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Well, apparently everybody here likes building letters... And I'm sure everybody got told at least once to finally shut down that damn computer while fontstructing. Here's how you can go on tinkering fonts even with the computer unplugged!;)

I had carried this idea around with me a long time ago, doing some sketches, but abandoning it cause I thought all the thin and dotted lines would go beyond fontstruct's possibilities. Until funk_king proved me wrong... Thanks for the re-inspiration!

I think this is pretty self-explaining. Cut along the solid lines, fold along the dotted lines and put some glue on the shaded parts, put it all together, and there you go with your new toys!

Unfortunately it was impossible to fill all the inner sides of all the counters, but I tried to leave them open where you'd see it least. There might also be some bugs, I haven't tried them out yet. Pure brainwork so far... (My brain's still in the freezer to cool down a bit) In case someone ever actually uses them and finds something wrong, please let me know!
Hope you like it!:)

Check out the fill font if you wanna print your own custom-made design on the letters!


And I'm sure everybody got told at least once to finally shut down that damn computer while fontstructing.

So, SO true - the one downside to this app is its unrelentingly addictive nature. That said, I absolutely love this font - can't think of any time when I'd use it in a design, but for a rainy day's activities this is tops.
Comment by chr.s 22nd july 2009
Shasta, now I'd love to see the real thing! :)
Comment by Em42 22nd july 2009
Ditto ^that^ !
Comment by chr.s 22nd july 2009
working on it... the S is almost done, just a bit fiddly to glue that stuff together - but it seems to work!

@chr.s: yep, definitely not my most useful fontstruction... but it could look cool for example in the background of a flyer. of course the context would have to fit... and right, who does flyers for crafting groups every day. ;)
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 22nd july 2009
I really love this font. Not many applications for it, but nevertheless a creative lesson.
I think you should mention Funk_King for the initial spark.
Comment by djnippa 22nd july 2009
wow, dude. this is very cool to me. i love it. the concept and execution. amazing. i think when i did cutouti have something like this in mind. you've created a whole new category :) rock on.
Comment by funk_king 22nd july 2009
i know this is a work in progress, but have you considered doing different versions - like black, outline... i think by enhancing the main outline of each glyph or filling it in, would definitely increase readability for those who would use just as type and not as cutouts :)
Comment by funk_king 22nd july 2009
I second Em42 on the cut&glued real life sample! the next time i'm told to turn this thing off while fontstructing, i might make a set myself. very good idea!
Comment by cayo 22nd july 2009
It worth a pick.
Comment by oyrus 23rd july 2009
Awesome in three real-world dimensions!
Comment by geneus1 23rd july 2009
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 23rd july 2009
I hope for your sanity you are not really trying to build up the real thing: it would be for sure harder than building the font itself! :)

(I know because I tried to build the "E"...)
Comment by Em42 23rd july 2009
Thanks for your comments, everyone! They're very appreciated after the hard fontstructing... :) I have now added the numerals, if anybody has any wishes for other specific characters, let me know!

@funk_king: Yep, I've thought about a filled version too for simple type-use. But before cloning i wanted to have the complete character set... Now I'm actually thinking about doing fill letters on the lowercase, so you'd have all in one font. What do you think about that? Outline sounds interesting too...

@Em42 and cayo: The cut-and-glued real life sample is actually done already! Looks pretty cool, and the satisfaction of seeing that everything goes exactly where it's supposed to, is so huge that I'm seriously considering becoming a punch-out-sheet designer... (Kidding!)
Anyway, I can now confirm that A, H, S and T work perfectly. Here's a picture from the making-of:
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 23rd july 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Punched Out” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by gferreira_admin 23rd july 2009
Shasta, you brought FontStruct to another dimension – literally!
Comment by gferreira_admin 23rd july 2009
congrats, dude. i like the idea of using lc for filled version. you are a font designer/punch-out designer. and your sample brought a tear to my eye :) incredible. i'm sure it was relief and elation when they came together so beautifully. i'm stunned by the whole project and so very glad you did it.
Comment by funk_king 23rd july 2009
Wow, shasta, it's really cool to see that photo!
Comment by SquarePeg 23rd july 2009
That photo made my day.
Excellent stuff.
Comment by chr.s 23rd july 2009
Wow. So fun to see this go from inspiration to physical realization in just over a week. Both product and process are amazing.
Comment by afrojet 23rd july 2009
Wow brilliant work in the photo.
A big smile on my face :-)
Superb job.
Comment by djnippa 23rd july 2009
that's a sexy pic:
a laptop, scissors, uhu... and some crazy @$$ punched out type!
(nice light & shadows, btw.)
please excuse my language, but I'm havin way too much fun & I should get back to work, but...
I'll start with the period, it's the easiest one.
Comment by cayo 23rd july 2009
This is the E I built: sides fit perfectly but I'm sorry I did an awfully dirty gluing job...

Unfortunately there is no rating over 10, because this would deserve it!
Comment by Em42 23rd july 2009
thanks everyone! overwhelmed by the positive feedback...
@afrojet: It was actually roughly 48 hours from initial idea to the final glueing, I just uploaded the picture a bit later. Not so good for the exams I should have been studying for, but funnily I always go extreme on fontstruct when I should really really do something else. (Not to say something more important, haha...)
@Em: Wow, awesome! I so wouldn't have thought that anyone actually ever tries them out... :) And yep, the gluing can definitely get messy. In what size did you print it? I guess anything above two characters per A4 sheet gets too small to get them together nicely.
Anyway, cool that I can tick off the E too now, thanks a lot! Are we going to see M, 4 and 2 too or did you already go nuts after one letter? ;)
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 23rd july 2009
I printed just one letter on an A4 at 800pt size.

The original plan was to spell out my nick, and if I have some free time during the weekend I will (but with such an hot Summer in Rome it is very unlikely I will stay home).

I also thought of cheating by using the E for the M as well (with some Photoshop trick), but then I realized they have different side parts and flaps, so it would have not been fair! :)
Comment by Em42 23rd july 2009
I think cheating is legitimate here... I myself had a hard time fighting down the temptation to just write "take the E and rotate it!" on M and W... I just did them in case anyone really wants to use this as a type.
And I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable with the thought of you hyperventilating in your study in sweltering heat full of glue vapours while your friends hang on the beach of ostia... So better cheat and save time! ;)
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 23rd july 2009
@shasta: I think you made the right choice. In the future you won't recall the content of the exam or the marks you received, but you'll remember making this beauty.
Comment by afrojet 23rd july 2009
This is marvelous! I love this one
Comment by lillybaby123 24th july 2009
Yeeha, just got hit by the font troll... Down from 9.9 to 8.9 with one additionnal vote. Thanks a lot! :P

They should really think about implementing a few lines of code that erase statistically too obviously diverging votes...
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 24th july 2009
I did not vote before so I just raised you up a bit.
Maybe Rob & Co. could implement a like system in which you either like it or don't. if you do, it adds one "like". I think that could kill the font troll.
Comment by cayo 25th july 2009
Wow! An amazing concept that works out in the real world.

It certainly gets a 10 from me. Nigel Tufnel's amp in Spinal Tap goes up to 11 ... shame we can't do the same.
Comment by p2pnut 25th july 2009
Truly awesome. A tangible FontStruction! Amazing work!
Comment by hellotheresa 26th july 2009
It’s like seeing a digital fontstruction that took the “Red Pill” and came through to the real world!
Comment by jmarquez 27th july 2009
Comment by janking 27th july 2009
I've just released the fill font, so you can print your own special design on the letters to make your once so boring sunday afternoons really exciting. ;) Here's how it works:
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 30th july 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Punched Out” is now a current Featured FontStruction.
Comment by gferreira_admin 17th august 2009
Comment by Sergio Berkenbrock (gray.scale) 24th september 2009
this is brilliant!
Comment by Dom Nokes (domald) 11th october 2009
really really nice idea and achivement !
Comment by zen_killa 11th december 2009
(Reposted from a private note)

Hay there~

Just made this, thought you'd like to see!

Turned out well I think. Nicely designed font, and construction was pretty straight forward.

Anyway - this was pretty fun and I wanted to say thanks - so thanks!

(Party was great and yes, MANY hours ;D )
Comment by eviltoast 14th december 2009
I think it's worth having a look at the high res pic (I'm rather proud of how this turned out):
Comment by eviltoast 14th december 2009
That's crazy shasta. Amazing.

eviltoat, you madman!
Comment by linehand 14th december 2009
oops, I misspelled your name eviltoast and there is no way to fix it. Great pic though.
Comment by linehand 14th december 2009
Punch Out tiene algo más de fama. Hasta SwissMiss le ha dedicado un post.

Y pensar que te la habías guardado un buen tiempo antes de publicarla.
Comment by cayo 15th december 2009
@eviltoast: Thanks a lot for posting your picture! I'm still completely blown away by your work and your patience...;)

@cayo: Increíble... Desde que le puse en parece hacer el tour del internet. Ya vi varios blogs y twitters, y en un poco mas que 2 semanas fue bajado 15'000 veces. Crazy!
Gracias por el link! :)
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 15th december 2009
For the E, it is missing a plane under one of it's bars
Comment by jonathann13 22nd december 2009
Yep, I'm aware of that problem... Actually on almost every character there are sides that are left open. This isn't a bug however, as I've pointed out in the description; it's just impossible to fill all the sides while still having a one-piece layout. And as I didn't want to have letters that would have to be put together from two or three seperate pieces, I just decided to leave the sides open where it would be least visible. In case of the "E"s I left the under sides of the top and the middle bar open...
Thanks for pointing it out though!
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 23rd december 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Punched Out” is now a current Featured FontStruction.
Comment by gferreira_admin 24th december 2009
Awesome! I work in packaging with dielines and the like all the time so I'm intrigued by this! Very Cool and there seem to be so many applications for this. :)
Comment by margaretnicholdesign 5th february 2010
good job
Comment by xena 3rd april 2010
i am having some trouble making the font larger. it downloads in a .ttf and i do not know how to make it larger, because i cannot click on anything in the screen? what program should be used to open it?
Comment by dfitz823 26th april 2010
Thanks for sharing.
Comment by meggiecat 9th may 2010
Punched Out just cracked the 50'000 downloads line on this weekend...:)

Pretty impressive how popular fontstructions can become when exposed to a larger audience.
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 13th june 2010

But, let's face it, this is a pretty good example of the FS craft and deserves such success. :)
Comment by p2pnut 14th june 2010
can someone give me instructions on how to print the letters? I'm just trying to print three single letters each the size of one page.
Comment by wood9169 15th june 2010
If you don't know how to install it, here are instructions.
Then you just open a word document, set the page margin to 1 cm on every side, and type the letters you want at a size of ~900. That should give you about the right size...
Have fun!
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 16th june 2010
Love that font. First, I did a white version, and
Comment by parda 9th august 2010
then, a nicer (in my eyes) version, for a special occasion :)
Comment by parda 9th august 2010
hi parda , how can you add this texture to the letters ?

Thank you
Comment by wasoom 27th august 2010
You can either download the fill font and overlay the punch out layout with the fill shape, or then you just print the layouts on a sheet with a texture printed on it already... :)

And @parda: Sorry, almost forgot to answer to your post, but: Amazing pictures, thanks a lot for sharing them! The "love" letters really look cute... Just as a hint: You can also fold them reversed, so the cutout- and folding-lines end up on the inside of the letters! Might look even better... (Of course you would have to print the texture on the backside of the paper then.)
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 27th august 2010
Comment by JaimeCEY 22nd december 2010
Большое спасибо!!!
Thank you very much! We'll do the letters with his son, it's very exciting for a boy! You - genius!
Comment by evgenianika 18th november 2011
I have just found this font and I love it!
I figured I'd make some Christmas decorations out of it instead of buying some wooden ones I'd seen.
I glued Christmas wrapping paper to normal printer paper and here is the final product. Wrapping paper would not have been strong enough on it's own.
Thanks for all your hard work!
Comment by damsel13 23rd november 2011
Wow, this is really cool! I dont know how to use these fonts in MSWord or other Microsoft zoffice Applications, I wish I could use this font!
Comment by ExtremeFontMaker 23rd november 2011
Anyone made the X and care to share? Mine doesn't look anything LIKe an X and I just can't seem to figure out where I am going wrong. I'd take a photo to post but my camera battery is dead.

Dare I say thanks in advance?

Comment by MAW 22nd december 2011
I agree the X is a rather disfigured fellow. It's quite tricky to make a pretty one on a 5x5 layout though, as most obvious solutions would either not connect or look like swasticas, which would clearly not be in line with my target group.

Here's a little illustration of the problem. The first is unfortunately not possible, the second is the one that I have in the design now (definitely an ugly thing, looks more like space-invaders-mas than x-mas, but quite convenient for the punch out design), and then two possible alternatives that I could probably do...
Looking at it now, I think solution 4 is probably the best one. What does the majority say?

(But I will unfortunately not be able to design this as a punch out layout before saturday... would that still be early enough for your christmas decoration?)
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 22nd december 2011
LOL! No worries at all, enjoy your holidays - I'm just happy to get confirmation that what I was cutting and folding, which looks exactly like 2 here, is as it was designed. I agree, an ugly fellow indeed. I also agree 4 is the best, most X like choice. I may opt for a Happy New Year (no X :)) instead.


Mary Anne
Comment by MAW 22nd december 2011
Changed the X to the forth version in my comment above. Looks more like an X now, but is also a bit more complicated to glue together. Anybody who dares taking the challenge: Let me know if it works out!
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 4th january 2012
love it... 3D ...bring on the glue
Comment by corinasma 28th january 2012
How do I print the font out in the size that I want? The file downloads in .tiff and I can not get it to print individual letters. Please help
Comment by jen_lsu9 14th february 2012
And what program can open this file??
Comment by Chichirko_Kirill96 15th february 2012
The file you get is a True Type font, you should be able to install this on any computer and then use it as you would use any font. If you want individual letters, print them from Word, using a font size of around 900. That should make one letter fit roughly on a A4 page.
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 20th february 2012
How do I print the letters so that they are large enough to cut out? I can only get a tiny version to print.
Comment by bpeterso 17th may 2012
Thanks a lot!!!
Comment by Herfabian 26th may 2012
8 simple steps! Here is how to use it:

1) download
2) type
3) print
4) cut
5) color
6) fold
7) tape
8) decorate
Comment by anonymous-479865 27th may 2012
Just want to Thank you so much for this..My girls and I loved doing this tonight and we can not wait to do Merry Christmas this weekend!!
Comment by ladyjodamic79 14th november 2012
Amazingly creative! 1000000000000000000/10
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 24th november 2012
WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! Thanks to all for your talents.
Comment by bananasmom 23rd january 2013
11/10 + fav + share.
Comment by minidonut 16th february 2013
For whoever likes this: I'm currently working on a full-HD-sequel to this. Still only 3d though.

Peek preview:
(And no, that's not fontstructed anymore...)
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 21st march 2013
Just amazing! It's a fav, and 12/10 (shame I can only get you the full 5 stars though) The sequel sounds most interesting and I'll keep looking here for info :)
Comment by Aeolien 22nd march 2013
And here is the trailer. I just completed a full set of capitals. Now going for the numerals.
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 27th march 2013
Wowwwww² That looks complicated. And intriguing. You are courageous to attempt such a complex design brief ... This will be a family project when I make some of those shapes, I shall require them as my fontstructing support group to keep the flaps in place while they dry :D
Comment by Aeolien 27th march 2013
This font is AWESOME. I even showed it on my website (linking to this font, here, so the credits still go to you), and I'm now gonna build your letters. My website:
Comment by minidonut 10th june 2013
There's a bug with the F: the top bar of the F has a solid line on the right tip, while is has to be a dotted line (like with the E).
Comment by minidonut 11th june 2013
You should double-check every line, cos I found more bugs :o
Comment by minidonut 11th june 2013
Hi minidonut! First off: glad you like Punched Out, and thanks a lot for showing it on your website!:)

Also thanks for pointing out the bug on the F – that's fixed. Any hints as to where you found other bugs?
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 11th june 2013
Hi shasta! I'm a newbie here and I am so far past impressed, that I am humbly sitting here shaking my head in amazement at your talent. But I am grateful for your share and think it is providential to have found it because I've spent most of the holiday punching out Minecraft papercrafts for my niece and this will just tickle her to get more "gifts" if I can be as inventive with your font as you have been. I will try to post some pics if I succeed. Thanks again for sharing such a huge smile-maker! Huggggzzz from Julia
Comment by scrapnewbie 6th january 2014
the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License says that it cannot be used for commercial purpose. what if i want to use it in my company only for internal event? is it allowed? thanks!
Comment by estherkrisanti 4th august 2015

Wow! This is the best! My brother fainted when he saw this font!

Comment by OxyGen (Goshtloo) 14th february 2022

You should add punctuation marks like ? and !. But this is SUPER COoL!!

Comment by Megamasman 24th february 2022

Can you add:

-Russian           -Latin extended

Comment by lucapri 10th december 2022


? and ! are two lines, and you will need string to make it hang

Comment by lucapri 12th april 2023
Comment by Lucaprii 'ss altt (digitalio) Tue, 30th january

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