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LUCERNA — Neoclassical stencil serif


Lucerna is a modern neoclassical stencil serif in the Didot style.

Simple & Elegant...


Created primarily with the focus towards luxury fashion and marketing brand-oriented projects, aiming at luxurious and sophisticated design projects.

Although it’s a true and fully functional stencil, design focus wasn’t so much
concentrated around the 'functionality' part of the stencil concept. Instead it was more focussed on the stylish implementation of the concept and on making sure it looks pretty.

The stencil concept was achieved by way of stroke omissions. Some of which are large and drastic, leaving only critical parts of the stroke intact, while others are more subtle, like those detached crossbars or cuts seen in the hairlines.

Thin transitional bracketed serifs and a mixture of various sized teardrop- and pointy terminals, combined with the high stroke contrast, these make up for a sharp and interesting looking font that provokes this thoughtful stencil letter concept.

There is a lot of subtle dynamic height deviations going on, hoping to tune in to more of a lively rhythm, and introduce some playful characteristic properties.
Minute changes to optimize optical performance have also been implemented, such as overshoots. The relative low cap-height makes up for a somewhat short and stocky uppercase quality. Its accompanied by a relatively tall x-height that results in a fairly large lowercase size. Due to the lower cap-height of the font, the short ascenders parts of the lowercase letters still exceed above the Cap-Line, preserving some of that otherwise lost white space, improving legibility.

The design's missing segments and various random detached bits 'n pieces aren't as functional in smaller sizes. Making it harder to read or distinguish detached letter elements from puntuation marks. So it is best used for display purpose.

A small number of glyph alternative forms are included as well:
 • 2 forms of lowercase letter a: Single-storey and double-storey (default).
 • 2 forms of upper- and lowercase letters Ss: Pointy terminals (default) and teardrop terminals.
 • 2 forms of upper- and lowercase letter Tt:  Uppercase letter T has two variations of pointy terminals, normal angled and extra angular. Lowercase letter t has alternative form with teardrop shaped terminal to use at the end of words, and can add a slightly more stylish look. The default version has better proportional width with just a small non-decorative curved terminal, this default form has smaller width for a improved horizontal text advance.
 • 4 forms for lowercase letter g: Just 3 additional extra slightly alternate forms.
 • 5 forms for lowercase letter f: Bracketed (default), curved, teardrop narrow, teardrop extra narrow, teardrop wide.
 • Extra set of Copyright symbols: Cap-height size and x-height size.
 • 5 forms of Pilcrow symbols: Just 4 additional extra alternate forms.

It covers most basic Latin languages, 65 in total so far.
Several symbols and punctuation marks are included. (probably more later)

I hope you like it so far,



Comment by Sed4tives 1st may 2023
Comment by Sed4tives 1st may 2023
Comment by Sed4tives 1st may 2023
Comment by Sed4tives 1st may 2023
Comment by Sed4tives 1st may 2023

I'm in loooove with this kind of "little" fonts (talking from the x-heigh point of view)! 😍 ❤️ Looking at the glyphs closely, I am surprised by the enormously complex work that went into making some of them (which seem to be very simple, something that never ceases to amaze me and is common in your fonts). Congratulations on that, compa!

Comment by elmoyenique 1st may 2023

Btw, "Lucerna" is a word used in spanish that means "little window" or also "little lantern".

Comment by elmoyenique 1st may 2023

@elmoyenique: Yup, translated from Latin it means "Lantarn" as well.

About the X-Height: Having its height raised that far in comparison to the Cap-Height, this innitially ate a lot of white space this font desperatelly needed. So to compensate for some of this loss in response the lower case ascender parts had been raised slightly further as well, making them exceed well above the Cap-Height.

But that "stuffed round belly" kind of appeal that is present in some of the bowl shape lower case letters just can not be denied. And perhaps even gets somewhat erotic in nature to a certain extend. I simply love that cuddly attractiveness and curvaceous, well-fed rotunds. It's strange that dispite this amazing love story (ehmm), and general appreciation for such form, I haven't crafted a great deal of such fonts so far yet.

The complexity is something that is actually hardly ever really planned for in advance, and as much as I would love to stay well away of this sort of phenomena, I simply get dragged in at deep end every single time. And I get all scratchy awkward when I thwart this attraction.

So it sort-of is the by-product of my neurotic obsession with FontStruct's puzzly quantum realm that is the small grid.

And adding to that last part, I simply gotta admit in this case that I am just an addict, always looking to fix that next tweak.

Comment by Sed4tives 1st may 2023

"FontStruct's puzzly quantum realm that the small grid is." 😄 Yesterday we were at the cinema watching "Quantumania" and this expression of yours has captivated me.👏

Comment by elmoyenique 1st may 2023
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “STF_LUCERNA (Pro)” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 3rd may 2023

Congrats, Sed4!

Comment by elmoyenique 3rd may 2023

Excellent stencil with lots of beautiful details, especially the ear on r and a!

Comment by four 5th may 2023

Thanks for the appreciation all !

Comment by Sed4tives 7th may 2023


Anyone who disagrees is wrong.

Comment by Nathan Douglas (Yellow Candy 8432) 10th may 2023


ps: thanks

Comment by Sed4tives 10th may 2023

also 10/10

Comment by Nathan Douglas (Yellow Candy 8432) 12th may 2023

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