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The current month seems to hold a meaning of threads: of fog, dew covered spiders' webs, barely-there things, feint perceptions defying scientific understanding and fine links with ancestors, to keep us in the present and enable open minds and caring souls to better the future.                                This abstract interpretation of Halloween has been designed to echo the traditionally mysterious mood to show the past (known glyphs, earlier FS bricks) linked in the present (on paper, in the FS previews, and using some of Meek's newest bricks I experiment with in this design) to create future (text will carry meaning to the reader, diversity of thought not experienced until after every glyph is finished, and beauty of text flow is visible only after it has been written). Totally within my personal plan for Night Pegasus' work: adventurous, alternative, divergent, different, exploring, experimental, unusual --  after all, the flying horse is free to visit any time any item or existence in this universe and any place in Fontstruct, to discover and weigh possibilities, to create its future from the past in it's present body and mind, and it does this cloaked in black as deepest night, undiscovered unless someone has their feelers tuned into mystery and taps into experiences of presence.

:.:.:.: Information to help you when using this font :.:.:.:

If a LC glyph follows a UC glyph: you need to use the space bar 6X to get the correct letter space (it will then match the natural spacing between LC); using only LC glyphs (or only UC glyphs) will give satisfactory text results as letter space is set by the programming. But you'll need to manually add the word space you want: between UC (or LC) words a minimum of 3 space taps for a just visible gap, use the space bar 6x for good spacing. Experiment!

Note: the full stop and comma have a line on the baseline to link with UC. There might be no need for a 'space' after those two marks even on LC? The apostrophy has a short line to link it to previous/following UC glyphs (note those link lines retain the meaning of the glyph when used with LC glyphs or an LC following an UC glyph).

SPACE BAR = a 1px space; tap 3x to get a small word space that's obvious

% key = a set of reasonably wide lines to match upper case verticals

_underscore = a space consisting of a long single line on base line only

I'm trying to figure out some diacritics before the 31st so this remains WIP


Comment by nightpegasus 26th october 2018

Clearly the winged horse had a problem finding the best possible colours to show the more elegant brick work. Sorry, even the large sampler image is useless; I'll attempt a clearer version in November.

Comment by nightpegasus 26th october 2018

Nice one! It uses both the basic bricks and the connecting bricks

Comment by anonymous-1520403 26th october 2018
Comment by nightpegasus 29th november 2018

I noticed two download buttons: black-on-yellow gives download choices, grey-on-yellow gives the notice below. I wanted to print a t-shirt but I have no "Maker" button here. The t-shirt button is on the gallery pages only. Is this a new set-up on my old Win7PRo (or on Firefox)? Our other pc runs a Win10 OS and shows the "Maker" button on every fonts' home page.

Comment by nightpegasus 29th november 2018

I think it can't because you have license all rights reserved, but I think that should be changed for the owner's view. 

Comment by FTrex 29th november 2018

Suggestion: Can you add the numbers with the lines so I can use them with the Capitals...

Also, your lowercase æ has an extra line (See Sample)...

Another Suggestion: A variation with the reversed contrast would be great...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 29th november 2018

@77: thanks for spotting that line; ouff, I was so sure I had removed the unwanted lines :/ As for numbers with lines: use % before numeral (3px wide), # after numeral (2px wide). If you want slight 'linking' use the _ underscore before/without % ;)

Comment by nightpegasus 30th november 2018

As to reversing colours: would look good as alternatives/lower case. But sorry, I wouldn't manage making composites to create those delicate curved lines while maintaining current proportions.

Comment by nightpegasus 30th november 2018

It looks like this font is meant to be downloaded, but you have the copyright set to all rights reserved, which blocks downloading.

Comment by realicraft 1st december 2018

@Realicraft It says "Please Do not request download access or license changes in the comments." and your comment implies that... Please respect their license decision.

Comment by anonymous-1520403 1st december 2018

I was just trying to help...

Comment by realicraft 1st december 2018

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