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DALLIANCE GROTESK — Geometric gothic grotesque


Dalliance Grotesk is a solid sans-serif lettering concept that builds on the ‘core’-lettering concept of frongile's amazing work called Liaison Grotesk

Liaison is a renegade take on the gothic grotesque sans-serif style. A wonderful mix of early egyptian styles that get blended with subtle neo-grotesque hints, held firmly together by a rigid condensed geometric letter-backbone. The crude design of Liaison provides a very distinctive and unpolished appearance, that breaths a lot of visual character.
Its geometric quirkiness and rather irregular letter widths, just the slight imperfect overall lettering simply came together perfectly in frongile's original design. Making this a text-book example as for why back in the day this style became known as ‘Grotesque’.

Yes, Ugly.. Obnoxious.. and... ‘Always in your face’
— Exactly how we like them best...

Dalliance Grotesk is the result of harvesting some of that original soul personality as was seen in Liaison and borrows it for extrapolation into a different font.

While Dalliance tried to preserve much of the overall letter-backbone structures from the original source, its primary aim was, to push towards a more polished finishing touch.

Simplified letters that were stripped of most quirks and bits, keeping only their rough shape intact.
In addition, all curved letter-parts were fully re-build with smoother contours and more natural flowing curve transitions. The spurred top and bottom stroke-stops for the lower-case letters had been changed so that the top now slightly differ from the bottom spurs (different tapered angle). Also the top spurs all have been slightly lowered to make them sit a tad bit bellow the x-height of the font.  

Main modification revolved more or less around achieving cleaner overall text rendering and better optimization for body copy in small point sizes. In the process of getting there, I carefully adapted each glyph equipped fit, to appropriately accommodate all the ty(pro)graphic goodness one can possibly hope to pull out of a Fontstruct.

Smooth (near)-Bézier contour quality, optical compensating correction adjustments, such as overshoots, small vertical stressed contrast and improved stroke joints. Also the font's proportions for height to weight ratio has drastically changed.

— Utilizing sort-of an attenuate 'knockoff' to frongile's original concept for his Liaison Grotesk.

I would like to thank him for allowing me to harvest the basis of his lettering-concept and letting me re-use that as the stylistic back-bone in the creation of my own font.


Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 16th march
Comment by Sed4tives Sat, 16th march


Comment by frongile Sun, 17th march

Very nice and usable. Waiting when you make it downloadable to use it, compa.

Comment by elmoyenique Sun, 17th march

I'm having a Mandela right now, somehow I thought this font already have the normal version. (because this one is wide)

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) Sun, 17th march

Oh shoot, I didn't the descriptions. 💀

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) Sun, 17th march

I meant "didn't read" (What is going on inside my head? 💀)

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) Sun, 17th march

Thanks everyone, @elmoyenique: I did compa! I had dowload on hold untill I completed more kerning 😈, my apologies..

Comment by Sed4tives Sun, 17th march

Updated the font some more:

• Spine for both (Ss) have been thickened to better match the font.

• Added 1653 (most) important kern pairs.

• Added some ligatures

• Optimized proportion even more for small point size text rendering (now the smallest still fully crisp looking size is 10pt).

Comment by Sed4tives Mon, 18th march
Comment by Sed4tives Mon, 18th march
Comment by Sed4tives Mon, 18th march

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