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Coincidently, this is my first font in 2024.

My first ever attempt on making a font with double vertical size and double horizontal brick size - KVN-Kahonde

Uppercase Height: 6 blocks
x-height: 4 blocks
Decender: 2 blocks

Time to make deh accents, hehehehe...

The numbers 6 and 9 have been modified to avoid confusion with the Cyrillic alphabet's letter Б.


Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) Wed, 3rd january

Very cool futuristic look, I like it. What do you think about the Cyrillic alphabet for him? I can help if difficulties arise.

Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) Wed, 3rd january

@Sychoff: Maybe I'll try, some characters are going to be harder. I'm also looking forward to adding the More Latin section, and my mother tongue (Vietnamese) too.

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) Wed, 3rd january

I'm with Dmitriy, very cool futuristic tech style font. I really like some of your letter inventions a lot. Especially the asymmetry seen in most of the letters. Letters Y, e and s are especially genius and clever inventions.

I think capital letters CEFJLP are too wide, whereas capital letters GKXZ are too narrow. Also capital letter U typically looks better balanced when making it a tad bit (like two parts nudging) narrower than capital letter N's width. Lowercase letter c could benefit from a slightly reduced width, whereas lowercase letter v could be made a tad bit wider than it is currently at. This is to optically compensate for the effect its slanted right side has on the partially enclosed white space. The crossbar on number 3 could benefit from a slightly further extended crossbar. This better distributes the negative white space balance as well.

Can't wait to see the more completed version soon mate.

Comment by Sed4tives Wed, 3rd january

Thanks @Sed4tives, since this is the first doing this, I may have some questions if you don't mind, can you give me an example (like pictures) for the U,c and v, I just couldn't understand like what is a "tad bit" actually.

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) Wed, 3rd january

@Kien Trung: A tad bit means a tiny but!

Anywayz I made an visual presentation for the glyph corrections I suggested in the comment above.

Comment by Sed4tives Thu, 4th january
Comment by Sed4tives Thu, 4th january

@Sed4tives: Wow, it looks nice and simple at the same time, it would be a bit harder to do the v though. 

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) Thu, 4th january

@Sychoff: Cyrillic is being added to the font, the only challenge is some of the letter in its alphabet have the same design as some of them in the Basic Latin and Numbers so it has to be redesigned.

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) Thu, 4th january

Looks so much more balanced right now, nice one!

"some of the letter in its alphabet have the same design as some of them in the Basic Latin and Numbers so it has to be redesigned"

— Redesigned, que? Nah my friend, for Cyrillic just use the Latin variants and slightly modify the character widths to fit the proportions of the Cyrillic alphabet. By no means this requires a full redesign of the letterforms.

Another small issue I spot is with the lowercase letter L, this needs proper left side kerning with the lowercase letters. Without kerning its left side spacing is 3x the font's global letter spacing, whereas it should be only 1x whenever this is possible without collisions.

Comment by Sed4tives Thu, 4th january

@Sed4tives: Looks like I used the incorrect term for this; I mean, some of the letters have the same design. Therefore, I need to MODIFY (not redesign) it in order to prevent misunderstanding when two separate characters have the same appearance.
Also, thanks for spotting the mistakes though, that makes me busy for a bit.

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) Thu, 4th january

Yeah, making good fonts is very time consuming. Even more so when doing it with Fontstruct.

Comment by Sed4tives Thu, 4th january

The Cyrillic Uppercase is completed (no kern yet), what is your thought on this, @Sychoff and @Sed4tives?

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) Thu, 4th january

And what about this "a"? Just for trying.

Comment by elmoyenique Thu, 4th january

That "a" looks good, maybe I'll add it to the Private Use Area, and I can also get an alternative "e" from it too.

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) Thu, 4th january
Comment by Sed4tives Thu, 4th january

@Sed4tives: Wow, that's a bunch of editing I will have to do, right now, I'm with my phone, so I can modify that when I get home.

@elmoyenique: A bunch of alternative glyphs idea just came into my mind because of just an alternative "a", thanks to you!

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) Thu, 4th january

@Sed4tives, @elmoyenique and @Sychoff, can you help me with the и and й? I can't find the most suitable way to design this one.

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) Thu, 4th january

I initially thought of something like this, I don't know if this will help.In the second one the semicircles are nudged to form a connection right in the middle of the letter. I'm on the phone right now so I can't do it with composites, but in the second one you can use them to remove the sharp angles at the connections between the semicircles and the two vertical lines caused by them overlapping the semicircles.

Comment by moontr3 Thu, 4th january

I would love to of course, but let me say something from one creator to another first.

By no means to be niggardly rude or inadequate, but more as sort of a philosophical piece of chit-chat.

Speaking from a combined 30 years of teaching music technology, professional music production and crafting graphical arts I'd like to motivate you to keep trying yourself some more.

It pays dividend to keep pushing yourself beyond your comfort level and not allways run for out looking for support from others. I mean, its not that I don't want to, but I know for a fact that the best education one can get is to physically do things yourself. This helps to develop your intuitive feeling for letterform geometry and the Fontstruct editor's modular behavior as well.

Two of the most valuable trades one can have over here!

And If then you still find yourself running into difficulties or some sort of other road blocks of course feel free to reach out for the communities support.


Comment by Sed4tives Thu, 4th january

For @Sed4tives:
Thank you so much for your thoughtful and encouraging message. I genuinely appreciate the wisdom you've shared based on your extensive experience.

Your perspective on pushing oneself beyond the comfort level resonates deeply with me. I wholeheartedly agree that hands-on experience is invaluable and crucial in honing one's skills. It's reassuring to hear your emphasis on the importance of developing an intuitive understanding of the craft, especially in areas like letterform geometry and the modular behavior of the Fontstruct editor.

I am truly grateful for your motivational words, and I'll make sure to embrace the journey of self-discovery and learning. Your offer of community support is also very much appreciated, and I'll keep that in mind as I navigate potential challenges.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your insights. Cheers to continuous growth and creative exploration!

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) Thu, 4th january

Thanks for you idea, @moontr3, I will choose the second option as the main one and the first option as the alternative one since the first one looks like the Й handwritten, also the design of the breve for the Й is genius, I might try it out on my font too.

I know that "the journey of self-discovery and learning" is still so long for me to reach, but without you guys and the whole FontStruct community, I wouldn't have enough couragement to do new things and become more creative like you, the legends.

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) Thu, 4th january

BTW, those new solutions for Cyrillic small letters ий look decent.

The left is perfect for making a cursive glyph alternate form. You can copy cursive letters into the Private Use Area in order to make glyph alternative sets.

In modern Cyrillic italic or cursive form the letters ИиМмптШшщц all have very similar shape.

Handwritten forms for these letters is very similar, and almost identical to the Latin
cursive forms for: UuNnMmWw

In South Slavic countries in particular, it is therefore often customary for similar handwritten letters to be provided with a dash to tell them apart.

In those cases, п and т are given a dash above the letter, и and ш are given a dash below.

Comment by Sed4tives Thu, 4th january

It can be a very stylish addition to the a font's default form to have that option to blend some cool looking italic letters into your text. Sort of the simplified Fontstruct-TrueType equivalent for typographic semi-"Pro" editor features.

When taken to extremes you can create texts that look like this:

Comment by Sed4tives Thu, 4th january

Oh, thats a cool looking Cyrillic Lc letter Be (б).

Comment by Sed4tives Thu, 4th january

And now, the basic Cyrillic alphabet is now completed, and for me, I think that I did my best

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) Fri, 5th january

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