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Inspired by caseycastille's Chinese Chairs, this started out as an exploration of optional letters for that font. Then I just doodled some repeating patterns. Then I saw how I can fill the patterns inside the letters. They fit together pretty easily for vertical letters, but diagonals were really tricky. The end product resembled Hawaiian leis draped over each glyph. Very floral. So there you have it. Flowers. For Casey. :)


Comment by geneus1 12th september 2008
this one is purty too :)
Comment by funk_king 12th september 2008
unbelievable fontstruction, dude!°
this one is so amazing i just can't believe it!
Comment by kix 12th september 2008
I'm gobsmacked. My gob is well and truly smacked.
Comment by intaglio 12th september 2008
Astounding! :D
Comment by thalamic 12th september 2008
so what is going on here? brick scaling and brick stacking? inquiring minds want to know. especially since there is no clone button to see for myself :(
Comment by funk_king 12th september 2008
Thanks guys!

@intaglio: I don't know whether to thank you or call for medical attention. ;-)

@funk_king: Sorry about that. Here's some stats. The base grid space is about 40 wide x 44 high, using double brick scaling with no brick stacking.

This is a close-up of the pattern at the base of the "I". You can see some physical overlaps where the highlights are lighter, but basically, there are overlapping bricks everywhere.
Comment by geneus1 13th september 2008
Awesome! I love it!

I am quite honored to have inspired such a lovely creation! I must be doing my job as a professional muse. Please fill out a comment card and drop it in the box before you leave, so my boss knows I'm working for him. ; )


Really - this is amazing! It also reminds me of the patterns woven into those Filipino shirts. Do you know the ones I mean?
Comment by caseycastille 13th september 2008
And this from the guy who brought us HulkSmash and IronManic? Genuus1 has gone Emo. I think by it's nature, Fontstuct can be a difficult tool for creating works of whimsy so I congratulate you on taking this direction. Great Job!
Comment by afrojet 13th september 2008
even more impressive now that you've shared some of your secrets. as they say SMDH. better put this one in the vault with the colonel's 7 herbs and spices :)
Comment by funk_king 13th september 2008
Awesome.. another terrific work on the grid by "Master Geneus" :)
Comment by Axel Leyer 16th september 2008
Wow, this pattern font truly is amazing!!! Your work just keeps getting better!
Comment by vanielle 16th september 2008
WWWWOWWWWW, that is an great job… chapeau !!!
Comment by clecia 16th september 2008
I am smitten. That pattern is gorgeous. One thing though, I don't know if you agree: The "X" character seems too wide, why did you choose to give it a 45 degree slant and not 60, like its neighbors "W" and "Y"?

Just picking nits here ;)
Comment by Karolina Lach (sliveress) 22nd september 2008
Many Thanks, all!

@caseycastille: Barongs. Traditional Filipino formal wear. Very familiar. I'm surprised you know of them. Case, have you been doing some sleuthing?

@afrojet: I'm attempting whatever style comes to me. I still haven't released my style yet...

@funk_king: It's funny that I haven't really considered these as secrets. Williaum's brick stacking method - now that was a secret worth sharing.

@vanielle: Thanks, that's a nice set of patterns yourself.

@sliveress: The X was the lesser of three evils. The other options I attempted looked even more awkward. An angle between 45 and 60 would have been helpful.
Comment by geneus1 26th september 2008
Strong hint to the brickmeister there.

Miester or meister?
Comment by intaglio 26th september 2008
meister :)
Comment by kix 27th september 2008
this is great
feel free to pat yourself on the back
Comment by charliedontsurf 9th october 2008
Great font! Thanks

Comment by Foe 15th november 2008
Very pretty!!!!!!
Comment by Nonster 11th may 2012
This one was always one of my first favourites, dear geneus1!
Comment by elmoyenique 11th may 2012

super men

Comment by ORLANDOMEN 12th august 2019

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