Badger Spine

by hollydennis
See also CHEBONE by 03lalwanig.

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The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

If you would like to use the FontStruction for a specific project, you may be able to contact the designer directly about obtaining a license.

This font was created around the theme of decay. I took inspiration from shapes and forms within the pieces of a badger's spine and manipulated them to construct the alphabet. Here is my blog :) > website>


Just incredible ! This defies the medium. We could swear it had been made with a pencil. The forms also are beautiful, unusual an yet evident. Hope you'll find courage to go to the end. This amazing artwork really deserves it !
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 25th october 2011
Amazing font for the first attempt!
Comment by cablecomputer 25th october 2011
Unbelievable... 10/10
Comment by oscarsaundersuwe 25th october 2011
PS is this for a type class at UWE?
Comment by truth14ful 25th october 2011
OMG !! It's terrific, fantastic... I hope you'll end it !!
Comment by chloe5972 25th october 2011
Very cool...I'm looking forward to seeing more.
Comment by aphoria 25th october 2011
any tracing used here? if not — i'll take a bow
Comment by regular_one 25th october 2011
A highly sensitive work. How funny if the theme was “reflex” instead of “decay”! ;)

As you refine the balance of these pictoglyphs, pay special attention to their relative “gray” values. Right now, A and V read as having both a higher contrast and slightly darker overall appearance.

And when you are finished outlining and shading them bones, I highly recommend your explore the creation of custom composite bricks and brick substitutions to realize different organic shading/etching/half-toning effects. Dots work well enough, but I promise: these variations may be especially useful when designing and printing your specimen book!

10/10 for concept alone!
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 25th october 2011
Hello, thank you all for your amazing feedback! yes im a student at UWE, never used fontstruct before.
Will, thank you for your constructive criticism! I am currently modifying the A and the V, but what do you mean by brick substitutions for the shading? could you give an example of a better way of shading?
Comment by hollydennis 25th october 2011
What a pretty (and what a hard work)!
Comment by elmoyenique 25th october 2011
Williaum is right, as usual. But it still rocks. I give it a 10/10, and I might just download it when it's done.
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 25th october 2011
The start of another exciting/innovative season from UWE ... and what a fantastic design this is. I look forward to seeing the completed work - but it's still well worth 10/10 already.
Comment by p2pnut 26th october 2011
You may now proceed to the head of the class. :-)
Comment by thalamic 2nd november 2011
@hollydennis: Lovely completion! Unexpected rl exigencies have kept me from answering your question, though I have been working on creating a palette of custom bricks to share. I will try to be in touch with some examples in the next week or so...sorry in advance if that stretches beyond your school obligations.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 2nd november 2011
@holly: here’s my first example of a halftone scheme that will print nicely. Luckily, your letters are far fewer bricks in height. So if you attempt to use my custom bricks to shade your glyphs they should still download.

Unfortunately, the best effect requires using 2:2 filters. This way, the halftone bricks overlap partially and perfectly and thus quadruple the apparent resolution of the image by creating intermediate tones. You will have to “grid-double” each of your glyphs (space each row and column out with an 1-brick buffer) in 1:1 and then apply the 2:2 filters to achieve this result. Good luck!

p.s. this is just one of many possible halftoning arrays. I will try to publish some more and will update you as they are ready.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 3rd november 2011
Amazing typeface!
Comment by Hana Tucker (tucktuck) 17th november 2011
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Badger Spine” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 18th november 2011
Blogged! My sample took a while to set — Illustrator nearly choked on the font. 2.4MB!
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 8th december 2011
I'm using it in a poster that i'm making to put on my potfolio :D Unfortunately, when downloaded the smallest dots turn into squares. Hope Fontstruct fix it.
Comment by ramongap 14th december 2011
@ Ramongap. Please mention it to Rob Meek. Although he is well aware of the problem since 2009. I am sure it is on his list, but obviously it's a mathematical problem that he has been aiming to resolve for some time.
It is stopping me publishing and using several of my own fonts for the same reason. The smaller the dot - the more distorted it becomes.
Comment by djnippa 14th december 2011
@Ramongap Downloads are in the TrueType font format. Even though Truetype fonts contain vector drawings and are infinitely scalable, the format has a limited resolution grid upon which control points must be placed. Because of that, with extremely high-resolution FontStructions like this, details will disappear, circles will turn into squares etc. In more extreme cases, elements may disappear completely. There's nothing much I can do about the format limits. I have tweaked a setting for this FontStruction which may improve matters slightly.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 14th december 2011
wow,nice 1.
i also uwe...choose decay too>
Comment by open1092 26th december 2011
Absolutely amazing work on the shading! 10/10 for everything!
Comment by Skipper Lee 26th december 2011
That is pretty amazing! That's not a font, that's art!
Comment by mjmckenzie4444 4th january 2012
This is exceptionally awesome!
Comment by Isaiah Montoya (aerolynx) 25th january 2012
Awesome! Once I had cloned it to get a feel of your techniques I found that it looked surprisingly easy. I've been doing a little work with larger letter sizes myself and have found great success. You can see my results here.
Comment by EagleSoar97 28th january 2012
Comment by EagleSoar97 28th january 2012
Awesome! Once I had cloned it to get a feel of your techniques I found that it looked surprisingly easy. I've been doing a little work with larger letter sizes myself and have found great success. You can see my results here.
Comment by EagleSoar97 28th january 2012
Get my font "SignLight", and I will make more fonts.
Comment by GraphicDevelop (font287) 17th february 2012
OMG! WTF What an amazing font!
Comment by NinjaX 26th march 2012
Wow, 10 stars for sure!
Comment by zachariffic 5th april 2012
dude little tip for you. Try copying the uppercase to the lowercase so people don't end up with the fontstruct f as half the characters.

btw you thoroughly kicked everyones ass with this. I love my own fonts, but holy shit your good!
Comment by Humanserver837 12th april 2012
This is epic. How do U do it?
Comment by Mark Emery (hi-ya) 23rd april 2012
Even thou its un finished Im still gonna download it!
:-) :)
Comment by Azmir 31st may 2012
Luar biasa :-D awesome
Comment by kur41 4th june 2012
Comment by milka321 21st july 2012
Words cannot describe how amazing this is
Comment by Z66 28th july 2012
i'm amazed and stunned!
Comment by Joostmarcellis 10th august 2012
Beautiful work. Can't wait to try it in the wild.
Comment by helenvance 7th september 2012
Comment by furrymutt 19th november 2012
Comment by awesome man 26th november 2012
excellent design
Comment by usarogersbros 3rd december 2012
Does anybody know how to use this? I download it and i get an extraction file. Then what?
Comment by nevimuks 9th december 2012
WOW!!!!! And that's a modular font????
Comment by anonymous-281937 13th december 2012
Wow! Great work! The shading is terrific. I'll surely download this once I figure out how.

Comment by Mairi 18th december 2012
It's this kinda thing that makes you wish you were better at pixel art.
Comment by Dragonoid 21st february 2013
Comment by eminemboy2013 22nd february 2013
The system is very long time to open a font. -_-(OS Windows 7)
Comment by bugs! 6th march 2013
Flamin' heck! Brilliant! How did you manage to create a font like that with the tools in FontStruct? Well done! Guytoon
Comment by guytoon 5th april 2013
How on earth did you do that!! Magnificent! Reejai!
Comment by reejai 1st may 2013
love this font, I actualy joined this sight just to download it. GREAT JOB!!!
Comment by A_iris 1st october 2013
Comment by kosmar 17th october 2013
This font has incredible quality! I honestly can't see myself ever using it but amazing job! Totally downloading
Comment by Kradrling 23rd november 2013
oh yeah, perhaps it was veeery hard to make it!
Comment by ViAik 5th december 2013
OMG!!! I realy like!!!
Comment by julean 12th february 2014
This is interesting, but honestly has any one used it on a job yet? I'd love to see samples if they have. I ask because I can't see me using it for anything.
Comment by ChristianD 22nd march 2014
The designer used it for the titles in her book Badger Spine:
Comment by Cohnisgone 22nd march 2014
But that's just the book about the creation of the font 'Badger Spine'. That is not an real use situation in my eyes, and doesn't really count as a true usage.

The opening lines read:
"The following information is an account of processes that I experienced through creating the font entitled 'Badger Spine. By chance I came across the bones of a decomposed badger, I removed it from the areas it was found and soaked it in household bleach for a few days"

I ask again, of the 2013 people who have downloaded it, - Has any one actually used it? It's top of the 'Top Picks' fontstruct chart, which is shocking, as to me it has extremely low usage qualities in the real world. Is it just being given praise for being detailed?
Comment by ChristianD 22nd march 2014
It is praised not just for being detailed; it is an inventive concept and has been well executed. You're right, it is of little utilitarian value; however the people involved in rating it and making it a Top Pick obviously didn't think that matters. I suspect that there are a variety of reasons why people would download it, ranging from thinking it's neat and should be a choice on Word, to actually using it for titles in anything bone-themed.
Comment by Cohnisgone 23rd march 2014
Thank you for this creativity
Comment by azharbel 1st june 2014
could i pay you to make me a font?

Comment by MD_ 8th june 2014
It's so cute...I just think about the place I may use this font.
Comment by anonymous-0 31st july 2014
Okay hollydennis please reply-DID YOU MAKE THIS ON FONTSTRUCT OR AN EXTERNAL SOURCE.Please reply cuz im soon be working on one like that.
Comment by udayofthefonts 28th august 2014
Comment by Evie Atarax (j4s13) 28th august 2014
Great font
Comment by MatthewGalvas 3rd october 2014
how much time you spend to do this unbelivable font ?
Comment by DarYus 11th january 2015
U have to finish that qestion mark
Comment by DarYus 11th january 2015
I can't get all the letters!!! Only ABCD!
Comment by mooreg7 4th february 2015

Possibly the weirdest inspiration for a font I've seen in a while, but one of the best executions!

Comment by Yogh 9th april 2016


Comment by volmajer 6th december 2016


Comment by Future MFX (<Youtube) (Future FG Gaming) 26th december 2016


Comment by Future MFX (<Youtube) (Future FG Gaming) 26th december 2016


Comment by moshera666 19th march 2017

@mooreg7: Use the uppercase until the lowercase gets finished.

@hollydennis: Finish the lowercase and '?'. Maybe even the rest of ASCII.

Comment by ImmaPooh 15th january 2018

No joke I have not seen one SINGLE font that is as good as this one. The detail you added to the bones is amazing!

Comment by Font Lord (font_lord) 3rd december 2019

When viewed in pixel size the font looks like something from an old-fashioned video game. I kinda like that :)

Comment by SakanaOji 15th december 2019

Oh my gosh!!!

Comment by soapyseltzer777 6th june 2020


Comment by billiegraves 11th august 2020

Holy shit

Comment by James Holmes (HolmesType03) 18th september 2020


Comment by Don Sxmz 24th november 2020


Comment by Don Sxmz 24th november 2020

so cool!

Comment by thebestwrittereverorsmthng 23rd december 2020


Comment by Jadenalex 26th may 2021


Comment by Terminus1 3rd december 2021

@anonymous-0 Yeah.. also you're literally an error page

Comment by Logan Roman (Logan2020) 12th december 2021

This is blowing my mind that you made this in Fontstruct. Well done!

Comment by Down10 12th december 2021

no badgers were heart in the making of this font (at least i hope so)

Comment by DecaSomethin 27th september 2022


Comment by DecaSomethin 27th september 2022


Comment by cacaprout3000 14th december 2022

Whole Group 

Comment by Tchr sarah 23rd december 2022


Comment by xXFarmItFan330Xx 26th august 2023

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