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Cloned from STF_BLAUHAUS by Sed4tives. See also STF_VON NEUHAUS by Sed4tives.

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BLAUHAUS (Plus) - 'Bauhaus'-inspired design

This is the 'Pro' version in the BLAUHAUS family, and instead to the first version this includes a full uppercase set as well. The glyph alternatives that previously occupied the (Uc) string has been relocated to the "Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms" Unicode block.

In addition to that a whole bunch of extra glyph alernatives, numerous symbols, dingbats, arrows and other elements are included as well.

I do realize it is far from perfect, but since it was designed on a very tiny grid and without filters, a whole lot of available realestate to house bricks wasn't a luxury for this project.

Nonetheless I've tried to put in plenty of diversity, and I think the underlying constraining effect as result of the limitations from not utilizing 'brick size'-filters works out just fine in preserving a certain degree of minimalism.

5/8 weight, no filters and only 4/8 nudging within FS-editor posed another dificulty, but despite all these challenges it was a very fun project to puzzle with...

I hope y'all like it..



Comment by Sed4tives 11th november 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 11th november 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 11th november 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 11th november 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 30th october 2023

@Sed4tives - That's awesome!  :^)

Comment by Goatmeal 30th october 2023

I keep having this killer curiosity as to what this potentially could look like when it made proper use of 2:2 brick size filters.

The very first version I did way back in 2019 essentially started out as a personal study into small grid designs and composite bricks. The idea back then was to craft the most complex geometry possible without the use of any "Expert Mode" functions.
What this led to (for me unique at the time) was the creation of a font that was solely crafted from composite brick.
Not just a couple, but a stagering 272 composite bricks in total. Many of these bricks are quite intuitive and required careful thinkering with maths and geomtry.

As I explained there was no use of any "Expert Mode" functions, this means that the option to nudge a brick wasn't available either. Now this changes everything in respect to building complex fonts, since now in order to get every bits and pieces of a letter (such as: crossbars, intersections, curves and corners) alligned a precisly fitting composite brick needs to be tailor-made in order to do so. In terms of FS's limitations this means that the physical properties of FS's brick composition tool are fundamental as to how refined the geometry can become. In other words this is fundamental to how well the end result is going to look, since there is no option to further manicure shape or form other than within the 16-brick array of a composite grid.

I choose to do a Bauhaus style font because of the simplicity of the style in its pure geometric form.
The end result became a simple looking design with a 3 "bricks" Em-size inspired by Herbert Bayer's Universal alphabet that is pretty cool looking, but has some crucial compromises that had to be made due to FS's design limitations. Not terrible, but not quite perfect either.
But one very important byproduct from this limitations as described above was a huge collection of very intuitive custom brick compositions that offer seemless alignement and perfect fits, basically an extensive set of custom bricks that work in a very similar fashion as FS's default "Connect" bricks.

This brings me to the main reason for 2022's (Plus) version of the font (which is the font's current state that remains in up till this point). This modification introduced FS's "Expert Mode" functionality to the design in order to further manicure some of these compromised critical area's to see what refinements could be implemented to the original 2019 version. Now that the option to nudge a brick was available, new more complex geometric shapes suddenly became possible. This sparked an explosion of new characters and alternative forms, although now FS's editor was vastly more potent, it remained strongly limited by the 1:1 brick size filter setting. Nevertheless this made possible a very substantial update of the older font that allowed many new shaping capabilities.

Now, ever since I completed this 2022 version this idea keeps haunting me about what if the font was using 2:2 brick size filters, a version that takes advantage of the FS editor's full power.

So in prevent of tormenting myself any further the time has arrived to put some action in place where my personal demons lurk and started to convert this font into a 2:2 design.

Stay tuned...

Comment by Sed4tives 18th november 2023

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