by K_a_M_i
See also Evil Script 2 by DamyaN, Band by vincentjay12.

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My first Font. Please tell me if it's any good since I haven't done any serious Field-testing yet. There might be some problems with certain letters.


THIS is a great first one!
I think H needs help; U is a little strange and "y" seems to be ill :)
Some tweaks here and there will be necessary, but this baby is absolutely worth the effort, i think
Comment by kix 19th march 2011
This... is your first? 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Agent Demonic Ladybug 19th march 2011
Wow! Gorgeous! Most people can't even make a suitable pixel font as their first. Great work!
10/10 and fave
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 19th march 2011
What a beauty!
Comment by minimum 19th march 2011
Thanks people! Once I found the copy and paste shortcuts it got pretty easy^^

@kix: yeah, U and y. that's right...gonna look into these. thanks for the input.
Comment by K_a_M_i 19th march 2011
Awesome work! IMHO, I think it needs a little more space between the words.
Comment by elmoyenique 19th march 2011
What a strong entry!
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 20th march 2011
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “MechanoFeather” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 21st march 2011
Final tweaks here and there. Now I consider this thing done^^ ...on to new projects!
Comment by K_a_M_i 23rd march 2011
Great. Just wonderful. 10/10 Great serifs and quite legible.
Comment by Drgrit 23rd march 2011
Very good...death metalesque!
Comment by Harli87 24th march 2011
Yes, that's what I thought. I'm waiting to see the first metal band using this typeface for their band logo.

Great work! 10/10
Comment by laynecom 26th march 2011
Very nice, I find however that the font size has to be quite large for it to be legible. Otherwise, Ggreat work!
Comment by sailordude97 30th march 2011
Comment by fabiankeps 6th april 2011
thank u for your great imagination,use this font for Chi-Rho design,actually look for font used in STING song album TEN SUMMONER'S Tale
Comment by matarese 23rd june 2011
This. Is. AWESOME. I used it for my band logo for my first album. I hope you don't mind!
Comment by metalhead865 12th august 2011
For some ungodly reason, this won't work properly for me. There's almost no spacing between letters. Can anyone help me? This font is amazing and I would love to use it.
Comment by asixex 16th february 2012
@axixex Sorry dude, I have no idea. The spacing is intentionally pretty narrow, but this? Hmm, not a clue.
Comment by K_a_M_i 16th february 2012
@asixex: What program are you using to create the image above?

I use Paint Shop Pro and it has the facility to alter kerning ... your sample looks like it is negatively kerned
Comment by p2pnut 16th february 2012
@K_a_M_i It's ok dude. Just thought you might have any solution.

@p2pnut I use Adobe Photoshop CS4. I've used other fonts from FS and everything else works fine.
Comment by asixex 16th february 2012
I still haven't gotten MechanoFeather to properly work, but if I space between letters, here's what I can do. :) By the way, this is a wallpaper I made for my band. It's got the band name in Abaddon font (Bullet For My Valentine use the same font) and lyrics in MechanoFeather.
Comment by asixex 20th february 2012
Very, Very impressive, especially for your first font.
Comment by Adurnak 15th march 2012
Thanks for the font. I draw a poster for my friend called "Rhino and Butterflies" and i like the font style in there. check out. I hope you enjoy.
Comment by leozim 27th march 2012
Thanks for the font. I draw a poster for my friend called "Rhino and Butterflies" and i like the font style in there. check out. I hope you enjoy.
Comment by leozim 27th march 2012
Thanks for the font. I draw a poster for my friend called "Rhino and Butterflies" and i like the font style in there. check out. I hope you enjoy.
Comment by leozim 27th march 2012
nusssss show!!! mt loko!!!
Comment by Dannielxx 18th april 2012
cadas banget, great work !! awesome
Comment by kur41 4th june 2012
swagg 10... pow
Comment by undagroundcrew 26th july 2012
well, this is a matter of opinion, but i luv it!
Comment by vipergrrl 31st july 2012
not only is it great, it's also original...some goth and/or blackletter type fonts look just like a thousand others.
i hope you'll continue to play around with fontstruct. you've got a good eye and you're obviously creative.
Comment by vipergrrl 31st july 2012
First one? Outstanding font!
Comment by Varl-FC 20th april 2014

How would you like this attributed to you if I use this commercially?

Comment by jerryernst 3rd december 2015

THI-this..... this is your FIRST font!? Serious respect!

Comment by Mason Petrofsky (badboy4548) 17th december 2015

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