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This font is based on one of the fonts used by the Apple ImageWriter II dot-matrix printer. Included with this font are the basic Greek alphabet and the Japanese Katakana lettering. ---- Made public on 2010.10.30 2014.04.15: Small update includes combining diacritic marks; this was done to circumvent a but in some Mac programs where the accented characters wouldn't appear correctly after typing in Option+N then N, for example. 2013.07.16: Slightly changed the appears of the 5 character in the superscript, subscript, and numberform characters. Last updated: 2013.05.04... This font was taken down briefly mainly so I could bolster the font by adding several new glyphs -- including superscript and subscript numbers, fractions, and even some image images that you'd expect to see on your computer screen. (Dates based on California time.)


This is excellent work -- I really like it!
Comment by Goatmeal 30th october 2010
Great effort! But the accents on the 'a's are missing...
Comment by Tylo 30th october 2010
Tylo, my sincerest thanks for noticing my oversight. The lowercase A's have been corrected to include the accents.
Comment by John H. Isles (QXZ) 31st october 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “ImgWriter Draft” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 13th january 2014
@QXZ - Thank you for continuing to update this important series.
Comment by Goatmeal 16th april 2014

Update for 2016.01.03:  Added a near-complete Latin Extended A character set, as well as adding some extra characters elsewhere.

Update for 2016.01.27:  Altered the "delete left" and "delete right" charaters and added a Numero symbol.  I also repositioned the Section symbol; I'm surprised at myself for not catching its skewed placement in comparison to the rest of the glyphs in the font.

Comment by John H. Isles (QXZ) 4th january 2016

Looks like a GBA font.

Comment by SakanaOji 10th march 2019


Comment by ChuDak 22nd january 2020

I love your ImgWriter fonts! I'm working on an ImageWriter II simulator to be hooked up to retro computers, and i'll be using your fonts for testing with it. :D  (ie, hook up a serial cable to your Apple IIc, run the software on your modern machine, and print something from the IIc, and it comes out as a modern format.)  :D

Comment by Scott Lawrence (bleullama) 15th july 2021

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