by Bryan Tj

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This typeface form is adapted from a typical Indonesian street food meatballs, a round shape on typeface describes the shape of meatballs, which are round and always served in a bowl of beef broth. The distinctive taste of the meatballs is so enjoyable that it has always been a favorite food of Indonesian society.

Info: Created on 26th March 2016 . Last edited on 30th March 2016.
License Creative Commons
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Hmm.. sebelahnya V... huruf 'Z' atau kah '2' ?

Comment by eunike_15009 7th April 2016

Z Lah soalnya gak ada tingkat kemiringan yang cukup

Comment by Bryan Tj 7th April 2016

nice font!

Comment by bellacornelia07 7th April 2016

weh keren

Comment by Felix10 7th April 2016

Simple and neat, try to equalize the x-height to make it more consistent. Fighting ^^

Comment by cherlita 7th April 2016


Comment by marcia42415176 7th April 2016

tebel tipisnya keren bry, good job

Comment by Ivana H W 7th April 2016

'f' letter diffrent from the others

Comment by Hestiatrina9 7th April 2016

Keren, aku suka gaya hurufnya yang tipis2

konsistensi nya juga udah jelas

keep it up brother

Comment by pieterenaldi 7th April 2016

nice and unique!

Comment by naomnaomi 7th April 2016

lucuuuu, panjang p dan q nya seharusnya sama~

Comment by regina15143 7th April 2016

great, but the letter 'S' and 'V' should be fixed

Comment by Kevin Christopher (kevinchr_) 7th April 2016

classic and consistent! goodjob!

Comment by theresiamarseli 7th April 2016

Z nya tingginya ga sama sm huruf lainnya 

tp overall bagus kok.

Comment by marvelferdinand 7th April 2016

Thanks guys atas comment'nya

Comment by Bryan Tj 7th April 2016

Keren braii.. model hiphop.. woeettseehhhh... dance yooo dance dance dance yoo yo yo let's break it up yoo yoww.. comment and like back yaa.. hahaha

Comment by david15030 7th April 2016

huruf Z sma T nya kurang tinggi bry.. tpi designnya sudah baguss 

Comment by jeremyadriansutanto 7th April 2016

Huruf Z sebaiknya ditinggikan, tapi overall sdh bagus dan konsisten

Comment by kezialanita 8th April 2016

nice font.. tapi huruf "f" nya keliatan lebih besar dibandingkan dengan font-font yang lain.. 

Comment by ameliajesica 8th April 2016


Comment by ameliajesica 8th April 2016

Good Font

Comment by kevinrich 8th April 2016

great font !

Comment by levinafang 8th April 2016

This is great. but letters N, T, Z, i, j, l, n doesn't have round shape

Comment by Celia Ivana (celiabenboy) 8th April 2016

tipe huruf "V" nya paling beda sendiri(?)

overall bagus bry!

Comment by Winny Melina 8th April 2016

hurufnya kurang konsisten, dan yg Z nya kurang tinggi dikit

Comment by jessicaalicias 8th April 2016

nice font!

Comment by Anita Sylvia 8th April 2016

very good

Comment by _golda 8th April 2016

Nice font bro! Hnya huruf 'Z' dan 'T' nya aja yang kurang tinggi

Comment by jeremyadriansutanto 9th April 2016

apiiik pol bry

Comment by repratantra 9th April 2016

Bagus bry, terutama lowercasenya kayak aksara jawa wkwkwk...

Comment by RobbyGun 9th April 2016

bagus, tapi T Z nya kalau bisa ditinggikan

Comment by tifannysaverinap 9th April 2016

Mirip aksara Jawa yg lengkungan2 itu. Overall bagus. Good Job *thumbs up*

Comment by Nadya Ferina (Redcapecat) 11th April 2016

looks good bro! keep it up!

Comment by Hristo Karuna 11th April 2016

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