FS Old Brewhouse

by kix

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Hey there, here is my first entry to the competition. Probably more glyphs to come...


I like this o.o
The thick outlining strokes gives a nice add to the font. c=
Comment by Ivy Meadows (Isaiah Garcia) 28th january 2014
Thank you
Comment by kix 28th january 2014
my gosh this looks so coool
Comment by Houlaiziaa 28th january 2014
I raise my glass to you - very nice indeed.
Comment by p2pnut 28th january 2014
Cool entry.
Comment by kassymkulov 28th january 2014
Nice. A real inline + blackletter and only the first entry ).
Comment by kassymkulov 28th january 2014
Absolutely fantastic! :)
Comment by sarreyn 28th january 2014
Comment by kix 29th january 2014
Excellent blackletter. Getting thirsty...
Comment by laynecom 29th january 2014
What a marvelous font, pure and strong. Very hübsch : )
Comment by beate 29th january 2014
Greeeeat work, master! I'm waiting for the great fonts to come in the last days of this exciting Comp!
Comment by elmoyenique 30th january 2014
This is perfect. I love every glyph.
Comment by ETHproductions 31st january 2014
Very beer! I thought the inline areas could use more ornamental lines in the middle, but that would defeat the clarity that is achieved in the samples. Authentic look and feel.
Comment by geneus1 5th february 2014
Strong one, well rounded
very nice '4'
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 5th february 2014
Sadly this is too high in resolution to enter the competition. next time i better read the rules, haha
Comment by kix 5th february 2014
Too bad! This is very lovely. If you can quickly make a clone that is small enough, you could still enter it.
Comment by ETHproductions 5th february 2014
This only lacks a long s.
Technically, a capital eszett plus _ch_ and _tz_ ligatures wouldn't be bad either.
Wonderfully shaped!
Comment by kyrmse 5th february 2014
This only lacks a long s.
Technically, a capital eszett plus _ch_ and _tz_ ligatures wouldn't be bad either.
Wonderfully shaped!
Comment by kyrmse 5th february 2014
What a wonderful blackletter. I planned to make a similar font (inline blackletter) for the competition, but there was no way I could complete it by the deadline. Can't you do anything about the size to fit within the 48 brick limit? I've been struggling with the same problem in the last 5 days.

Here is how I've downsized my font: My original fontstruction was slightly above the limit - 56 bricks, without diacritical marks, descenders, Q, anything that sticks out. I took great care not to use any custom made bricks, only those already given in the palette. Once finished the character set, I've cloned it.
On the clone version, using View>Extra Guides, I've made a grid of 2x2 bricks to cover the glyphs. With the help of Modify>Make Composite function any selected 2x2 brick block could be turned into a composite brick, thereby reducing the size by a factor of 2. Using this trick as and when necessary I've rebuilt the whole fontstruction at half size. It was very tedious, and resulted in a large number of composite bricks one could hardly tell them apart, but it worked.

This method might work for you, provided there is no composite brick in your original. More than two days left until the deadline, and this would be such a great entry. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 5th february 2014
What a perfect blackletter. The samples fit the feel of the font :)
Comment by Aeolien 6th february 2014
classic beauty. good luck.
Comment by funk_king 12th february 2014
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “FS Old Brewhouse” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 26th february 2014

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