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// Singularity Chunk Ligatures // Part of the Singularity Family // Designed by Jared Benson in April 2009 // Intended for use with Singularity Chunk // // Also look for: // Singularity // Singularity Ligatures // // Send me a sample or link if you use it. // benson (at) punchcut (dot) com // 120+ Ligatures included: AA ; Semicolon AE Æ Capital Ae AI @ Commercial At AND & Ampersand AS a Small A AV 0 Digit Zero AW ( Left Parenthesis AX b Small B AY Y Capital Y CH (top join) R Capital R CH (bottom join) l Small L CHE 4 Digit Four CHI 5 Digit Five CI (top join) d Small D CI (bottom join) c Small C CK (top join) I Capital I CK (bottom join) J Capital J CKY É Capital E with Acute CS ’ Right Single Quotation Mark CT Ò Capital O with Grave DE 1 Digit One EE e Small E EN ) Right Parenthesis ENE - Hyphen/Minus ER ” Right Double Quotation Mark ERA : Colon ES 6 Digit Six EST 7 Digit Seven ET ` Grave Accent ETC 8 Digit Eight EU u Small U FB M Capital M FF f Small F FFB Ä Capital A with Diaeresis FFH Â Capital A with Circumflex FFI Â Capital A with Ring FFK Á Capital A with Acute FFL À Capital A with Grave FFR Ã Capital A with Tilde FH P Capital P FI % Percent Sign FJ _ Underscore FK N Capital N FL ^ Circumflex Accent FT ‘ Left Single Quotation Mark FTW Ñ Capital N with Tilde FR h Small H FU Ó Capital O with Acute FY Ç Capital C with Cedilla GH g Small G GI G Capital G GL F Capital F GU B Capital B GY Ê Capital E with Circumflex HE H Capital H IA j Small J IF 3 Digit Three IN A Capital A ING 9 Digit Nine IP / Slash/Solidus IR < Less-than Sign IS i Small I IT $ Dollar Sign IX = Equals Sign KY È Capital E with Grave LA C Capital C LI L Capital L LK K Capital K MB , Comma ME > Greater-than Sign MI } Right Curly Bracket MM m Small M MP . Full Stop NI | Vertical Line NN n Small N NT { Left Curly Bracket NY D Capital Eth NZ + Plus Sign OC Î Capital I with Circumflex OE Ë Capital E with Diaeresis OF [ Left Square Bracket OG Ï Capital I with Diaeresis ON \ Backslash/Reverse Solidus OO O Capital O OU ] Right Square Bracket OUT “ Left Double Quotation Mark RA r Small R RI D Capital D RR k Small K SH S Capital S SI Q Capital Q SK s Small S ST U Capital U SU ' Apostrophe SY " Quotation Mark TH t Small T THE 2 Digit Two TI v Small V TT T Capital T TTY Í Capital I with Acute TU ~ Tilde TW Ì Capital I with Grave TY E Capital E UI ? Question Mark UP x Small X UR y Small Y UT ! Exclamation Mark VA V Capital V VE o Small O VI q Small Q WA p Small P WE Z Capital Z WH W Capital W WI z Small Z WWW w Small W XT X Capital X ZA * Asterisk ZI # Number Sign
Info: Created on 15th April 2009 . Last edited on 22nd June 2009.
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