VES 3x5 P

by dpla
Cloned from VES 3x5 by dpla. See also F.a Classic by fausto diaz legaspe.

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The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

If you would like to use the FontStruction for a specific project, you may be able to contact the designer directly about obtaining a license.

Fairchild Channel F - PROPORTIONAL (font edition)
Video Entertainment System (VES - original name)

Collection of text characters, 1976-1981 Fairchild
5x5 / 4x5 / 3x5 US-ASCII valid fonts, 2018-04 dpla
Fairchild derived from the old 7-segment numerics.

Breakthroughs of this 2nd-gen video game console:
. first artificial intelligence (AI) in game,
. first programmable game cartridges (27),
. '8 colors' (in 102x58 out of 128x64 px),
. hold button menu, joystick/paddle controllers.

Today's young home players cannot understand this.



Cf. "VES 4x5 P" & "VES 5x5 P".

Comment by dpla 25th April 2018

I have to tell you FontStruct was never meant to be the website of Custom Font. Custom Font ttf is now at and that's the official website of this font.

Comment by qqqqqqqqqqtym9489x5ioyhk 7th September 2019

"So, your "Custom Font" is not very low-res, super easy to do, shows spacing flaws, links to an infamous hoster, is copyrighted… So childish!"

That was so wrong on so many levels.

1. It is its own design, no worse than any other. There's no reason it shouldn't exist.

2. There are no spacing issues in the actual Custom Font font. Must have been Fontstruct processing glitching. If you get any version of Custom Font at you will get no spacing issues as long as the renderer is being reasonable.

3. The download link website is no indication of the actual font.

4. Everything is copyrighted by the copyright law.

5. Childish font was not in any design intent of the font, nor is that objectively true by any means.

Comment by Ksjwhjwk 9th July 2020

@Piotr Grochowski:

• Wasting my time by replying to a definitive multi-banned SPAMMER* like you prevents me from encouraging the FS community with my 40-decade experience in pixel art/fonts. ( is otherwise still full of promising pixel __artsts__ – unlike what you showed us during years, by frantically cloning the others.)

* As a (boasting) kid, you may still not (want to) understand my comment above (that you pasted from your free web page – another forbidden spam, thus your numerous infamous FS nicknames). Well, anyway, I'm going to try again with you, unruly and disrespectful baby (although I'd prefer that your parents remind you to work a lot more at school than on your large simili-pixel fonts).

1. Your font rules: « two bitmap font designs (6×12 and 8×16) », sounds fine to me, even it would still look rather interesting for my concerns if I were not limiting 'my' main project to about 4×5 pixels. Nonetheless, I have to repeat myself: « is not very low-res, [and is] super easy to do ». Therefore, there is absolutely nothing wrong here from this mathematical statement (which arises from the maximum number of unique glyphs contained in the overall matrix, in this case your 2^8×16 = 340 282 366 920 938 463 463 374 607 431 768 211 456 **possible** glyphs, versus 2 823 'only' in your revision 3.0). Last but not least precision, I never asserted that your “Custom Font ttf” « should not exist »; however, you should realize, pertaining to its necessary categorization (based on objective criteria), that you can NOT include this work to VERY low resolution softwares/drawings. Its grid size is almost in-between – the modern/HD displays might show it smaller than it is actually, perhaps your users (shall?) get fooled by this difference of scale.

2. I am glad to read that the visible spacing glitches should mostly come from a defect in the rendering engine/implementation (I cannot remember precisely which they were, on the FS previewer or/and on my word processors, and I never mixed them with glyph substitutions hopefully)… Then, I tried again your CustomFontttf8.16v3.0.ttf (just 1 out of 8 fonts in in Microsoft Word at least, the monospacing looks almost rock-steady (better than the rendition of your web page by my desktop browser). Compared to e.g. the old Consolas, Lucida Console, Courier New, even Unifont, which all break the fixed width al lot, and at different sizes; I confirm what you showed off in your Comparisons page online. That's why I kept your 8×16 installed… (for Us-Ascii and Unicode art too.)

3. Your current download link/page is safe (unlike the third-party/warez M*** one that you spammed us about on April 2018). I'm unsure about what you meant (in your Polenglish – my Frenglish doesn't help much); I hope it's over now.

4. So, what is currently your full license agreement and file? Since without this prerequisite, I'm afraid the developers won't include or reuse your fonts as much as what you'd expected, for free or not. Corollary: when will you come of age (18-yo)? Should we still get in touch with your mum and dad to discuss the glyphs thay you may have freely 'reinvented' to say the least? Why don't you sell your (WIP) fonts (with the authorization of your legal guardians)? In this field of softwares, the copyrights imply that your design is original enough to be protected under your name (directly or not)… Per-glyph speaking, in my opinion most of your work (every font you presented) cannot meet these terms, in effect, in case you would need to start a dispute in the future… A great deal of download websites may 'share' your time-consuming creations with this lack of uniqueness in mind (from the limited low-res pixel world).

You deleted your own fontstructions (because they were not rendered optimally in the fontstructor, you explained to me)…
We'd then expect that you leave once for good (so that you can bother your young friends elsewhere, boy)…

End of Piotr 'spammer' Grochowski's thread.

Comment by dpla 9th July 2020

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