Atemayar (Rigid Script) {Extended}

by bry_guy27
Cloned from Atemayar (Rigid Script) by bry_guy27. See also Atem by IheartRussian.

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Here is an extended version of my Atemayar Rigid Script. This script has taken me years to get to the point where it is. It is incomplete however I figured I would release it with the current list of characters that I have created. While I plan to complete it, it will be some time before this is achieved so please bear with me as life tends to get in the way sometimes.

I began this font August 31, 2017, and I'm releasing it 30 days short of its 2 year anniversary.

Based off the original alphabet of Atemayar Qelisayér featured on Omniglot created by Simon Halfdan Hvilshøj Andersen. Credit for all the original characters of this alphabet goes to him, as well as credit for inspiration. Some characters in this alphabet are wholly original to this font (most are not however), these are inspired wholly by the original Atemayar alphabet in one way or another.

I truly and sincerely hope you enjoy, this font is made for all to enjoy and to spread such a beautiful alphabet to be used for all languages and all writing systems. I love Atemayar more than any existing writing system, I take all my notes in it, and I wish that Simon Halfdan Hvilshøj Andersen's alphabet will be spread around the world and used by many.

The alphabets can be categorized into groups based on the following criteria:
- Pseudo-Atemayar: shares no letters with Atemayar, but appears similar
- Semi-Pseudo-Atemayar: shares a few characters with Atemayar, but overall still looks like its base alphabet and can't be read by Atemayar users
- Modified Atemayar: Follows all/most of the same letters as Atemayar, however has added or modified letters as well
- Classic Atemayar: Original Atemayar alphabet without change

The alphabets' classifications are as follows:

Basic Latin: Classic (except X, which is a ligature of K and S)
Punctuation (all except . , : ; ? ! ... " '): Modified
More Latin: Modified
Extended Latin B: Modified
Extended Latin A: Modified
Greek & Coptic: Modified
Cyrillic: Modified
Arabic: Modified (reversed letters)
Devanagari: Modified (line above letters)
Georgian: Semi-Pseudo
Armenian: Semi-Pseudo
Katakana: Modified
Hebrew: Modified (reversed letters) ***Incomplete***
Hangul: Pseudo ***Incomplete***
Bopomofo: Modified (dots above letters, ligatures)
Thai: Pseudo ***Incomplete***


Comment by bry_guy27 31st august 2017

This doesn't seem to have Hebrew, Hangul, or Hiragana/Katakana. Cyrillic, Arabic, & Devanagari all work, but I don't see anything when I type Hangul, Hebrew, or Hiragana/Katakana. I haven't tried the others.

Comment by tsafontstruct 7th may 2020

Sadly, there are hundreds of glyphs for all the various alphabets and I have been unable to get to those yet. I have found myself busy with many other projects and sadly this one has fallen by the wayside. As for Katakana, I'm unsure as to why it isn't displaying for you, I have included all the Katakana glyphs in this font. However, you brought to my attention that Hebrew and Hangul are not complete, when I thought they were. I will try and get to those however Hangul consists of over a hundred glyphs (since the simple glyphs are joined into larger glyphs) and I'm not entirely familiar with the alphabet so it will take me some time for that one. I have sadly not gotten to Hiragana either, however it would be identical in appearance to Katakana so you can use that in the interim if need be. I cannot seem to find any other issues with the other scripts in my list so they should all work for you. I do apologize for it being incomplete.

Comment by bry_guy27 7th may 2020

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