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Finished: Basic Latin More Latin Extended Latin A


like a phoenix rising from the ashes. this is magnificent.
Comment by funk_king 5th august 2009
Simply incredible. What a labour of love.
Comment by intaglio 5th august 2009
Cheers :-)

I really enjoyed doing this one.

As I have not done this before (and am terrible at languages other than English!), is it a good thing to complete the set with the Extended Latin A & B? I could quite get into adding them ... but would it make the download time too great?
Comment by p2pnut 5th august 2009
This reminds me of Art-Lover, which I've just used on a project.
Comment by janking 5th august 2009
A jazzy new face that brings us back to the 1930s. Beautiful.
Comment by Frodo7 5th august 2009
Oh dear, it certainly is like Art-Lover. I certainly didn't know about this font when I started. It is a fairly typical variation on a common Deco theme and my original inspiration was Atlas - http://www.fontbros.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=HAFO-ATLA

I just started with the uppercase 'O' and it all flowed from there. The lowercase was just a logical progression (I notice now that neither Atlas or Art-Lover have a lowercase set).

I guess you gave me such a low rating because you think I had plagiarised Art-Lover, janking. I can assure you that I didn't. With so many professional designers on this site, it would be silly to try. I am not involved in the design world and just do this as a hobby ... there would be no satisfaction in ripping off another's work.
Comment by p2pnut 5th august 2009
Great work.
Comment by aphoria 5th august 2009
I like the lower case, but this doesn't do anything new, or add any Fontstructisms. I think I'd get a better result using any Art Deco font to achieve a cleaner result.
Saying that it's still a very strong effort.
I also had a closer look, and tweaked the two K's, and all the numbers.
Comment by djnippa 5th august 2009
Comment by djnippa 5th august 2009
Here they are in a row. I ditched the 2nd 8 & 9, they looked pants.
Comment by djnippa 5th august 2009
Thanks for tha nippa - I like the K, k, 5, 6 & 9 and will get round to them soon. However, I think I prefer to have the consistency of the other numbers (thick line to the left).

Whilst I realise that it is far from unique (especially since seeing Art-Lover) I enjoyed the excercise. I got a bit dispirited when I saw janking's post and thought about deleting the whole thing ... but what the hell, I'm only doing it to amuse myself. If others like what I do then it's a bonus - if they don't, it's no biggy ... nobody died.
Comment by p2pnut 5th august 2009
Absolutely. Don't let a low vote put you off. The doing of Fontstructions is the most fun/torture. The best work is a combination of both! What happens to your babies once you've published them doesn't matter much.
Comment by intaglio 5th august 2009
Very classic. Good work.
Comment by starburst 5th august 2009
gee tag, you made me start to think that low-votes could be considered - in a best-spin scenario - as a badge of honor. if trolls take the time to actually actually log in and click on your font and click to low-vote it - it says a lot about the passion that your work stirs in them. albeit a misdirected passion but nonetheless. and i guess isn't that what art is supposed to do - make us react and respond? so i guess in the fs universe everyone or thing has its purpose :)
Comment by funk_king 5th august 2009
Thanks all :-)

Can't keep a good FonStructor down ... I'm doing the Extended Latin A. ELB looks horrendous - do many of you do all the 4 Latin Sets? Does it make the download time too offputting?
Comment by p2pnut 5th august 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “DECOr” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by gferreira_admin 6th august 2009
Very rich work, full of surprising solutions (very cool @ :-). It looks very good in pixel size. Great also to see the extra work put on diacritics.

I think both S & s are not quite there yet, but I know how difficult it is to make them.
Comment by gferreira_admin 6th august 2009
Here (at long last) is the image of the font that inspired DECOr
Comment by p2pnut 31st august 2009
I have just received my complimentary copy of Hans Lijklema's new publication: Free Font Index 2 http://www.pepinpress.com/catalogue/view/172. It contains 30 of my designs (including this one) and I am extremely honoured to be in such august company.

When I started FontStructing (just over a year ago) I never dreamed of achieving anything like this. My heartfelt thanks go to Rob Meek for making this possible :-)
Comment by p2pnut 2nd july 2010
congratulation on this wonderful achievement and much continued success.
Comment by funk_king 2nd july 2010
Congrats on the publication, Ray.
Comment by geneus1 3rd july 2010
Ray, your beautiful and meticulous fonts certainly deserve exposure like this beyond the confines of the FontStruct community. Cheers and congratulations!
Comment by fontcollector 3rd july 2010
Congrats! I miss the first round

very nice work, It's a piece of art
agree with Fontcollector, more exposure
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 5th july 2010

As a casual pursuer, with slight dyslexia, this font is somewhat amazing with its lowercase inclusion. Thanks for the extent of your creative radius. 

Comment by iOSme 15th november 2017

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