KD Loopin

by architaraz

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Lowercase "o" started it all.


Very happy and playful set. I like a lot the effect of rotating mouvement who bring us the rounded finals of the colours sections when they connect them. If I can put a "but" is the lowercase is a little bit too small and some glyphs (m, s, w...) can be improved, all IMHO. 

Comment by elmoyenique Sat, 26th june


Thanks, glad you like it ;)

Those letters are made so, so as to not affect the flow of the colors. Basically, the idea is to put the colors in order of the applied stroke when one draws them - starting color is the red... Not sure if I achieved it in every letter but there will be compromises.

Comment by architaraz Sat, 26th june


Do you think it's possible to create a feature for when the layer color is white it will serve as a cutting layer? So when exporting (downloading), the white layer won't be exported but other layers will be cut according to the placement of the white. Hope you understand what I mean.

Comment by architaraz Sat, 26th june

How did you manage to get the colors in such a way so that red is on top of yellow, which is on top of green, which is on top of blue, which is on top of indigo, which is on top of purple, which is on top of red?

Comment by BWM Sat, 26th june

@architaraz – I understand what you mean but no plans to do that I’m afraid.
White layers are an issue though – we will need an option to change the background colour in the FontStructor and elsewhere on the site, so that white layers are visible.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Sat, 26th june

Another great colour font from you. The overlapping round ended shapes add to the sense of flow.

Comment by four Sat, 26th june

Playful, effective, and eminently modular. Great work, architaraz! I think your 8 provides a better model for X compared to it’s current similarity to Y.

Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) Sat, 26th june

Thanks, guys. @BWM You need to try making it yourslef and you'll understand immidiately  how it can be achieved.

@William That seems like a better solution. Thx!

Comment by architaraz Sun, 27th june
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “KD Loopin” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Mon, 28th june

Congrats on this playful TP!

Comment by elmoyenique Mon, 28th june

Thanks Rob and Elmo ;)

Comment by architaraz Mon, 28th june


Comment by pI3un Mon, 28th june

How did you manage to get it to display in colors at all? It only shows up black like every other font anywhere I've tried it.

Comment by tsafontstruct Thu, 15th july

@ tsafontstruct

You need to be a patron to download fonts in color ;)

Comment by architaraz Fri, 16th july

I created my first Fontstruct Youtube tutorial (basic) on how to create color fonts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYj4i2JOPpM Sorry for my heavy accent though :)

Comment by architaraz Fri, 16th july

Fantastic tutorial, compañero!! And your English is excellent to me, because (even in my clumsiness) I have understood everything. Perfect. 100/10

Comment by elmoyenique Fri, 16th july

Great tutorial @architaraz. I’ve added a link to it at the foot of the blog post.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) Fri, 16th july

Thanks @elmo and @meek

I just started that channel and hopefully will upload more Fontstruct videos.

Comment by architaraz Fri, 16th july


Io lo ho scaricato in formato true type ma i colori non ci sono... come faccio?

bellissimo, darei 5 stelle se non fosse per in problema del colore.

Comment by fiz++ Wed, 21st july


Thanks for the feedback. Please note that I don't speak Italian ;) Yes, the ability to download color fonts is only avalaible with subscription. For more info visit the blog post about it.

Comment by architaraz Wed, 21st july

Sul mio pc, anche se attivo la modalità esperto, se vado su:

menu -> view 

su l'elenco trovo:

-current letter

-pixel preview

-extra guides

-minimal view

-adjacent characters

-full schreen


-letter width


-line heigth

È evidente che non ci sono i layer, qualcuno sa dirmi come fare? grazie

Poi io, come tsafontstruct mi chedo come scaricare il font a colori pk anche per me è nero


Comment by fiz++ Wed, 21st july

@ fiz ++: You can only access the layers if you are a Patron (through paid subscription). The same happens with the download of fonts in .svg format (fonts in colors), only accessible by subscription.

@fiz++: Puoi accedere ai livelli (layers) solo se sei un Patron (tramite abbonamento a pagamento). Lo stesso accade con il download dei font in formato .svg (caratteri a colori), accessibili solo tramite abbonamento.

Comment by elmoyenique Wed, 21st july

Oh boy

Comment by Joao lucas vieira Sat, 24th july

The font is well-made and the colors are pleasing to the eye. However, if you download it as a .ttf, the colors are gone and if you download it as an .otf, the font is a bunch of ugly black smudges. Overall, good and colorful font, but it's not so colorful when you download it.

Comment by SpicyGame Studios (SG Fonts) Wed, 28th july

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