all agree that you've created something incredible here, Kix. In the words of Tim and Eric, "Great Job!".
Comment by afrojet 27th august 2008
thanks all :)
i really had fun doing this.
arial and times new roman were indeed very important for me, but i agree with you. i changed that :)
i'll start "drawing" upper case.
Comment by kix 27th august 2008
OMG KIX! Great Job, Awesome Show! Can't wait to see the rest of it! Outstanding!
Comment by geneus1 27th august 2008
Words fail me. This is awesome. Fantastic job!
Comment by Karolina Lach (sliveress) 27th august 2008
it's always such a nice contrast seeing someone throwing all the modular typface rules over board compared to all the 1/4 circles and 45 degree lines. it's absolutely fantastic.
Comment by David Neustadt (saberrider) 27th august 2008
WOW! Absolutly georgeus typeface, congratulations... KEEP ON WORKING!!
Comment by Axel Leyer 28th august 2008
Incredible work! Good use of the irregularities.
Comment by Érico Lebedenco 28th august 2008
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 28th august 2008
dude, you're #1 with a bullet! congrats.
Comment by funk_king 28th august 2008
Jebus. That's a lot of bricks.
Comment by nemoorange 28th august 2008
i will have to ask him something in german because i guess it's his mothertongue and it's mine as well

darf ich fragen ob du beruflich im bereich typographie tätig bist? deine schriften sind ja ausnahmslos gut und zeugen von viel erfahrung/know-how
Comment by David Neustadt (saberrider) 29th august 2008
Arial, Times New Roman
I agree
Comment by anonymous-0 29th august 2008
When can check this fontstruction with 52 characters (26 lowercase letters and 26 uppercase letters)
Comment by JH34 1st september 2008
thank you all so much.
featured fontsrtuction?!?!!
i feel so honoured.

thanks stewf, thx fonstruct team.
i cannot believe it! kix on the index page! :D
i was on a festival this weekend, but as soon as im sober i'll finish this baby.

ich ab mal 4 jahre design studiert. dann hat mich die studiengebühr da raus gekickt!
seitdem jobbe ich alles mögliche. aber ich wünschte ich bekäme die chance irgendwann mal im bereich typo mein geld zu verdienen...
ich liebe buchstaben schon immer.
Typo in jeder form (graffiti, kalligrafie, posterkunst, streetart oder was auch immer)ist einfach mein ding. kannst aber auch gern mal hier reinschaun. enjoy!

@JH34: wtf? ;P
Comment by kix 1st september 2008
trully a great one, really impressive!!

Comment by patricknas 2nd september 2008
Wow, this is amazing! Just noticed there's nothing past K in capitals.. =p. Lovely =]
Comment by autonomouse 2nd september 2008
Comment by Raketentim 3rd september 2008
Thanks again.
I finished the work on Upper and lower case plus ".".
i actually wanted to add some more symbols and maybe numerals, but it's already TOO big in size. i had several errors downloading this, when it had more characters in it. so i had to erase some glyphs...
the actual size of this is 56,5kb... in comparison geneus1's Arkham Bloodletters is 64,4kb big and it was no problem to download...
i don't get it :P

cheers kix
Comment by kix 4th september 2008
Rob Meek might correct me, but I believe it is not so much the file size but the number of bricks that affects the Font Mortar's ability to generate a font.
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 4th september 2008
Astounding, kix. :-D

In regards to file sizes, the Bloodletters font is puny in comparison to ariapenciroman. It's file size is only large because of the complexity of translating intersecting curves and circles into their mathematical equivalents. If ariapenciroman used circles, it would easily be over 100KB.

The Bloodletters gridspace is about 25x15 which covers an area of about 375 bricks per glyph. The ariapenciroman gridspace is about 75x50, which covers an area of about 3,750 bricks! Quite possibly one of the largest fontstructions ever! Whew! I guess we'll have to trust in Rob to expand the Font Generator's brick array once again.
Comment by geneus1 4th september 2008
Moore's flaw.
Comment by intaglio 4th september 2008
like always.
you (intaglio) are impossible to understand for a european. i thought i barely know how to speak "american" english, but you guy are toooooo far out.
so whoever moore is... you did a flaw
Comment by kix 6th september 2008
Sorry, just me being a smart-alec.

Rob Meek created a monster when he made FontStruct. Now he's got all these crazy FontNerds chasing him, gullets demanding more worms. I, among others, created gigantic files that couldn't be saved properly which led to a techy-upgrade, which facilitated even bigger ball-breaking FontStructions as we all set about using FontStruct in ways never originally envisioned, probably.

Hence, a vivid demonstration of enslavement to Moore's Law; hence, Moore's Flaw.

Sorry. Can't help it.
Comment by intaglio 6th september 2008
I think I could say that this one is professional. Stylish shape, good intervals, interesting idea, innovative technique.

My rating is 10.
You are the winner bro.
Comment by Stalker 7th september 2008
Hey, Kix - I've got kind of a question, and this seems like the best place to voice it. I'm new to this, and I've tried making a couple high-rez fonts, but when I press the spacebar, the space always ends up being really tiny. Is there a way to fix that?
Comment by Harmonic Sonic 8th september 2008
Nice font! I'm a newbie here; trying to learn and be unique! How the heck did you do that?? Very cool.
Comment by fontsy54 10th september 2008
just take every square you place as a pixel.
thats all the secret :)
@harmonic sonic:
thats the same for the spacebar. logically the space you create with the spacebar is only about 1-3 pixels...
Comment by kix 11th september 2008
Danke für die Antwort. Ich hab eine Ausbildung zum GTA gemacht und bin jetzt im 3. Semester Kommunikationsdesign. Typographie liegt mir auch sehr am Herzen.
Bin nach wie vor begeistert von deiner Schrift. Das einzige was ich anmerken würde ist, dass die Arial zu Prominent im Titel und der Beschreibung vorkommt. Schliesslich ist Arial nur ein Plagiat der Helvetica und hat so eine schöne Schrift garnicht verdient ;)
Comment by David Neustadt (saberrider) 12th september 2008
wo studierst du?

und zur schrift: das mit der namensgebung und helvetica und so wusste ich noch gar nich :)
schräg... und mit dem namen bin ich eh nich so zufrieden. dachte nich im traum, daß die kleine sau SOOOO einschlägt!
1000 downloads geknackt.. is schon n geiles gefühl. ich glaub ich kann die schrift jetz auf keinen fall umbenennen, aber wenn dann würd ich sie in "precambrian" umtaufen.
so heisst das album von THE OCEAN, daß ich dabei gehört hab.
Comment by kix 12th september 2008
over the top! i give it an 11
Comment by thepillow 13th september 2008
there ae no nubers. are you working on them?
Comment by Captian Olimar (CaptianOlimar) 15th september 2008
Very nice work ;))))
Comment by clecia 16th september 2008
Very nice work ;))))
Comment by clecia 16th september 2008
there are no numbers because i'm afraid of editing it too big in size.
if it gets too big it won't be downloadable any more.
maybe i do a symbols&numbers set one day...
Comment by kix 16th september 2008
What can I say about this that hasn't already been said? Truly fabulous. I love the attention to detail that successfully renders something "handwritten" out of such a structured medium. You deserve a laurel wreath for this one!
Comment by caseycastille 16th september 2008
love this font!!!! how do you do it? it's amazing! personally i think helvetica is the most important font but that's just me. but i still LOVE this font
Comment by kangaroo_mara 21st september 2008
I love this font - thank you. It is nice to see something "handmade' amongst all the "Digital" design out there. 10/10!
Comment by angelal 22nd september 2008
You did a great job, the white on black image replicates chalk well and having it just as black text makes it look hand drawn in pencil.
Comment by hellotheresa 24th september 2008
great job, without any doubt. beautiful characters that really show your typography skills, great scetchy style, impressive consistency... it might just about be the most professional looking fontstruction. chapeau for this, great work, kix!

still, i think this might be a good point to talk about the limits of this application. even though this font looks great in the preview, i'd probably never use it on any print or web design, just because it's pixelated and will never look truly smooth. don't get me wrong: there's no way kix could have done this better - as a fontstruction. and well, the main reason why we're all building our fonts here is (apart from the fact that it's great fun, of course) that we can't handle professional font building software (or well, just can't afford them either...;P). on though i might just soon get crucified as the big enemy of innovation, i think using a huge number of bricks to get somewhere close to a smooth appearence will at the most bring you to a concept scetch of a font that would have to be produced in a vector-based font software to actually be really useable... and then it might just be more efficient to invest the undoubtedly considerable amount of time you put into fontstructing it into learning to work with the real fontdesign software.

but then maybe it just pisses me off to see such a great font and not to be able to print it in poster size...;)

wie dem auch sei, trotzdem eine wunderschöne schrift, und verdientermassen die nummer eins auf dieser seite...:) grüsse aus der schweiz!
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 25th september 2008
This font is truly amazing! Compared to my fonts, it's, like, a god.
Comment by Rockycrox 1st october 2008
haha. thank you.
"praise the font" :)

don't be so hard on ya. i think some of you fonts seem to be a good start!

just play
Comment by kix 1st october 2008
Love it. Great work.
Comment by namroud 3rd october 2008
Really nice!
I'm lookin' forward for the symbols!
Comment by Emil97 25th october 2008
i like you`re typographi
Comment by kingpin 4th november 2008
Thank you, it's really great! ;)
Comment by Su-chan 11th november 2008
hey chef.
wirklich gelungene typo, besonders die tropfenform bei g, j... gefällt mir sehr. hab versucht, auf dein myspace zu kommen, da seh ich aber auf firefox nur den background, sodass ich nichtmal den addme button finden konnte:)
meins ist: www.myspace.com/cam_ill
vielleicht könnten wir ja in zukunft mal zusammn was auf beton typographieren..
schönen abend und grüsse aus hot india.
Comment by cam.ill 4th december 2008
can this be use in adobe photoshop?
Comment by cutielicouso9 6th december 2008
mein code ist ein wenig strange auf myspace. ist aber alles da. nur halt in die breite und tiefe gezogen... fands irgendwie cool, deswegen auch nie geändert.

das ist aber nur in firefox so. in IE sieht se normal aus.
graffiti mach ich eigentlich nur noch auf papier... das war früher :)

sure you can. just paste the ttf-file you downloaded into WINDOWS' font folder and PS will find it. enjoy!
Comment by kix 7th december 2008
hey, maybe, since you are worried about the file being too big, could you make a whole new font file for the numbers?

i LOVE this...must've taken forever! :)
good work
Comment by Kelsey Ann (WickedTwilight49) 21st january 2009
the new spacing features are exactly what was missing to make this perfect. now i fixed several spacings PLUS finally edited the space button, which was way to small for this huge fontstruction.
Comment by kix 6th february 2009
Coolest chalk/pencil font evver!
Comment by hinachan 14th february 2009
I made picture with about 135 of my favorite glyphs done on this website.
It's wonderful to see how different all the fontstructions are.
I uploaded this to flickr.com and added this to the fontstruct group, you should join :)

Click here to get to the full size!!!
Comment by kix 15th march 2009
"Font Generation error
Connection refused"

I can't download it...

Comment by marciovinicius 8th april 2009
thank you !!!!

:) :) :)
Comment by xariseto 14th april 2009
Comment by alanpf 20th april 2009
should this be 1.47 Kb?

the downloads on this site seem to all be seriously messed up
Comment by Krad34 29th april 2009
This is absolutely beautiful. How you pulled it off is a mystery... but this is one of the best fonts on the site.
Comment by Hevast636 9th june 2009
Just came across this (while cruising the site) ... it's amazing
Comment by p2pnut 25th july 2009
As a suppose you know. When typing two j:s after each other (jjjj), the letters overlap. But how often do you have two j:s... Really great font. I want the full character set!
Comment by MartinLarsson 22nd september 2009
Hello, Kix!

Are you aware of the fact that someone called "Ella Fontes" has recently uploaded this masterpiece to www.dafont.com? If not, you'll probably want to investigate. It is presented as Aria Penci Roman, and the person states that it's his or her first font on that site.

Best regards!
Comment by fontcollector 28th november 2009
thanks dan.
I'll take care of that...
Comment by kix 29th november 2009
You're welcome, kix!

Although the download statistics seem to be available only to a font's "author", you can sort any category by popularity. You should also take a look at the Top 100 fonts, since ariapenciroman is already on this list after only three days, and it's moving up quickly.

Incidentally, a few FontStructors have chosen to offer their fonts at dafont.com, beginning with funk_king, I think. My first entry was accepted the same day your stolen font was posted there.

I hope you don't have any trouble convincing dafont.com that you're the actual designer and rightful owner of this magnificent font. They may not know the identity of "Ella Fontes", but this person was required to provide a valid email address in order to register and to submit your font.

Good luck!
Comment by fontcollector 29th november 2009
no, fontcollector. i wasn't the first and hopefully won't be the last to release FS fonts on dafont.com and elsewhere. gus (fsstaff) mentioned that it wasn't illegal or a violation of terms to redistribute FS fonts. and many sites obviously allow it without any absolute way of verifying ownership. that is why awhile back, i suggested that FSers should release their work elsewhere vs. letting someone else do it. this font has been one of the most popular here and will no doubt be a crowd-pleaser wherever it appears. i think those that try to redistribute someone's work because they think FS has limited exposure are only fooling themselves that they won't be discovered. i think each of us has a responsibility to police our work from thieves, but don't lock it down; put it out there so you will get proper credit for it or someone else will :)
Comment by funk_king 29th november 2009
Excellent font, with a modern style, congratullation
Comment by Fuente 3rd december 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “ariapenciroman” is now a current Featured FontStruction.
Comment by gferreira_admin 24th december 2009
Comment by Asdf . (fdsa) 7th january 2010
Phenomenally beautiful. As close to manual sketches as can be without literally being sketched. I also love your canned heat fun font. Superb worksmanship. You, sir, deserve a job in a type foundry or a big agency.

Und ehrlich gesagt würde ich an Deiner Stelle mal eine ordentliche Seite bauen mit der Deine Referenzen angemessen präsentiert sind - myspace ist dafür nicht wirklich sinnvoll.
Comment by berthold 26th february 2010
I really like many fonts you created!
Thanks for free download!
And I feel very happy to use them
Comment by cheinwai 8th june 2010
Thanks again and again!
You're all welcome :)

I'd looove to see, what all you guys are using it for. This goes out to everyone, who's downloading it.
I wish i had more time for hangin out here. Watch out what's going to come, i got some baaaad unfinished shit going on :P

Comment by kix 8th june 2010
I love sketch fonts like that.
Comment by Fabrificios 14th june 2010
One of the best I've seen, so far. congrats!
Comment by Pixels all arround 18th june 2010
Wow. What is there more to say? Just look and be amazed.
Comment by Romeo Figueroa 21st july 2010
Comment by misshurley 17th march 2011
Oops... that was me, xeno. I just commented using a friends profile... I left it open on accident.
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 17th march 2011
Ha! and I love you
Comment by kix 17th march 2011
thank you.
Comment by fonsasa 1st april 2011
Amazing... are you planning on making a "solid" non-drawn version of this typeface?.

Thanks and keep up the good work!
Comment by CarlosLuna 21st may 2011
Beautful, beautiful, beautiful!
Comment by Csteph 26th july 2011
I LOVE it. It is awesome. Between elegant and casual. Will definitely be using it. Thanks
Comment by mac69graphics 21st august 2011
Comment by armentap 23rd august 2011
I love it!!!! Thank you very much, attractive font!
Comment by khalilsidaoui 30th september 2011
Comment by kimty5401 27th december 2011
Tolle Schrift!
Kann ich die Schrift auch für kommerzielle Zwecke nutzen (Website)?
Comment by JChi 12th april 2012
He guy's, go to my fond sharpoint plz.
Comment by 19florisk 13th december 2012
Wow! Very nice! I love the "sketchy" look! Very even, too. Looking forward to more from you.

Comment by Mairi 9th january 2013
Do you have it as a solid, i.e. no stripes?
Comment by Andreaintoronto 15th february 2013
Great work!
Comment by natic 6th april 2013
super nice!
Comment by judypal 18th september 2014
Comment by mohammad qandeel 9th november 2014
Comment by RandyPantoja99 24th february 2015
Comment by orabex 18th march 2015
Why can't download ?
Comment by SKARIDE 7th april 2015
The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.
Comment by Houlaiziaa 7th april 2015
please i wnt to download it
Comment by Harnam Singh (harnam) 10th july 2015
"Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments"
Comment by Evie Atarax (j4s13) 13th july 2015
Comment by huisuetyi 15th september 2015
Comment by h_shayegh70 21st september 2015
it is perfect for school stafs
Comment by armanes 2nd october 2015
Comment by yeonha 6th november 2015

Download disabled




Comment by Takayama 27th december 2015

Give the Donload free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Comment by dercoole3000 26th january 2016


Comment by adjie.dsc@gmail.com 26th march 2016

Just so you know, I love this font.

But you said you were going to add numbers. Are you?

Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 26th march 2016

woow really good mix of arial and tmr!!

can you share some tips to me? im still a beginner actually :)

Comment by Felicia Priscillya 27th march 2016

Thanks again... This font was special! It taught me a lot about people, the internet and about licences. it kind of grew over my head... in the beginning this was just fun, but after some weeks it became more and more popular. i really liked that, i was a noob and i didn't know about any other sites about fonts or fontdesign. Even before i was able to add numbers ( back in the days the fontstructor was more limited and the amount of bricks was too high, so it kept collapsing until i erased the numerals) it was downloaded by people, who uploaded it to other fontsites pretending it was their work. It was trolled by haters, who downrated it on purpose. It was critcised, bacause it is only usable for display or screendesign. bla bla bla... If you google it, up to 80 % of the results dont even mention my name. At this point i got tired of fighting against it. For example, APR was downloaded over 200.000 times on dafont.com uploaded by an asshole called ellafontes. it took me 3 months to stop at least that... One day, when im back into fontdesign a little more, this will be vectorbased, all crafted in a professional fontsoftware, i promise. so... this is mainly the reason, why the download is blocked, why i dont add numerals and ish... And Felicia, i know i sounds hard, but i only got one tip for you! Learn the rules! And then break them... Happy Easter everyone

Comment by kix 28th march 2016

since i'm still a beginner, can you give me some tips to make a good font like that? this is so awesome!!

Comment by mariachristine 30th march 2016

My Computer

Comment by SKULLD00M 23rd december 2016

trash brick on “H”…

Comment by brynda1231 24th december 2016

You can add numerals and symbols as a seperate font “FS Ariapenciroman 2”

Comment by brynda1231 24th december 2016

This is one of the best Fontsructions I've ever seen. One new FS you could make is a normal and not pencil version of this font, because each character looks very nice.

Comment by MVBit (Multinia) 6th march 2017

Impressive, most impressive!

Comment by Supa Fluffy Goat 8th august 2017


Comment by drolx 27th march 2018

drolx, what don't you understand?

Comment by nightpegasus 27th march 2018

Madison Alley

Comment by MaxyMaddie2019 12th december 2019


Comment by nadaeyup 20th april 2020

@kix (comment from 13 march 2009)

from what font is that feather? i know its weird to ask this 13 years after

Comment by lucapri 1st may 2023


Comment by shemar 26th september 2023

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