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Variant of the Power Font containing more characters

It includes support for Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Hebrew, Deseret, Shavian and Toto scripts and includes glyphs that can be added without the Unicode Letter sets option enabled as well. Unlike the alterego, it contains coverage of Unicode later than 7.0

Glyphs with more than one diacritical mark above or below are shown with stretched marks to make the glyph being at most 3 pixels long above 

Fraktur Glyphs are rendered in a stencil-like style (Exlcuding the ones from Latin Extended-E), partly based on the FreakFraktur fontstruction made originally by Icelar but with adjustments

See here for the version containing glyphs that can only be added without the Unicode Letter Sets option enabled


Incomplete but will be published for those who want to get a taste of the expanded version of Power

Comment by HM100 24th december 2023

Additional Latin is done and work is being done for Extended Greek (The only Greek glyphs that didn't appeared in the compact "Power" font aside from minor ones in Phonetic Extensions blocks)

Comment by HM100 27th december 2023

Cyrillic is almost done except for Modifier and combining glyphs. After that, only a minor amount of Symbols and English Orthography reforms are left for implementation

Comment by HM100 28th december 2023

Are you planning to make more languages for this font?

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) 28th december 2023

Font is done with an extremely minor amount of Sumbols left

Comment by HM100 28th december 2023

@Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên), I have done Deseret and Shavian. This font may gain more support as more are identified. Languages that can be added without enabling Unicode Letter Sets will be added to the compact Power as well

Comment by HM100 28th december 2023

@HM100: Maybe you will have to take a look at the accents mark, like the grave, acute and tilde, they are bolder and thicker than the character thickness

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) 28th december 2023

@Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) For grave and acute, (Grave shown here), I can go with something like this since it looks large. This will update both font variants (Power and PowerPlus) to include this change. For tide, I don't know if something can be done. The original variants can occupy the PUA spots once occupied in my dreams by the Font Size control glyphs

Comment by HM100 28th december 2023

This makes the mark occupy to 2x2 pixels instead of 3x2. Makes it less bold. I will process glyphs with just these marks and then I will process the ones with one of these marks and another one.

Comment by HM100 28th december 2023

I've done this. Should match the Caron and Circumflex marks as the previous implementations were indeed bolder than the newer ones (Checked them)

Comment by HM100 28th december 2023

Strangely, in FontDrop's language database, a CJK unified ideograph appears to be included in Slovenian Language's required letters in order to be supported from a font. As such, it has been added (U9579). No other CJK ideographs will be added as this font won't support CJK

Comment by HM100 29th december 2023

That might probably be a bug with FontDrop as B-Ž are listed twice.

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) 29th december 2023

Maybe my version of the ~ can help you:

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) 29th december 2023
Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) 29th december 2023

or this one because it looks like your font is a width of 4 pixels:

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) 29th december 2023
Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) 29th december 2023

@Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) The second ones looks good and I will apply it only on the tide glyph. For the diacritical mark, I will go with this one since nudging will not work for the diacritical mark

Comment by HM100 29th december 2023

@HM100: Nudging can work on all glyphs, including the diacritical marks

Comment by Kiên Trung (trungdangTrung Kiên) 30th december 2023

Yes but when I want to do nudging on diacritical makrs, I do it on all bricks that construct it, not on specific as nudging is not preserved when you want to create a composite brick based on that mark.

Comment by HM100 30th december 2023

Bold and Double Struck styles of Latin letters is coming, one of the additions of version 2.0.0

Comment by HM100 Fri, 26th january

Armenian support is coming to Power

Comment by HM100 Sun, 28th january

Check all the X-related glyphs, as well as glyphs that resemble < and > as I see that some bricks got swapped.

Comment by Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) Sun, 28th january

@Bryndan W. Meyerholt (BWM) I fixed them already and that affected superscript and subscript glyphs as well. All looking well now

Comment by HM100 Mon, 29th january

Various arrow glyphs will be added. Hebrew will also follow on both Power font variants (Standard and Plus)

Comment by HM100 Sat, 6th april

Hebrew are next before finalizing arrows

Comment by HM100 Sat, 6th april


Comment by Adskenadjf Thu, 27th june

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