Battle Clerk

by Cookielord

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Many alternates as I couldn’t choose between some letters variants, and because certain initial lowercases look better without that top-left swash.

~ Alternates ~

< - Alt. G 1

> - Alt. J

_ - Alt. A

@ - Alt. S

# - Alt. E

$ - Alt. F

% - Alt. G 2

* - Alt. d

) - Schoolbook a

] - initial schoolbook a

[ - initial a

" - initial s

/ - initial e

\ - initial o


Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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I think the space character could be a tick wider.

Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 5th march 2018

@meek Thanks for the suggestion, I fixed it :D

(Can't believe my font was commented by the dev himself)

Comment by Cookielord 5th march 2018
Comment by Cookielord 5th march 2018

Still uncontent with that dot over i, j etc cetera, ! and ? keep appearing in my nightmares as well... But the good news is that the Greek & Cyrillic charsets are so close that you can touch some of 'em! I am open to any critique and suggestions (especially the dot over i, j...).

Comment by Cookielord 6th march 2018

Make the dots over the i and j (and the period and comma and quote) diamonds just a squinch smaller, and offset them slightly.

Comment by jonrgrover 6th march 2018

Which one do you like better?

Comment by Cookielord 6th march 2018

Okay, so Cyrillic--Russian, Serbian, Macedonian, Ukrainian, Belarusian--letters are finished for now.

Comment by Cookielord 6th march 2018

i like the i now (1block dot)

Comment by JingYo 7th march 2018

I think something happened to the Cyrillic Shcha and Ef tails...

Comment by RubyRedPanda 7th march 2018

@RubyRedPanda, can't believe my eyes--you're here now, too. I noticed what you mean, I'm trying to fix that right now. Seems that the broken block has spread all over the Cyrillic letters with tails--and the sample was affected as well.

Comment by Cookielord 7th march 2018

The tails should be okay now.

Comment by Cookielord 7th march 2018

I can't figure out how the Greek number sign works. Are they put on a letter (so I should make its width equal to zero)?

Comment by Cookielord 7th march 2018

I love this, but here are a couple of pointers:

Since you seem to have designed your Cyrillic glyphs the Bulgarian way, which is what I do as well, a few glyphs should be altered:

• lowercase zhe, ka, and ef should have ascenders

• lowercase ge should look similar to a reversed s

• both is's (Cyrillic I's) should have a breve above them, not a tlde

• pe should mirror the Latin n

• te should mirror the Latin m, while em should mirror its capital form

• I would make J mirror I's design but descend, as it should—J (ya) is literally an I with a palatal hook/tail

• I would also change the tail of Q, maybe have it extend down from the left bottom?

• the Greek number sign precedes the letters used—it is a spaced character

• I would make all the Cyrillic tails the same level

• finally, your phi and psi should have ascenders, and I would mirror phi's tail for psi

Comment by TCWhite 7th march 2018

P.S. I meant to say that your psi should have an ascender (not phi), and should also be wide like phi

Food for thought: Cyrillic is evolving, and I, while designing my typeface Dehuti (Font Squirrel/Smart Fonts), which is undergoing yet another major transformation, always wondered why half of the lowercase letters were simply small capitals? Apparently, this discussion has been going on in Bulgaria since the 60's, which is why they decided to see how their lowercse would/might have evolved in the same way that Latin did; thus, the newer forms of the letters, many of which are identical to Latin. Eventually the model for the Cyrillic alphabet will evolve into these newer forms, instead of having alternative designs for specific languages.

Also, A, D, and G, in Greek and Cyrillic, should all be triangular, or mirror A.

—Hope this helps?

Comment by TCWhite 7th march 2018

Oops: I meant A, D, and L. :)

Comment by TCWhite 7th march 2018
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Battle Clerk” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 7th march 2018

WOW! Just WOW! I didn't even expect my font to become a Top Pick. Thank you, thank you very very much, @meek. Thank you for such a great tool to help me make my dreams come true.

@TCWhite, your detailed list of suggestions hit some of my weakest points, which is why I should thank you as well. I fixed Q, Cyrillic letters and phi with Greek number sign. There is a reason why I left J as it is and added an alternate version of it--which looks like an I with a horizontal bar at the middle. And the reason is that right now it looks like the authentic blackletter J (correct me if I'm wrong). So all I can do for you is add an alternate J that suits your taste :)

P.S. Your J waits for you on the ( slot ;)

Comment by Cookielord 7th march 2018

Also, now that I completed 291 glyph, I feel like the font should move from the old, temporary name Battle Clerk (some might have noticed that it's an anagram from Blackletter) to a new one. All I can think of is something like Gothica. Have you got any suggestions?

Comment by Cookielord 7th march 2018

Congrats! :)

Comment by JingYo 8th march 2018

Thanks @JingYo!

Comment by Cookielord 8th march 2018

I love this font! Can you add these letters? āḷṃṇōọū (I need them to type in Marshallese.)

Comment by Marco Mora-Huizar (marcomorahuizar) 8th march 2018

@marcomorahuizar, I think I will :) Glad that you like the font, I put much time and effort in it.

Comment by Cookielord 8th march 2018

Yeah, I like the alternative J. :) And the new Q—absolutely love it.

Your lowercase psi still needs an ascender, and would look better wider, like phi.

Lowercase Cyrillic ef and zhe still need ascenders, i.e., mirror the ascenders in Latin, h, l, k, et cetera.

Greek zeta and ksi should have ascenders as well, like delta—not that they should mirror delta, mind you. :)

Upsilon (lowercase) shouldn't have the foot, i.e., It should look more like nu.

P.S. ḷ, ṃ, ṇ, and ọ, are in Latin Extended Additional.

As far as names . . . Gothica is already taken. You could play around with more anagrams—create something totally alien.

Comment by TCWhite 8th march 2018

@TCWhite, as you suggested:

• psi is redone to match the style of phi. The old psi will be available on reversed lunate Sigma symbol

• ef and zhe are left unchanged, since giving them the ascenders makes them look pretty ugly

• the height of zeta and ksi was increased

• upsilon's foot was removed

Also thanks for the hint on where to find those l, m, n and o with the dots below :D

I do appreciate your help very much, thank you.

Comment by Cookielord 9th march 2018

@marcomorahuizar, the requested Marshallese letters are finished. Enjoy :D

Comment by Cookielord 9th march 2018
Comment by Cookielord 9th march 2018

Awesome work! :D

Comment by zephram 9th march 2018

@zephram, thank you, I'm glad to hear that you like the font :D

Comment by Cookielord 9th march 2018


Comment by NoahRabbani 9th march 2018

@NoahRabbani, I don't think I got it, can you explain your comment?

Comment by Cookielord 9th march 2018

 one suggestion

ß is not β

the most important differences is that sharp s (ß) doesn't have descender. beta is obsite, it needs the descender to show the different.


Comment by JingYo 9th march 2018

@JingYo, this is an interesting topic to discuss. ß originated as the German eszet (ſʒ), eventually becoming the ſs ligature. So as for me, if the long s has a descender then it must do as well in a ligature. I'll try to play around that difference between Greek beta and sharp s somehow, but I don't think that'll be executed by using the descender in one of them and removing it from another. Anyway, thanks for suggestion :D

Comment by Cookielord 9th march 2018

Nice fonts! I like “Q”

Comment by Wataru (Wataru Aiso) 10th march 2018

@Wataru Aiso, Thanks to @TCWhite it's much better now!

Comment by Cookielord 10th march 2018

P.S. You forgot to add ọ, which is also in Latin Extended Additional. Of course, if you feel like getting around to it, you could add the remainder of the Vietnamese characters, which ọ is a part of.

And yes, It is much better now. :)

Comment by TCWhite 10th march 2018

P.P.S. You also forgot to add the lowercase ij.

@JingYo: Cookielord is correct. Given that his f has a descender, the sharp s should as well, which makes eszett the same way. The design issue, which isn't an issue, as Greek doesn't use eszett, can be solved by combining the sahrp s with s. See Palatino, or my font Dehuti or an example. :)

Comment by TCWhite 10th march 2018

Love it...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 13th march 2018

UPD: Added some letters from Extended Latin A (carons, acutes, dots above letters etc.)

Also both uppercase and lowercase Wynns :D

Comment by Cookielord 14th march 2018


Comment by Gabrielx 25th march 2018

@Gabrielx, thank you for such a generous review, but I doubt if my creation is worthy being called perfect :)

Comment by Cookielord 25th march 2018

A beautiful style and well-planned glyphs that look good in all variations/sets; I like the script feel of it. A Blackletter font written with a modern broadnib *smile*. 

Comment by Aeolien 26th march 2018

@Aeolien, thanks! I'm glad you like it :D

Comment by Cookielord 26th march 2018


Comment by emmy83872 1st may 2018

Why is this caligrafy

Comment by نايف Sun, 10th december

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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