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Presenting... Ari-W9500 - a complete pixel font family with multiple weights & styles.

This is basically pixelated Arial. Nothing interesting, really. The font is heavily inspired by the pixelated font used in Microsoft's Windows 95. The project was originally meant to be an improved and revamped version of the popular W95FA pixel font.

With more than 1600 glyphs, the font can support a wide range of languages (primarily supports Latin, Greek and Cyrillic).

The alternative glyphs of all the font styles included in the family are stored in the "Braille Patterns" Unicode block.


Extra context:

For those who are wondering, Ari-W9500 began under construction BEFORE Rogue was even planned. After done publishing Rogue, I just wanted to finish this project up and move on.

The entirety of the Ari-W9500 font family (6 styles):

 • Ari-W9500 Regular

 • Ari-W9500 Bold

 • Ari-W9500 Display (Extra-bold)

 • Ari-W9500 Condensed Regular

 • Ari-W9500 Condensed Bold

 • Ari-W9500 Condensed Display


Future plans:

Looking forward to adding Hebrew support soon.

Due to technical difficulties, I WILL NOT be making italic versions for the styles.


If you see any glyphs in the font that's incorrectly designed, please tell me by commenting.

Feel free to clone the project and add additional language support (e.g.: CJK, Thai, Arabic, Devanagari) as you wish.



For the Vietnamese users who try to type Vietnamese using this font, I apologize for compromising the diacritical marks to the point of illegible (especially in the display/extra-bold weight). I get the fact that stacked Vietnamese diacritical marks are supposed to be recognizable and easy to read. I mean, I myself am a local Vietnamese and know how it works. But, I have to except the fact that pixel fonts have limitations. Trying to keep the Em Height properly and NOT expanding it is hard, keeping the stacked diacritical marks' height in that small amount of horizontal space is even harder. To make the job even possible, legibility MUST be sacrificed. Otherwise, the Em Height would be ruined and the horizontal space of the font would look unreasonably large. I hope you locals do not get too mad over this. I am just trying to make it as good and legible as possible.


Thanks for enjoying this moment with me.


Comment by Catterio Sylt (Catterio) Sun, 4th february

Your combining diacritics appear to have negative width. This can cause the width to be interpeted as a very large value, causing problems in TrueType. Did you intend the widths of the combining marks be zero? A width of zero is still valid in TrueType.

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) Sun, 4th february

@BMW I've checked and the combining diacritics have a width of zero. Only the marks themselves were misplaced. Thanks for pointing out the flaw, nonetheless.

Comment by Catterio Sylt (Catterio) Mon, 5th february

The marks seem to still be causing the text pointer to go to the left when they're typed out, causing the letters after it to overlap with the letter the marks are on if there are enough marks on said letter.

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) Mon, 5th february

Oh how foolish of me! I completely forgot that I set the global width of all the glyphs to -1. No wonder why the spacing was off by one pixel... Thanks for mentioning, @BWM!

Comment by Catterio Sylt (Catterio) Tue, 6th february

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