Mister Pablo

by nicholasgross

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Yep another blackletter. This is my first font. I Love blackletter and its formal/modular structure seemed an obvious choice for fontstruct. I wanted something kinda simple and stripped back with caps that integrated well and didn't bring too much attention to themselves. That capital N brings attention to itself...


An excellent blackletter font with very consistent design. The glyphs are pretty, the lower case has short ascenders. I'm not sure about the z,Z, however. The sample text looks virtually flawless. Nice debut on FontStruct. Congratulations. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 11th july 2010
Excellent stuff. Really like the little nicks you've added, gives it a nice unique feel. Nor sure about the Z,Z, and the i & j look a little stumped. Still it gets a 10/10.
Comment by djnippa 11th july 2010
Hey thanks Blokes. I agree about the Z's I monkeyed with them for a while, perhaps I need to monkey some more. Between the angle and the thick & thins something's just not gelling.
Comment by nicholasgross 11th july 2010
For the Z, the X is a good starting point. I have a suggestion for the z. Number 2 may need some work too.
Comment by Frodo7 11th july 2010
Wow perfect! The change stands. I did try it with a crossbar but only a horizontal one, your idea is much better. Perhaps I can base the 2 more on the z -- think there's something there. OK back to real work! Thanks heaps!
Comment by nicholasgross 12th july 2010
Wow! what a great first font. Maybe it is 'another blackletter' but it is worthy to stand with the best. 10/10
Comment by p2pnut 12th july 2010
Thanks! Someone made a comment about the stumpy i's and j's -- they're right of course. I'm experimenting with these now, this has meant the dot (?) above the i needed to be restyled to fit with the height of the ascenders. And this'll have implications for the height of the acutes etc. I think it looks better though.
Comment by nicholasgross 12th july 2010
You've done a wonderful job. The i,j are OK; you can ask djnippa for more specific guidance. The ascenders could go a bit higher, even above the caps height, but it's a matter of taste, of course. Don't forget number 2 in fractions and superscript.
Comment by Frodo7 12th july 2010
2's done. Also I wanted a bit more room around the dots on the i and j so I pumped up the ascenders a bit more to compensate. Overall I reckon it does make the font better, especially the d (still not perfect) which was bugging me. Thanks guys again for the great suggestions and refinements. I love that they cause other problems that lead to better solutions.
Comment by nicholasgross 14th july 2010
Comment by nicholasgross 15th july 2010
Comment by nicholasgross 15th july 2010
The Mexican stuff may be a bit of a stretch (the blackletter seems to be a little more rounded in my scant 'research') but I was curious to see how it looked. It shows me that there's a little more work to be done on the accents/acutes etc.
Comment by nicholasgross 15th july 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Mister Pablo” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by afrojet 15th july 2010
Thanks very much! I've fine-tuned the acutes, graves and tildes to make them less clunky.
Comment by nicholasgross 15th july 2010
great blackletter font.:)
Comment by naveenchandru 15th july 2010
Congratulations for your Top Pick, but 99% of the blackletter fonts are top picked, so...
In comparison, less than 1% of the alien fonts are top picked, so...
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 16th july 2010
Bit more Mexican silliness:
Comment by nicholasgross 16th july 2010
@neurone error That sure sounds like a backhanded compliment.
Comment by aphoria 16th july 2010
HO! nice blackletter, I love IT
your samples are great

I love the negative scratch in the steam. The overall look is very unique. perfect 10 bravo!
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 16th july 2010
Thanks! I did the notches just to add a small point of interest to the upper case and to give the letters a bit of a 'waist'.
Comment by nicholasgross 17th july 2010
Works surprisingly in a Gothic context as well as the Mexican- type colors you used in you examples
Comment by ishallcallhimsquishy 31st march 2012

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