fs V Simple

by minimum

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Comment by minimum 24th september 2010
Comment by minimum 17th october 2010
Wonderful! Only thing I would point out is that you could have made m and w wider.
Comment by riccard0 17th october 2010
@ riccardO: m and w can't be wider, because this font is monospaced. :)
Comment by fontcollector 17th october 2010
How about a proportional space version?
Comment by caliopigio 17th october 2010
I have to agree with caliopigio a standard version would be much cooler. I'm not a fan of monospaced at all. I find it has very little use, and looks really poor as a lower case.
Comment by djnippa 18th october 2010
ALL my fonts are useless anyway. No reason to start making them usable now. :D
Comment by minimum 18th october 2010
I use them a lot on prospective logos. Although no clients have actually selected them yet, but they're defo used.
It makes no sense to make a font that is unusable, or that has very little use. Unless you're just killing time?
Comment by djnippa 18th october 2010
Killing time for sure. This is why I don't care if they make sense or have a complete character set or get downloaded or anything valuable. I just want to not be bored. Usually making these fonts keeps me occupied. Their main purpose is always served whether usable or not. With the 'minimum' account, I specifically --try-- to create something interesting to look at that is --maybe-- slightly unique. Usability is the lowest of the priorities here. :-)

That said, would love to see unselected logos.
Comment by minimum 18th october 2010
A synonym for unusable is useless. Ata, your fonts hardly qualify as useless, as djnippa attests.

As for the value of monospaced fonts, I respectfully disagree with dj's opinion. My own work, most of which employs the fixed-width concept, demonstrates clearly that I'm not a professional designer like him; nevertheless, I've found countless uses for several of my monospaced fonts, and I rely on them every single day.

Obviously, there are many thousands of fonts from which to choose. If certain kinds are not right for a project or not to one's taste, they can easily be avoided. And with FontStruct, we all have the freedom to concentrate on creating whatever type styles make us happy. Isn't that why diversity is so wonderful? :)
Comment by fontcollector 18th october 2010
Just noticed that you have an alternate g where the j belongs.
Comment by fontcollector 18th october 2010
well this would be an interesting debate for sure: when designers design should they design with usability in mind or design unencumbered? i suppose i have done both, although i feel strongly that any usability consideration should be strictly those of the designer. if for whatever reason someone uses it, great. but that shouldn't restrict a designer. maybe i suppose since a designer is not necessarily considered a pure artist, we should strive for usability, but then i have done some good work just having fun. i think for me that is a bigger consideration. even those fonts that take a little more work - as long as i'm having fun, i'm good. don't think i could ever do as many as i've done only thinking about use. anyway, it's all good.
Comment by funk_king 19th october 2010
Good font! Convergent thinking into FS, again: I started this other font recently, but I left it in dry dock.
Comment by elmoyenique 19th october 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “fs V Simple” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 13th july 2011

I don't like this font.

Comment by para fonts 17th november 2021

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