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RINKEL — Bold constructivist display design
This was very much influenced by the rare sighting of

1974's Lettergraphics International typeface by the name 'Belden'

Belden was shown in a Lettergraphics ad in U&lc vol. 1, no. 3 from 1974, without further design credits. It was also featured in the book cover design for "Metaphysics: An Introduction" by Keith Campbell.

—Which in terms I have used for my personal extrapolation of the complete character set of this FontStruction.

Not a digitizing revival of the original piece, but rather a very strongly inspired personal take on it.

More complete character set is coming soon..

Let me know what u fellow structivists think of it so far!



Comment by Sed4tives 23rd november 2022

Very nice! (although I keep reading |n| as |a| in the texts)

Comment by riccard0 23rd november 2022

@riccard0: I have the same, but that is only the case in smaller text size.. something it wasn't meant for, I will try to come with a better solution next update!

Comment by Sed4tives 23rd november 2022

In case anyone is interrested,

here is the image I've used to source the main basic concept from.

Comment by Sed4tives 23rd november 2022

Yeah, well perhaps this remains a critical troulbled situation, I can't think of any suitable solution atm that also remains faithful to whatever is already there. The form it currently has, was taken straight from the source referance. And to my humble opinion I believe that is the one version reflecting the fonts stylish approach best.
I don't feel like there is a whole lot of optional directions to explore when rethinking this lowercase 'n' design. I want to avoid diving head first into the much more boring looking 'piano-key' character design for this font. Neither do I think a 'Josef Alberts' bauhaus stencil style approach works well here, which still is somewhat leaning to much in the direction of the 'piano-key' characteristics.

I keep it as is for now!

Comment by Sed4tives 23rd november 2022

I hear you: a |n| modeled after the |h| would somewhat dilute the uniqueness of the design. Belden has the advantage of narrower proportions, but it doesn't always help (that |c| reads as an |e|, as you took advantage of ;-)

Comment by riccard0 23rd november 2022

What seems most judiciously to me, and in in fact probably the only true suitable fix to the whole Lc 'n' readability issue is to slightly raise the glyph overall x-heights. But this than also requires the cap-height to be raised in response, triggering the need to vertically redistribute all 3 divisions of the glyphs. This in order to maintain the same exact and constant negative whitespace gap of 0.5 grid units. Just take a closer look at the glyph for number '2'.. and looking at the negative spaces, now compare these with other glyphs, or with the font's overall character-spacing (all locked at a faithful 0.5). But what I try to point out here is "That one could notice with '2' something not quite sits right, and tell that measures are ofset, slightly more open as they should. I still need to fix this, but for now it provided a textbook example for "How not to!".

And from what I can tell by inspecting the original source reference image, this whitespace-distribution feature was included and hard-coded into the design parameters itself. And ONLY unless the entire recalculated distribution of the size-to-grid ratio for the font was taking in prior concideration, AND executed in respose after, making any changes to this more or less 'caked-in' preset-preference, will simply results in the font being displayed incorrectly.

So doing that is basically the only truly justifiable way of doing it, but also the most bulky, unterruptive and least fun to do way.. argh

Comment by Sed4tives 23rd november 2022
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “STF_RINKEL” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 25th november 2022

Wow thanks for the TP Mr. Boss, that came so totally unexpected ?

As a way to show my appreciation I corrected Z, 2, 3 and 5 ?

Comment by Sed4tives 25th november 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 25th november 2022

Congrats on the TP!

Comment by elmoyenique 26th november 2022

The { is beautiful. Wow. 

Comment by thalamic 26th november 2022

Thanks fella's

Comment by Sed4tives 27th november 2022

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