GS Unicode

by Greenstar967

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Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

If you would like to use the FontStruction for a specific project, you may be able to contact the designer directly about obtaining a license.

GS Unicode is a project I worked on over the course of several years so (almost) all languages get support!  With 14,564 non-spacing characters, this font is finished (as of Unicode 13.0, and as of FS's pre-July 2021 glyph inventory).  Please tell me if some of the characters aren't working.  I'll try to fix them as best as I can!

This font will no longer be updated except in the case of fixing errors.  I'm now working on GS Unicode 2.0, a non-pixelated(!) font that uses FS's current (all of Unicode!) glyph inventory, and is set to take much, much longer.... I'll see y'all on the other side~


5-dot wide everywhere(?) with so many characters, WELL DONE!

Comment by dpla 25th august 2017

Thanks, dpla! :)  And yes, the font is planned to be 5-dot wide everywhere (with the exception of some technical spaces and combining characters).

Comment by Greenstar967 26th august 2017

A challenger appears...!

Normally Chinese/Japanese characters are 11 pixels wide when the Latin letters are 5 pixels wide, but it seems this actually looks pretty OK too. Actually, it seems familiar somehow, but I can't pin it down. I assume you don't speak/read Chinese; out of curiosity, how was the experience?

Comment by Houlaiziaa 19th september 2017

This font might subconsciously be based off of something, but I tried to make it different from other pixelated ones.  I don't speak Chinese; I actually only know three characters--the numbers 1, 2, and 3.  It was a bit difficult making many of the CJK characters, but I plan on "renovating" the entire font so that it's not just squares, and is a bit more legible.

Comment by Greenstar967 19th september 2017

Good job beating cmunk.

Comment by anonymous-1466233 17th october 2017

You are almost out of letters to add...

Comment by anonymous-1466233 17th october 2017

Indeed I am.  I have three scripts left to do, and then I'm going to make the font a bit more legible in the Renovations Update.  Thanks!

Comment by Greenstar967 17th october 2017

This well planned & extensive pixel font made for a personal project merits better than labelling "to win" or "beating another member" like in a wasteful game!  XBox, it's quality, not "being the top best at___", we aim for in Fontstructions.

Comment by Aeolien 17th october 2017

Thank you! :)  It's not a personal project, however; you may use this font if you want.

Comment by Greenstar967 17th october 2017

@Aeo, I usually have a ton of letters in my fonts. I usually "Quantity over Quality"

Comment by anonymous-1466233 17th october 2017

xBox, I know you do, that's ok. Fonts with thousands of (new style) glyphs can be internationally useful :) I questioned "win" and "beating someone"- with a font ?! Fontstruct isn't a game yet we all are winners here :D

Comment by Aeolien 17th october 2017

Now, with 13,137 non-spacing characters, this font is technically finished.  I will, however, be making some changes to the font for legibility purposes.  I want to thank you all for liking, commenting, and downloading.  It means a heck-ton to me! :)

Comment by Greenstar967 17th october 2017

I cannot comment, I'm speechless!

Comment by dpla 19th october 2017

Thanks!  It's been quite the journey.... :)

Comment by Greenstar967 19th october 2017

Wow, you've finished it! I'm speechless. It shows dedication, patience and planning. Well done. I'd give  it another 10/10 if I could.

Comment by Aeolien 19th october 2017

Thanks!  Much appreciated!

Comment by Greenstar967 19th october 2017

By adding non-square bricks, you just made it non-pixel optimized... Also, how many letters were there when it was published??

Comment by anonymous-1466233 20th october 2017

Been looking for a font like this for a while for the game im making, as i need it in all languages. for some reason the arabic isn't working very well, only some letters are showing up, but a very good font.

Comment by finlay_morrison 20th october 2017

Oh for some reason its that the arabic letters have a Huge space inbetween them, idk why

Comment by finlay_morrison 20th october 2017

Its artifically monospaced...

Comment by anonymous-1466233 20th october 2017

There were 13,137 letters at the time of completion, XBox.  As for the Arabic spacing, I will try to fix it--It might have something to do with the fact that Arabic is written right to left.

Comment by Greenstar967 24th october 2017

When it was FIRST published?

Comment by anonymous-1466233 24th october 2017

It was first published on August 24, 2017 with only 194 characters.  At that time, the font was called GS Pixelate.

Comment by Greenstar967 24th october 2017

Hey, @finlay_morrison , can I ask you what game you're making?  It sounds interesting.

Comment by Greenstar967 30th october 2017

Since 2017-10-20, Greenstar967 began removing the pixels… Alas! the edition stopped early, and there was no backup for us to download (after some cloning issues?). So much so that "GS Unicode" looks corrupt and almost unusable IMO (i.e. from the planned coverage of code points with the uniformly pixelated style – a two-in-one font is an experimental concept, though…).

See Christian Munk (CMunk)'s "7:12 Serif" for a 'competing' low-res font (8260 pixel glyphs).

Comment by dpla 16th january 2018


Comment by Matvey Kozlov 16th january 2018

@dpla Is there something I need to fix?  How does it look corrupt?  I can try to remake this font into a pixelated version as well as make a new font if you'd like.

Comment by Greenstar967 16th january 2018

Thanks, Matvey Kozlov! :)

Comment by Greenstar967 21st january 2018

@Greenstar967: oh, sorry, I did not explicitly suggested a 'refontstruction' of the deleted pixel glyphs… but if you did, then this immense project would look quite repaired to me(/us), v.s. the incomplete 'smoother' version (that might be too time-consuming, IMO – I wouldn't want you to be sick or die here!), and you'd get the pixel record back, on this site. This said, pertaining to this kind of matrix, 5 dots of width is a tad oversized for 'my' project of -formally strict- minimalism… (because e.g. "MW" are too common/simple, and this wastes the compression on the other tiny glyphs.) When I said 'corrupt', it was related to how your "GS Unicode" looks in the FS previewer online with the default size (and after scrolling down): of course, your smoothing feature gets almost unnoticed (and not corrupt anymore) at 1:1 size, where the effect is quite nice {but since it's an unofficial WIP, I assume mixing both worlds/ages of design is not very usable, at least in practice (for compatible looks), hence the call/need for a dual font in seperate versions}.

So: “this pixel font was technically finished”, but the process of adding the 'antialiasing' is in progress (or paused?), now. Two font pages might be the solution. (If you can afford the extra time.)

Comment by dpla 22nd january 2018

@dpla Thanks for the suggestions.  I'm not sure how to fix the corruption issue as I'm not good with internet programming (it might have to do with the 13000+ characters in the font itself).  As for the smoothing, I'll revert back to the pixelated state for the characters affected and make a second font with more smoothing and perhaps a different width/height ratio.

Comment by Greenstar967 22nd january 2018

Wow, great schedule (if you can without ruining your entire life – and the one of your descent)… !-)

FYI, I still need to see a strict 4-dot pixel design (max 4 px of width), that meets this kind of record in the code points… (I won't try it before a long time, since the 94-chr US-ASCII is still/already too difficult for most designers/artists.)


{The 'corruption' was only visual -at first sight-, but since it implies changes of size -unless one keeps the 1:1 scale in both the old and redone glyphs-, then I assume this cosmetic incompatibility might be related to e.g. CSS issues… (i.e. only in the related client, hopefully…) other than that, I cannot see any other trouble, except that this gigantic font takes ages to render in our web browsers. I don't know if a pure pixel font would show up consistently quicker (I'm afraid it does not change noticeably, but your smoothing experiment might tell us, like some benchmark).}

Comment by dpla 22nd january 2018

@dpla The repixelization is finished.  I don't know why there needs to be a max width of 4 pixels; I'm not trying to set any kind of record or anything (I'm just here to provide fonts for people).

I've looked over the link you've provided and it is certainly helpful for future projects, but it would be a heck-ton of work to resize all 13000+ of my characters.  However, I'm unsure as to why it is necessary to provide a 4-dot pixel design.  Again, I'm not going for any kind of record, and I'm also not going for the minimalist approach you mentioned earlier (though it is a nice concept).


Comment by Greenstar967 23rd january 2018

Cool! (B.t.w. ‘’“” are still smoothed if you can fix/update…)

Your FS record (cited in "7:12 Serif") is related to 5-pixel glyphs. This is interesting to see how the visual data (the most recognizable glyph elements) is dispatched vertically at each horizontal compression you made. With a narrower (dot) matrix, the designers need to make choices beyond the standard shapes (M and W to begin with), which is a proof of creativity (even of good statistics, if not of mild conventions of degradations, eventually). Since most of our basic Latin characters can fit a 4-px grid of width ('my' project is US-ASCII only, and with this limit of 4x5), then there's a need (as you said) to constrain the mentioned larger glyphs to this reduced width, just because they are fewer. Digital softwares (like any fontstruction) use resources (energy), although we easily overlook this nowadays (esp. on hi-res displays). This is why I prefer a similar example in real life (matter): a loose (physical) packaging is a waste = a loose (digital) matrix, too. (I have tons of examples that describes the need of a more uniform size for our legacy characters. The strict 5x7 designs are just half-way in the related concerns, like economy, ecology, simplicity and absolute/experimental minimalism).

“It would be a heck-ton of work to resize all 13000+ of my characters”: indeed! (enough task for a few generations of Green Stars!) In theory, and I assume with a large x-height, you might be able to compact a few thousands of your current glyphs into 4 dots of width (I cannot say how many right now). Now who would need a less legible design? For the moment, not a lot of people, I guess. (Even though we see litterally thousands of very low-res pixel fonts/trials/sets of chrs budding since ca. 2000… which prooves we all think/hope we can do it.) I think the 'mass' need more time/decades to feel comfortable with these kinds of (special) degradations, or technical/fallback conventions (cf. the more common 3x3 M glyphs). The record (of number of glyphs) was not my idea; I merely stressed the underlying fact that you could be the one on this place, from this -exhausting- precedent.

Well, my searches of minimalism were fortuitous (and rather late in my life, I mean the continuous effort): I fill the gaps (when 'casual' designers cannot, even the most specialized ones/pros as I could note, you'll see). It's the same incentive the greatest FontStruct designers have, IMO (in my case I needn't the features of this tool for my projects, or I'll ask the others to fontstruct my ideas…). In the field of Art, the more we practice, the easier it should look. This is my goal (mastered “épures”), beyond the more simple repetition of patterns (via pixels or not). The related minimalist designs are sometimes more than “nice concepts”: they make us gain space and energy. We can spot a few drawbacks, though: a longer learning curve, a damaged and/or austere look, and a higher fragility… the pros and cons might depend on the context, as always, but my aim is more at the human recognition, than at devising logical stuff for our silicon friends…

Thanks for reading. More lines if needed.

Comment by dpla 23rd january 2018

@dpla Ah, yes, I knew I was forgetting something!  The quotation marks are fixed.

I do enjoy your minimalist perspectives and your fonts are quite inspiring.  I didn't go for a minimalist approach for two main reasons:

1) This was my first FS creation; I started just a few days after I joined the site.  I was still experimenting with the blocks at the time, and I needed an "open" space to work with.

2) I was afraid there would be too many "duplicates".  Especially in the CJK section provided and more Southeast Asian scripts, even 5px was a bit short of a length to work with.  Javanese, for example, looks very compact, and this script, among others, was the main motivation for my renovation.  It would help to smooth things out; I had a plan.

However, that plan was squashed by time and schoolwork.  I might clone this font, as you suggested, and rework some things on the clone.

And yes, I'm aware that my characters are a bit narrow, as stated in 1) I was new to FS and wasn't sure about the width/height ratio I needed.  Thanks for the praise of creativity, though!  :)

Thanks for reading; best of luck on your endeavors!


Comment by Greenstar967 25th january 2018

What do you guys think if I added blocks like [089F] for the unused/reserved Unicode characters?  Good idea or no?

Comment by Greenstar967 26th january 2018

I think you have enough space for them, so, go for it.

Comment by jonrgrover 26th january 2018

Hey man, can i use this font on my game project?, if you need credit send me your real name as you want, or your nickname.

Comment by Emanuel Messias (MiniDarkOF) 30th january 2018

@ediporeiss Of course!  I've messaged you the details.

Comment by Greenstar967 30th january 2018

Once the "blocks" for unused/reserved Unicode characters (plus the lowercase Glagolitic letters and Sundanese virama, which I had forgotten somehow, and a font copyright in U+FFFE) had been added, the font rose up to 14,564 characters.  This is the highest possible value besides spaces (and variation selectors, surrogates, and some commands, which I don't know how to use).

This font is completely finished.  Thank you all for joining me on this testing, tedious, six-month journey.

Of course, as I use the font for myself, I will undoubtedly find mistakes, and I will be back to fix them.  If I missed anything or made any other mistakes that I didn't catch, feel free to message me or leave a comment.

In the meantime, keep FontStructing!

-GS967 :)

Comment by Greenstar967 19th february 2018

You've probably ran out of usable glyphs (not counting the surrogates)

Comment by anonymous-1520403 19th february 2018

Congratulations, Greenstar967!!

Comment by anonymous-1520403 19th february 2018

i found an extra pixel on one of your arabic glyphs...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 19th february 2018

un uni2416, you are missing the Y and N

Comment by anonymous-1520403 19th february 2018

@Se7enty-Se7en Thanks!  I have fixed U+2416; I'm not sure how I missed that.  I'm not sure which Arabic glyph you're talking about, though.  Which one is it?

Comment by Greenstar967 19th february 2018

the one with the extra dot at the far rightly...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 19th february 2018

@Se7enty-Seven U+069F has been fixed.  Thanks for your input and I hope you enjoy this font! :)

Comment by Greenstar967 19th february 2018

Hi Greenstar967, I just wanted to tell you that there are new characters being released in Unicode 11. You can try creating the glyph shapes now, or you can create them when Unicode 11 is released. Unicode 11 will be released on June 12, 2018.

Comment by anonymous-1520403 21st february 2018


I am aware of this.  Until a few moments ago, I was only aware of new emojis being added to U11, and as almost all emojis are in the 1F000~1FFFD range, I thought there was no way I could add them (because FS only allows the BMP to be represented).

When you posted this, I became suspicious of Unicode's intentions (not that they're doing anything wrong) and dove a bit deeper.  I found this link: which discusses U11 and even portions of U12/13.  I will NOT be adding U12/13 until much later because these proposals aren't even semi-finalized and may change.

If U11 is to be released on 12 June, I will have it done by the end of JUNE as it doesn't look like there are many characters being added.

All this being said, FS may make changes to add the SMP or CJK characters, but I doubt it.

In short, I will probably wait until June to add U11 for the new characters to be completely finalized.  If you absolutely need U11 characters, let me know and I will make a separate font containing them.


-GS967 :)

Comment by Greenstar967 21st february 2018

Okay, GS967

Comment by anonymous-1520403 21st february 2018

@GS967: Sure, I'll post various unreleased records of minimalism on FS (most of the images and samples are already done; the legibility is the faintest imaginable, though not crypto/stegano [end of off-topic news]), and I love the creative 'competition' in general (even involuntarily). All this makes me state *relief* that I needn't follow your track here, you went too for my availability!-)) (Like a green star in my shorter universe…) I wonder what will be the final glyph count… In the meantime your description still mentions "13,137". Bye!

Comment by dpla 21st february 2018

@dpla Thank you!

I fixed the description and changed capital Latin eng to its African version.  14,564 is the most possible non-spacing characters (not including surrogates, commands, and variation selectors, which I don't know how to use).  Until Unicode 11, I can't add anything else, though, unless you can tell me how surrogates, etc. work.

In the meantime I'll check out your works.

-GS967 :)

Comment by Greenstar967 21st february 2018

The Surrogates wont render by themselves, but with another surrogate in a High-Low order... (They are used to render characters outside of the BMP)

Comment by anonymous-1520403 14th march 2018

@Se7enty-Se7en I assume that means I don't need to do anything, but let me know if I do.

Comment by Greenstar967 15th march 2018

Which means... You also have the ⊲ and ⊳ pointing the wrong way... ⊲ should point left, ⊳ should point right... Try changing the font to unifont...

Take a look at this.

Comment by anonymous-1520403 13th april 2018

@Se7enty-Se7en Fixed.  Thanks for letting me know.

Comment by Greenstar967 15th april 2018

14564 glyphs are too many :)

Comment by LeapinLS 26th april 2018

@LeapinLS Thanks, man!  :)

Comment by Greenstar967 27th april 2018

@Se7enty-Se7en In doing a bit of preparation for Unicode 11.0 I found this: and this: .  Though I previously thought U11 was to be released on 12 June, it seems I was a week off (or maybe UTC moved the release up).

I just wanted to let you know that because of this, I will incorporate U11 into this font sooner than expected.  There are only 117 new characters being added into the BMP, and as FS currently does not allow encoding of most CJK characters and does not have the new "Georgian Extended" block (which is being added in U11), I can only add 66 of these to GS Unicode.

Seeing as I could probably do 66 pixelated characters in about an hour, I'll have it done by 13 June or 14 June, depending on when I get back from my trip abroad.


Comment by Greenstar967 7th may 2018

@Se7enty-Se7en and anyone else who might be interested

This font is now updated to include all FS-allowed U11 characters.

Enjoy - I'll be back in March 2019 when U12 comes out!


Comment by Greenstar967 16th june 2018

I am stunned. You have my respect.

Comment by Maxi (Maxi_K) 22nd december 2018

yo U12 is out

Comment by L-7 24th may 2019

@g_Maxi_p Thank you very much! I'm sorry I didn't see your comment before; I must've missed it.

@L-7 Ah of course, thank you for reminding me.  With all my schoolwork and stuff I must've forgotten.  I'll get on it as soon as I can!

Comment by Greenstar967 26th may 2019

There's also ways to add any character in the Basic Multilingual Plane that was discovered a few months ago... Try using Google Chrome to override the editor script, which is found in>js->fontstructor->fontstructor.js?v=...

Inside the client-side script, search for "Basic Latin" and you'll find an array of all the unicode ranges called T.blocks, which you can change in the override!! (Fontstruct's server-side script doesn't want to save anything above the Basic Multilingual Plane, so it only works there for now. But that still means it's possible to add a HUGE amount of Korean and CJK.) Good luck making a really huge font!!!

Comment by Khalfani 26th may 2019

It will take a while to load the 20,000 block big CJK section in the bottom bar though. What I did for Unicode sections over 512 characters, was to divide it into sections.

Comment by Khalfani 26th may 2019

oops i mean sub-sections

Comment by Khalfani 26th may 2019

actually this seems very familiar i definitely said this before. probably is messages. i'm sorry if this is redundant but still good luck!!

Comment by Khalfani 26th may 2019

@Khalfani I'm pretty sure you did.  My first priority is finishing the U12 glyphs, then I'll do all the CJK characters I suppose.  Wish me luck!

Edit: Ah wait you already did haha

Comment by Greenstar967 26th may 2019

Alright, everyone, the font is updated to U12.1 so that

1 Telugu character,

15 Lao characters,

1 Vedic extension,

2 miscellaneous symbols,

1 punctuation,

11 extended Latin characters,

and that Reiwa character for 12.1 were added.

I'm sorry I made you guys wait this long, and I'll start working on encoding the "lost characters" as soon as I can.

Until U13,


Comment by Greenstar967 26th may 2019

@Khalfani Although, now that I think of it, I believe I heard somewhere that FS once allowed users to glyph the Cypriot syllabary beyond the BMP at U+10800.  Do you know if there is any truth to this?

Comment by Greenstar967 26th may 2019

Also, once I incorporate said characters, my Unstructed series will become obsolete except in the Astral Planes.  I'll keep what I so far have available because I don't like deleting things at all, much less things that are at least semi-useful.

Comment by Greenstar967 26th may 2019

This is probably the largest font in the entire FontStruct database.

Comment by Myname5749 (Mark sensen) 5th september 2019

Unicode 13.0 is out!  And with that, I've come back to the font after a long while to update it yet again.  I've also updated a few characters that needed to be fixed.

Let me know of any problems, and I'll fix them as soon as I can!


Comment by Greenstar967 13th march 2020

Ahaha a lot of dedication and free time over the course of a few months.  Thanks!

Comment by Greenstar967 15th march 2020

Oh, I did all I could with the blocks I had.  FS allows all code points within select blocks, so I filled in those.

Comment by Greenstar967 15th march 2020

How'd you do cjk characters? im making a font myself and cant find them anywhere uu""

Comment by TKsoft 7th april 2020

I didn't use any CJK characters in the major blocks like 4E00; if you're talking about the few I used I think you might want to turn on expert mode in the editor.

Comment by Greenstar967 11th april 2020

me: works on unicode pixel typeface

also me: finds this after about 700 characters


Comment by w7n 21st january 2021

Dude, I thought I made a lot of glyphs, but this has like 14500 more glyphs! How did you even have the patience to make this?

Comment by oscarblox 4th february 2021

It's more like boredom than patience I think honestly, though I wish I was bored now lol

Comment by Greenstar967 9th may 2021

I'm catching up to you! Pixel Sans has 8867 glyphs and counting; I intend to add even more that are not yet in Unicode in the PUA. It's not monospace (unlike 5x7 Type 2, my last attempt) and some glyphs go way above or below the lines (oh, and it has godawfully large line spacing because of that), but I'm still working on it!

Comment by erictom333 15th may 2021

Good luck!

Comment by Greenstar967 15th june 2021

Well it looks like FS has added a whole bunch of new glyphs, including (most? all?) CJK ones....I'll see what I'm able to do about that

Comment by Greenstar967 16th july 2021

For those who don't know: it's unlikely that I'll be working on this font for now.  I guess you could call this a soft hiatus, with the only updates being error fixing and (maybe) future Unicode versions.

However, I'll be working on GS Unicode 2.0, a non-pixelated version of this font with better glyph dimensions (and hopefully, if possible, every single Unicode character since FS allows that now).

This font will be split into individual planes, so as to not surpass the technical limit of .ttf fonts.

The Plane 0 font can be found here: and links to each other plane will be in that font's description (as I make them).

Thank you all!

Comment by Greenstar967 3rd september 2021

Probably should add a hyperlink to GSU2 to make it easier for anyone interested

Comment by Greenstar967 31st january 2022

It's amazing you took the time and effort of making over 14,000 characters and taking so much time out of your life to make this. I respect you and this font.

Comment by Rwohare But not really (headgear) 11th september 2022

Thank you!

Comment by Greenstar967 12th september 2022

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