RM Art DECOrated

by p2pnut

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It wuz dat intaglio wat made me do it ... honest guv! :-)


This was inspired by two things:

intaglio's comment "I'd love to see you do a full-on deco job with triangles and zigzags and deer and streamlines and..."

... and this wonderful ampersand that I spotted whilst googling for ideas ...
Comment by p2pnut 7th september 2009
Awesome! Very creative, well done. Every glyph is fabulously unique. 10/10!!
Comment by starburst 7th september 2009
Wow. Very nice. As I've said before, "Go Deco!"
Every word you type with this font looks wonderful. I love it!
Comment by jinx 7th september 2009
Constantly challenging yourself, you always deliver amazing things. You're in a very creative period. It's a fully deserved 10.
Comment by igorrossi 7th september 2009
I knew you'd do a good job on a deco font! Very, very nice. Would make great drop caps, too.
Comment by intaglio 7th september 2009
very erte and very very nice :)
Comment by funk_king 8th september 2009
Thanks all for your kind comments.

I'm just staggered to even be mentioned in the same sentence as RT funk_king :)

Comment by p2pnut 8th september 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Art DECOrated” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by gferreira_admin 8th september 2009
Very nice and expressive. But I would make use of the Lowercase, don´t leave it empty...for example to create an Uppercase alternates? That would be beneficial.
Comment by Magic Sam 8th september 2009
Very lovely, man, with this early 20th century's style. Hard to make, well done.
Comment by chavez ravine 8th september 2009
I love this font, the artistry is impressive.
Comment by PhaistosDisk 8th september 2009
Cheers all and thanks GF for the Top Pick.

Following up on Magic Sam's suggestion I have added a lower case. I thought that a fully decorated l/c would be too OTT, so have opted for a minimilist approach that I think works ok with the u/c ... or could be used on its own.
Comment by p2pnut 9th september 2009
Maybe the lc could have undecorated versions of the UC glyphs?
Comment by gferreira_admin 15th september 2009
The decorations remind me of Indian dreamcatchers, which I think are fabulous, thus... :-)
Comment by thalamic 15th september 2009
Lower case now has alternative, undecorated, upper case.

Hope this is what you had in mind Gustavo :)
Comment by p2pnut 17th september 2009
@p2pnut: I had a look through the fonts that I have downloaded and compared the lowercase of the version of Thursday 17th September, 11:25 PM 2009 with the lowercase of the version of Wednesday 9th September, 11:34 AM 2009.

Hopefully you still have the version of Wednesday 9th September, 11:34 AM 2009 archived in FontStruct bricks format. If so, maybe you could have two fonts, Art DECOrated and Art DECOrated alternates (or whatever name you choose) so that those elegant lowercase designs that you published are still available.

I particularly like the f, j, k, q, v, x, y and z of the lowercase in the version of Wednesday 9th September, 11:34 AM 2009.

Comment by mathematician 18th september 2009
@mathematician: Glad you like that lower case ... I was quite pleased with it.

I have made another font (single DECOr) which incorporates that particular lc with the one used for triple DECOr.

Comment by p2pnut 18th september 2009
Comment by 21reneej 24th september 2014

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