Yeondu's pixelfont

by Choi yeendu

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Ver. 1.0(Beta, 9.21.2021): 1st release

--------------(When to start adding Chinese characters)---------------

Ver. 2.0(Beta): I found an Expert mode, so I added some Kanjis(一, 亜, 咽 and etc.)

Ver. 2.01(2022.05.22, Beta): More extended latin A and Added 31 Kanjis

Ver. 2.02(2022.05.25, Beta): Completed Latin ext_A block

Ver. 2.03(2022.05.26, Beta): Added CJK symbols block

Ver. 2.04(Beta): Plan of adding 20 Kanjis and Fixing glyph bugs

Ver. 2.05(2022.07.10, Beta): Added some of KS X 1001 symbols

Ver. 2.06(2022.07.11): Added 59 glyphs of Kanjis

Ver. 2.07(2022.07.12):Added some of Latin Ext_B glyphs

Ver. 2.08(2022.07.13):Added 30 glyphs of Kanjis more Latin Ext_B glyphs

Ver. 2.09(2022.07.14):Completed Latin Ext_B block and Added 15 glyphs of Hanjis and Fixed some of Hanji glyph's Bugs

Ver. 2.10(2022.07.18):Completed Hangul Compatibility Jamo Block and Added some glyphs of Latin Extended Additional Blocks

Ver. 2.11(2022.07.24):Completed Basic Russian Cylliric letters on 'Cylliric blocks'

Ver. 2.12(2022.07.25):More glyphs on Latin Exteneded Additional Blocks

-(CJK Unified Chinese Character Simplified Chinese Character Addition Start Time)------------------------------------------------------------

Ver. 3.0(2022.09.8~12): Added 30 glyphs of Cjk for Simplified Chinese

Ver. 3.1(2022.9.20): Some of more Kanjis

Ver. 3.1(2022.10.2~7): Added 30 glyphs of Kanjis

Ver. 3.2(2022.10.20~22): Added some of more kanjis

Ver. 3.21(2022.10.30): Added 8 glyphs of Cjk for Simplified Chinese

Ver. 3.3(2022.11.4):Added 10 glyphs of Latin and 6 glyphs of Hanguls

Ver. 3.4(2022.11.10):Added 21 glyphs of Cjk for Simplified Chinese

Ver. 3.41(2022.11.22):Added 10 glyphs of Cjk for Simplified Chinese

Ver. 3.41(2022.11.24):Added 15 glyphs of Cjk for Simplified Chinese

Ver. 3.42(2022.11.25):Added 10 glyphs of Cjk for Simplified Chinese

Ver. 3.43(2022.12.17):Added 15 glyphs of Cjk for Simplified Chinese

Ver. 3.5(2022.12.10):Added 10 glyphs of Cjk for Modern Chinese

Ver. 3.51(2022.12.21):Added 5 glyphs of Cjk for Modern Chinese

Ver. 3.6(2023.03.13):Added 10 glyphs of Cjk for Modern Chinese

Added so far of unified Kanji(Chinese) counts:Total of 293 glyphs


1. Completing JIS 1 level of Kanjis

2. Completing JIS 2 level of Kanjis

3. Completing JIS 3 level of Kanjis

4. Making 2,351 glyphs of Hanguls(10/2351)

5. Adding extended Latin glyphs up to 'Latin extended additional'

6. Completing basic Arabic blocks

7. Completing Hanji glyphs on 'List of Frequently Used Characters in Modern Chinese'

8. Completing Hanji glyphs on 'BIG 5 Common Character Set'

9. Completing KS X 1001 symbols

10. Completing Hanji glyphs on 'Table of General Standard Chinise Character'

11. Completing 'Russian cylliric' block

12. Completing Hanji glyphs on 'Xim Sans' (Total of 17912 glyphs)


1st notice: Hey, Guys!! My enthusiasm for font work has declined, so I postponed it for a month, and only in December did I update the font.

Comment by Choi yeendu 17th december 2022

Vulgar Fractions, Latin, and Basic Latin Capital A and more glyph are not pixelated.

I made this comment for letters to be fixed

Comment by RYvett (DDDaniel) 22nd december 2022

@RVvett(DDDaniel) Finally, thanks for the feedback on my font as well, do I have to rename this font and vectorize it too?

Comment by Choi yeendu 23rd december 2022

@Choi yeendu You can rename, vectorize, or make it more pixel as it gets. (The pixel system is called Bitmap)

Comment by RYvett (DDDaniel) 23rd december 2022

@RVvett(DDDaniel) Okay!! I'll fix it!!

Comment by Choi yeendu 20th january 2023

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