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Collection of linear-interpolated circle attempts, or simply faux-Bezier circles and other curvature related materials.

This toolset basically is collection of pre-made fake circles and curves in numerous different sizes to make ones workflow easier. It could also simply serve as a educative tool that demonstrates the basic FontStruct technique used for making fake curves and circles.

Initially I intended this to be much more complete, but it is simply too much work, and would take forever to get published at once.

Please don't expect this to be perfect, a lot gets fairly close to the "real-deal".

But keep in mind that they remain raw approximations of their true Bezier counterparts. I will try to improve whatever is needed as time progresses, as well as most likely add more stuff.

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I hope you like it so far,

Feel free to copy, re-use, improve or even destroy!



Thank you for making this tool; this will be useful

Comment by nightpegasus 18th november 2019

@Sed4tives: I never really thanked you for sharing this fantastic resource. I use it all the time. It is great I don't have to reinvent the wheel/circle every time I start working on something rounded. Not every circle has the same quality, but there are quite a few good ones. I have modified a few thin circles, replaced the nudged bricks with simple composites, and made the wall thicker.

Thus, you deserve a BIG THANK YOU! 10/10

Comment by Frodo7 5th july 2022

@Frodo: Thanks mate, I should drop some more stuff in here some day.

I have plenty prebuild geometry and glyph segments scattered around in multple Fontstructions that actually should get combined into one font.

For now I added my recent 152×152×1 circle in here, the one dropped in the forums yesterday.

Comment by Sed4tives 6th july 2022


Comment by Sed4tives 6th july 2022

[Forthcoming] Simple HTML coded "Linear Function" calculator tool for constructing faux-Bézier circles. Demonstration image in the comment bellow.

Comment by Sed4tives 12th july 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 12th july 2022

I've Included a set of pre-build Linear-Interpolation swatches in all four rotations to the tool-set (not modified copy/paste. But fully restructed from scratch. for easy access to custom compositions). This is my personal '2-go-2' staple swatch-kit for the FontStruction of large grid fonts using the 'faux-Bézier' technique. Which is a method of interpolating step function to construct a radial basis function approximation, or in other terms a 'curvature'.

Comment by Sed4tives 5th december 2022
Comment by Sed4tives 5th december 2022

Made some improving changes to this today!

To start with, I have relocated most content to other unicode locations and merged certain things to make a smaller easier accessible package and to improve FS's gallery preview. Also have I started to clean things up, remove nudged bricks and replacing them with new plain composites if possible, and in the process of doing so I also began to remodel the lower grade forms to make improvements here as well. (For now an ongoing WIP as I havent covered everything yet). Old and lower grade forms haven't been deleted, but dragged above the newly improved ones. As some of these might still find use in some projects. And last of all I have also started including new prebuild circles (moslty outlined version)

Thats about it for now I guess, more similar changes will likely follow in the next following days untill I had enough of it again, but I will return to this project every once in while and continue where I have left off last time.

My best advise to benefit most from this ever evolving nature of the project is to drop in every now and then to check for new updates.

I usually make a notification of any updates made within the comment section right here, so stay tuned for more...

Comment by Sed4tives 14th december 2022

is there a 2 bricks thick 4x4?

Comment by anonymous-2270814 4th may 2023

@ the-fonteR: Sorry for the late reply... about your brick request, previously there wasn't, but I included 4 different variations of a 4x4x2 half arc..


Comment by Sed4tives 7th may 2023

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