RM A Sign of the Times

by p2pnut
Cloned from RM New Romantic by p2pnut, RM Romantic by p2pnut.

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An FS2.0 version of RM New Romantic.
Info: Created on 11th November 2010 . Last edited on 1st December 2010.
License Creative Commons
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Hi folks, it's been a while since I released anything ... but here goes.
Comment by p2pnut 26th November 2010
Ray is back :)
And with a very strong one
Bravo! you're still a master of the vector font feeling.
I absolutely love this design
great to see you back
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 27th November 2010
Woah. Did you actually make this using FontStruct?! I don't believe you did! You somehow hacked the server to accept a vector font! How?!
On the other hand, you could have just made it on FontStruct using your ninja FontStructing skills. My money's on the latter.
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 27th November 2010

This work is marvellous

Comment by beate 27th November 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “RM A Sign of the Times” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 27th November 2010
Spectacular. Welcome back Ray!
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 27th November 2010
looks very smooth, nice work
Comment by caliopigio 27th November 2010
Greetings! I'm glad having you here again, maestro! And what a beautiful font for the return! Wow! (IMHO, can not return those who have never gone). Congrats for this new TP!
Comment by elmoyenique 27th November 2010
Hooray! p2pnut is back!

Beautiful font -- as usual. :^)
Comment by Goatmeal 28th November 2010
Hello Ray, just to say i really liked your new professional font RM VICTORIANA, with its sort of subtle Halloweenesque past age feel. You guess that "A sign of Times" is a bit too classical for me. Frankly, i still don't see the point of the hard effort of rebuilting in Fontstruct (with the assurance of being approximative cause real curves are not possible in FS in large grids) a classic font that has so many times be published in vectorized way (with real curves). When i saw your new RM VICTORIANA, even if it has strong classical inheritage, i hadn't have the sensation i had already seen it in my newspaper the very same morning. Therefore, i could more easyly see the approximative curves as part of the inherent style of the font, giving it a more living energy that makes sense. But when i see "Times New Roman" or very similar font with "polygonal" curves, it's much more difficult.
Please don't take it as a critic in any way, just i don't understand the point of so much and maybe painful work for something we already know that it can only be an approximation, because of the limitations of FS, even in its 2.0 version. Have a nice day, Ray, and good luck with your pro fonts !
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 28th November 2010
Thank you all for your warm comments - and thank you Mr M for the TP.

I must say that I have missed being part of the FS community in recent months. As an ex-Mental Health social worker I often encouraged people to be honest about their illness ... so I guess I'd better take my own advice. I have been going through a period of depression in the past six months or so. Apart from anything else, this has caused the creative juices to dry up a bit. I haven't produced a new design in many months.

Another aspect of my illness is that I find it difficult to relate to others when I am lost in my own depths - that is why I have not been seen around FS lately.

The good news is that I am over the worst and am starting to see my way forward. I also bit the bullet and decided that it was about time for me to show my face here again.

One positive thing came out of my period of seclusion and lack of inspiration. I amused myself by re-visiting some of my old designs and giving them the FS2.0 treatment. With a great deal of prompting and support fro Mr Pnut I have started releasing some of this work commercially. It is encouraging that I have already sold $250 worth - so it has proved to be a worthwhile venture (not least because it boosted my somewhat flagging self-esteem).

Anyoldwhichwaysup ... the pnut is back out of his shell and glad to be here again :)
Comment by p2pnut 29th November 2010
Forgot to mention - I have 'beefed-up' the curves on the Uppercase as they need a wee bit of optical tweeking.
Comment by p2pnut 29th November 2010
I am happy you are back again
Comment by naveenchandru 29th November 2010
Hi, Ray,

Get this out first: The C may need to be lowered a tad.

The font is just a beauty to behold. So crisp and curvilicious that it doesn't look modular at all. That's an awesome feat. You make it seem so effortless. I've tried two-point-ohing and it is hella tedious. Superb.

As for depression, it's interesting you say that bout with depression kept you away. I too deal with depression on a regular basis (I say this as I pop my anti-depressant) and fontstruct is a healthy way I found to keep depression in check. Work and its accoutrement are keeping my fstructing to a minimum these day. Hell, I am going days without logging in. (I can just hear the fontservers take a sigh of relief ;) In fact, only just logged-in to comment. I mentioned all of this because apparently fontstruct is great in both situations.

Glad you are back. :-)
Comment by thalamic 29th November 2010
Welcome back, Ray! Your latest work shows all the meticulous touches we've come to expect from you. I've added my 10 vote.

As for the candor expressed by you and Ata, you're not alone. I, too, am a member of that club. Fortunately, my meds usually do a fairly decent job of smoothing out some of the ever-present bumps, or boulders, in the road. And since depression and OCD run rampant in my family, the only good thing about this fact is that the relatives to whom I feel closest know precisely what it's like to go through these low periods. Last night, for example, I was talking to my cousin on the phone. As she told me about her latest struggles, I promptly dubbed us “Les Commisérables” in an obvious nod to the novel and musical production. I hope this will give you a small reason to smile. (You do seem to be one Brit who gives no credence to that asinine “stiff upper lip” crap!)

Hearty congratulations on the success of your commercial fonts, and may you sell many more!

Comment by fontcollector 29th November 2010
Dear Ray, don't know what to say, it just made me sad to know about your depression. You always supported me when i was down, i send you my best positive thoughts.
Life can be a good experience when we stopped hoping and waiting in vain. It's not much but that's all that comes for now and this tip worked pretty well for me. But i know we're all different and what works for someone does not work for another one. Cheers. N.E.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 29th November 2010
hi, Ray :) it's so good to see you back and see new work from you. this set is exquisite and outstanding. it really does shine. you are truly the classicist and consummate designer. working with these primitive tools you have created something great; how sad it would have been for you never to have stumbled across fontstruct and so share with us your wonderful art and craft.

i'm glad to hear that you are better and congrats on your success at selling your fonts. i have had limited results myself and need to reassess my commercial efforts, but it's good to know money can be made, as i have made a few coins myself :) so continue.

i hope that you will contribute to the new collab 'World Of Thanks.' i feel you and i are part of the 2nd wave of fontstructors, along with frodo (where are you?) and others. we followed behind the pioneers including meek, afrojet, geneus, thalamic/min, em2, kix, saberrider, and others. it feels good to see you're still out there doing your thing. there's something to be said for font therapy. i worked out of town for the past 5 months and i'm just getting back home. it was an interesting journey for me, but i realized as they said 'the grass isn't always greener' and 'there's no place like home.' it's good the have you back home :)
Comment by funk_king 29th November 2010
Thanks everyone for your support (and thanks to Ata for pointing out the 'elevated' C)

Depression is recognised as one of the commonest illnesses (and I'm not talking about the 'being a bit fed up', 'slight enui', 'monday morning feeling' etc that we all feel from time to time). Fortunately anti-depressants do seem to help (once you face up to admitting that you need them).

I love that “Les Commisérables” Dan :)

Perhaps it is time to also resurrect 'The Burdon Club' that a friend (another sufferer) and I founded. It originated from the commonly heard expression "I don't want to burdon others with my problems ..... "

Still, enough of that - Ata mentioned that 2.0 can be rather tedius, so I have released my 'toolbox'. It is titled 'Copy NCD Composites in My Bricks' and features the amazing talents of djnippa, aphoria and geneus1. Hope it helps :)
Comment by p2pnut 30th November 2010
Simply...fantastic. Though I fancy that the lower bowl of the g could be slightly thinner...Still 10 from me!
Comment by 3moDuDe 30th November 2010
@3moDuDe: Cheers :) That g has been a bit of a problem for me ... your comment has made me look at it again. Thinning the lower bowl just made the upper one look too thick, but I have re-worked both a wee bit and think it is a slight improvement.
Comment by p2pnut 1st December 2010
This is a great font!

Depression, eh? Take it one day at a time. Of course, I'm over-simplifying it a bit, but isn't that just so, for such a complex situation? Sorry for the personal message.

This is a nice and smooth font-type-thingy. I shall look forward to more of your smooth font-type stuff.

PS. "Art saved me; it got me through my depression and self-loathing, back to a place of innocence."
- Jeanette Winterson
Comment by ric.ya 19th January 2011
@ric.ya: Cheers. One day at a time is good :) I seem to be on the way back to being able to engage with the world a bit more ... but slowly does it.
Comment by p2pnut 19th January 2011

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