by afrojet
See also Hydroplane Cloned by mvstdone.

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I took this epic digger while mountain biking in the rain last Friday. No real damage besides a slightly bruised shoulder. But while kneeling on the ground and collecting my wits, I noticed the impression left by my tire treads in the mud and thought there might be a Fontruction idea in there. Hydroplane is the product of that and represents a desire to stay upright, moving forward, with two wheels firmly gripping the terra.


Comment by afrojet 25th august 2008
well, this is something new here!
Epic indeed.
Comment by typerider 25th august 2008
I like! I voted 8.6 because I've got a fetish for legibility. (Boring, I know.)
Comment by intaglio 25th august 2008
This is quite awesome! The consistency of the inconsistency really makes it stand out. Although every character is great, the way you made s and 5, z and 2 different from each other is brilliant. The only thing you might want to consider revising--and i am being very nit-picky at this point--is not to make p and q mirror images of each other. First Jettison Stencil and now this. Impressive. Another 10. :)
Comment by thalamic 26th august 2008
@intaglio: No worries, I can't fault you for wanting something you can actually read ;-)
@thalamic: Thanks. I'm glad you think the s and 5, z and 2 differentiation was successful. That was/is tough. If you look close at the 'p' and 'q' you'll notice some subtle differences. I wasn't worried about the horizontal white space mirroring each other for those two characters as they rarely appear close together in a word. And in the case of a word like 'pique' (as seen below) I like how the horizontal space between the steam and the dot of the 'i' jumps up a notch above the plane created by the horizontal white space in the 'p' and 'q'.
Comment by afrojet 26th august 2008
first of all.
this rocks in several ways!!!
but... i got a deep graffiti background... and i'm able to read even the most complex "porno-styles".
but i don't get the sense of that sample :)

Comment by kix 26th august 2008
I'm realllly digging this, since I normally dwell on the edge of legibility. I would love to see an uppercase. I've got a deep graffiti background too, but I'd also like to see some complex "porno-style" from kix! :)
Comment by geneus1 26th august 2008
just a quick post of an old one.
especially to satisfy the one and only geneus1
Comment by kix 26th august 2008
Comment by kix 26th august 2008
Great, great urban font.

I'm not really into street culture, but this set spurts trendiness from each gliph.
Comment by Em42 1st september 2008
Great font...so fat and so dinamic... Yeah it rocks
Welldone another time...
Comment by Axel Leyer 11th september 2008
HEAVY! and i feel your story, i broke my collar bone a year back trying to shoulder tackle the earth going OTB.
Comment by starpause 25th may 2009
wow/// this is harkor!!! reminds me of some of the imagery freetekno soundsystems use/// http://www.mirekulous.net/probono/septik-nexus/
Comment by anonymous-0 26th may 2009
probably to coolest graffiti style font on fontstruct so far. respect! i'd buy a t-shirt with that sample printed on it right away...
guess i should go crash my bike more often too...;)

btw: i just stumbled upon this by reading the focus on fontstructors article on fontfeed! congrats, well-deserved fame!:)
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 19th july 2009
Thanks shasta. Big ups to the FontShopFeedStruct crew for doing those interviews. The latest interview with Em42 is terrific - really shows the white hot power of Fontstruct.

I had a good ride the other day (crash free!). At the end of the ride I had one of those mud stripes running up my t-shirt from ass to neck. Totally gave me inspiration for a Hydroplane t-shirt, where, on the back of the shirt, the letters would waterfall (like in the sample above) from the neckline to the bottom of the shirt. I think the visual effect would be not unlike a tire tread riding straight down the back of the shirt. Of course the t-shirt would be printed black on black.
Comment by afrojet 20th july 2009
Comment by darkseeid 30th september 2009
Comment by noebenjamin 7th january 2011
Great Work!
Comment by therealjwalker 7th july 2011
i am a discovery font freak
Comment by ayicera 19th october 2011
afrojet , this font is the shit is there any permission that i might need to use this font for letters on my business logo ?
My props formSan Diego California, You Got S*kills
Comment by gnote 18th august 2015
afrojet is this your font ? I want to ask permission to use this font on my business logo?
Comment by gnote 18th august 2015


Comment by gnote 12th july 2018


Comment by FILIPB 14th october 2020

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