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This is my first humble attempt at something blackletterish. It's the third clone of the initial starting point which was based on another blackletter attempt I did some time ago... Seems like I'm not much of a blackletter natural.:) I'm not completely happy with this one neither, but just pumping it out because i don't currently find any motivation or creativity to improve it.

Any suggestions for improvement are welcome! Especially for the T, that one gives me the creeps... And yes, I know kerning can get quite messy and is best done by hand.

More and/or higher resolution samples on my blog!


Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 29th may 2010
Focused and disciplined like a freshly tonsured novice at the scriptorium, your letters got the very essence a modern blackletter ought to have. Demo pics with careful typesetting tell the story about Frostletter's true potential. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 29th may 2010
Hm... The delete/edit feature doesn't seem to work anymore. And transparent PNGs neither. Or am I doing something wrong here?

Edit: Works again, thanks Joe User... ;)
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 29th may 2010
@Shasta : the Delete function never worked, I founf 2 solutions when I want to erase a sample. If i really want to erase completely, i have made a sample with a simple point that I upload and save. If you want to have another image, same method, upload, chose a file, and cick on save because the "Save" button works.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 29th may 2010
Deletion should be working again.
Comment by joeuser 29th may 2010
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 29th may 2010
A realy nice Black letter ? is it your first one for real ? ;)

nice work I love your Upper case, very original

I'm a big BLack Letter font lover.. this one is realy well done

You put on line to many great font ... do you manage to sleep ?

you're right the T glyph should be review, not sure what to propose but the diagonal line is not in harmonie with the rest of the alfphabet, maybe a straight T can be bowring but work

But keep the diagonale for the lower t... those one look realy great
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 30th may 2010
Beautifully crafted and wonderful samples. a definite 10/10

The T can be a bit of a devil - it was one of my problem children when doing RM Blacklet and RM White Letter
Comment by p2pnut 30th may 2010
Super work. I appreciate it even more because you were able to do what I haven't managed to do despite trying (lots of it). Great work.

PS: The second sample is a work of art.
Comment by thalamic 30th may 2010
Thanks everyone, glad you like it!
I changed the T now, according to Upixel's recommendation of a horizontal bar. Looks definitely better to me...

(And @ Upixel: Yes, I do manage to sleep from time to time. The problem is more that my last university exams start next week (as some fellow fontstructors might already have derived from my increased fontstruct output recently...) and that I should rather spend my waking hours studying, but well...)
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 30th may 2010
Funstructing or Studying.. hmmm the choice is easy to made ;)

In fact, I'm a bit jelaous... This is definitely a design I wish I create ;)

I prefer the second proposition, I know it's more conventionnal but more readable.
In the first proposition the Th... can be interpret like N.

I'm courious about what other Designer Think ?

Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 31st may 2010
C'est vrai que ce choix est beaucoup trop facile... Dommage qu'on peut pas mettre ses acquis typographiques sur un examen de droit constitutionnel. ;)

Et oui, la deuxième solution, comme tu l'avais proposé, est clairement mieux. De toute façon une chose qui me dérange toujours un peu dans cette police est qu'elle semble caler vers la gauche avec toutes les diagonales; le T avec la barre horizontale est dans ce sens une contrebalance excellente.

Et il ne faut pas être jaloux... Il y a encore une infinité de designs possibles dans ce genre qu'avec un peu de patience t'arriveras certainement à faire mieux que moi. ;)
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 31st may 2010
really nice blackletter. i also prefer the second option. Great blue and black sample ;)


Comment by zen_killa 31st may 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Frostletter” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by afrojet 31st may 2010
Ha c'est bon ! tu as deviné que je suis francophone.
Vous les Suisses avez cette facilité de passez de l'anglais au français sinon par l'allemand...

Le droit constitutionnel... je comprends que tu as besoin de décompresser avec la conception de polices de caractères.
Si tu débutais (ha! oui moi je suis du Québec donc nous tutoyons rapidement, il ne faut pas t'en offenser ;) tes réponses de ton examen avec de belles lettrines à la main peut-être que le prof va être plus clément

Je te rassure c'est une saine jalousie :)
Je dois avouer que ton Design a toutes les qualités d'une Blackletter en plus d'être original et contemporain.
J'imagine que tu étudies les genres avant de te lancer dans la création d'une police, est-ce que je me trompe ?

Mon feeling est que Zen Killa est francophone aussi

Pour le bénéfice des autres, je vais compléter en anglais même si parfois il peut être désastreux.

What I like about your design is the modernist of it, A Black Letter is comming out from and old Era (from 12th to 17th), and Frostletter is very "contemporain", so you have this marvelous mix in it. Bravo again!
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 31st may 2010
damn, THIS is a tasty one. yummy...
Comment by kix 9th june 2010
Well done, master shasta!
Comment by wolfkrim 12th july 2010
Frostletter, as used on a flyer i did for a few friends of mine...
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 9th september 2010




I'm not trying

to be


Comment by eileenting1 27th may 2023

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