by theterrible
See also Hkeixkaren by Few Karen, ljg465 by sha, Skrull by jsb, starut by enzo.

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Great Work!!
Comment by Dian3 2nd april 2008
love the idea of blackletter with 90 and 45 degree angels
Comment by mattmc 2nd april 2008
Very Great Work...I like it:-)
Comment by riccarda 2nd april 2008
worked on a "electric gothic type" months ago with lots of studying and research... and love your work!
Comment by flaccus 3rd april 2008
So Beautiful!
Comment by justkyle 4th april 2008
rock 'n' roll pixelage - nice.
Comment by electrikmonk 4th april 2008
Struktur brings back fond memories of vintage King's Quest.
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 4th april 2008
Esto está de puuta madre
Comment by jserras 5th april 2008
Amazing! For me it's absolutely the best FontStruction.
Comment by lukas834 5th april 2008
Thanks for the comments, folks!
Comment by theterrible 5th april 2008
Comment by pushtobreak 5th april 2008
Great font, thanks for the work! Alas, the long s seems missing, a crucial part of every historical blackletter typeface, even of the modern ones in the 20th century. Maybe because of that the form of the ›ß‹ seems a little bit odd, traditionally being a ligature of long s and old style z. There are traditionally a lot more ligatures in blackletter type, e.g. tz, ch etc.
Comment by joachim 7th april 2008
Joachim, thanks for the feedback. I've added a long s, changed the esszet to be a combination of the long s and the lowercase z, and have added a few ligatures. I think I'll add more ligatures periodically, to help make up for the lack of kerning.
Comment by theterrible 9th april 2008
Original idea, well executed AND a large character set - that's a 10 from me :)
Comment by Roger S. Nelsson 10th april 2008
more than well done;) GREAT!
Comment by phlippie 22nd april 2008
Thanks alot for the enhancements and modifications, the esszet looks much better now. Great ligatures.
Comment by joachim 27th april 2008
Very well done!
Comment by 2nd may 2008
This is my favorite font so far on the entire site! I gotta say, it's really nice to look at.
Comment by lenden 9th may 2008
Fantastic work.
Comment by ArthurMaria 23rd may 2008
Excellent work
Comment by bilattalent 8th july 2008
this one rocks!
im working on my own "first" blackletter!

watch out :P
Comment by kix 15th july 2008
Absolutely gorgeous!
Incredible what you did! Congratulations!
Comment by Axel Leyer 7th august 2008
thats crazy! great job!!
Comment by zgnss71 7th august 2008
I love it!
Great work!
Comment by Lyla-0 28th december 2008
Comment by rdgranados 30th april 2009
This typeface is exquisite. It's succinct: exactly what it appears to be, and nothing less.
The ligatures make the lack of kerning almost irrelevant.
It's both fun and austere.
Comment by PlastikManiac 13th january 2010
Wow! I love the way the letters are structured, and the simplicity. Good job!
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 12th september 2010
:) I Luv it!!!!!!!
Great work!
Comment by N-poy 5th may 2011
i love it! see my fond. not as cool as this but still.. it's called sharpoint.
Comment by 19florisk 13th december 2012
Soo cool!! I really like the sharp edges! Check out my font. It's call the detached strokes.
Comment by 19jasonh 13th december 2012
cool font
Comment by eminemboy2013 22nd february 2013
Hey! Can anyone in this forum help find out what font this is?(dave pictures logo - the font in right corner in the video)
Comment by lfcnorbranch 22nd february 2013

That Blackletter is inspiring.   Awesome.  Thank you!

Comment by SymbioticDesign 11th march 2018

Great work!! reminds me of when I did some lettering with one of those lettering pens long ago!!

Comment by KaliGrapher 24th august 2018

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