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This Typeface was adapted by the shape of duck. In the end of the stroke there is an arch that symbolizes as ducks' tail. In letter B you can see the shape a duck clearly, the upper bowl describe the duck's head and the lower bowl describe the duck's body. 

Info: Created on 24th March 2016 . Last edited on 3rd May 2016.
License Creative Commons
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Fontnya keren, italic nya bikin font terlihat dinamis. untuk huruf kecil nya mungkin bisa lebih diperhatikan lagi tebal tipisnya biar konsistensi nya keliatan :D Keep up the good work!

Comment by pieterenaldi 30th March 2016

Bagus banget ! hurufnya lucu dan kayak bebek !

Comment by levinafang 30th March 2016

finally done !! congrats Feli. I think this typeface is UNIQUE MAX FIX !

Comment by christiandenny10 30th March 2016

buat masalah huruf kecil nya tebal tipis nya masih ada yang berbeda

Comment by christiandenny10 30th March 2016

fontnya keren !!! bentuknya lucu kayak bebek dan mirip kultur jawa juga

Comment by raymond15032 30th March 2016

huruf i kecilnya tebalnya tidak sama dengan yang lain ..

tapi tetep keren :D

Comment by dewi mega 30th March 2016

well done! but this typeface is definitely going to look even better if all the letters are consistent :)

Comment by verafaustina 30th March 2016

Mantab abies gan fontnya. Ajarin adek dong

Comment by natalia devara 30th March 2016

Simple and nice concept. Capital letters like 'B' 'P' and 'R' should have (more or less) same bowl. Other than that, everything is pretty neat.

Comment by cherlita 30th March 2016

Lucuu.. cuman huruf f kecilnya kok terkesan kayak huruf besar

Comment by Celia Ivana (celiabenboy) 30th March 2016

sudah bagus, sudah terlihat seperti bebek, keren,  tapi untuk huruf kecilnya mungkin harus dikoreksi lagi untuk tebal tipisnya, untuk huruf kecil f, l dan u terlihat seperti huruf kapital

Comment by tifannysaverinap 30th March 2016

keren isa miring-miring kyk bebek wkwkwk

Comment by Ivana H W 1st April 2016

Indah :"" tapi huruf H kapitalnya agak aneh kayak K. Tapi unikkk good!!

Comment by theresiamarseli 2nd April 2016

Bagus kerennnn, apalagi huruf A dan C nya keliatan kuerennn

Comment by Arini dina yasmin (arinidina_15080) 2nd April 2016

Wah kreatif skali membuat font sperti ini!! Keep up the good work!!

Comment by teresastephani 2nd April 2016

baguss! ssuai konsep. tp  sekilas ada bbrp huruf yg tebelnya kurang konsistenn

Comment by ivanajayadii 2nd April 2016

Keliatan banget bebeknya :) Bagus.

Comment by Nadya Ferina (Redcapecat) 4th April 2016

Lucu banget hurufnya, keren 

Comment by agathaangelicaa 4th April 2016

konsistensinya bagus pol fes!

Comment by ameliarahmannn 5th April 2016

i don't quite like the "R" and "S"

Comment by secondxart 6th April 2016

Interesting fonts, similar with duck

Comment by Josev_Kuroneko 7th April 2016

oh my, it seems pretty flawless to me. nice concept and pretty unique ! keep up !

Comment by albertzerou 7th April 2016

nice font! goodjob

Comment by Anita Sylvia 7th April 2016


Comment by Felix10 7th April 2016

lucu kayak bebek fontnya :)

Comment by feliciaamanda 7th April 2016

nice & it would be perfect if the 'i' is thinner :)

Comment by kristina82 7th April 2016

unique font :)

Comment by bellacornelia07 7th April 2016

mukegileee kerennnn konsisten pol! italicnya keren. bebek abis

Comment by vaniaseputra 7th April 2016

huruf H nya agak aneh, konsistensi juga masih kurang, but it's nice font! :D

Comment by nikitaolivia 7th April 2016

i can feel the atmosphere of duck

Comment by Hestiatrina9 7th April 2016

wiii kesan 'bebek' nya dapet banget

Comment by 42415062_MichelleVania 7th April 2016

unik typefacenya

bisa miring2

niceee kak

Comment by albertsuryaaa 7th April 2016


Comment by marcia42415176 7th April 2016

Cool and unique. Great work

Comment by naomnaomi 7th April 2016

'R' , 'K' , 'S' nya diperbaiki lagi yee :3 S nya mending dibuat miring juga aja..

Comment by deandra15093 8th April 2016

fontnya bagus.. tapi antara huruf "o", "p" dan "r" besarnya tidak sama :)

Comment by ameliajesica 8th April 2016

keren tapi huruf kecilnya kurang proporsional

Comment by kevinrich 8th April 2016

font yang memiliki bentuk yang cukup unik, penambahan ekor menyerupai bebek di setiap huruf sangat bagus, good job :)

Comment by haohao19 8th April 2016

wiiihhh keren pollllll :) cuma f.nya yang lowercase jadi kelihatan kayak uppercase.. cuma overall dah bagussss :) welldoneeeee

Comment by Jojo_15020 8th April 2016

wiiihhh keren pollllll :) cuma f.nya yang lowercase jadi kelihatan kayak uppercase.. cuma overall dah bagussss :) welldoneeeee

Comment by Jojo_15020 8th April 2016

ini dibuat kesan script atau italic? bagus bagussss

Comment by repratantra 8th April 2016

dibikin italic ya? ada kesan script nya juga. bagus kok

Comment by lyciaellyzabeth 9th April 2016

nice! looks like you use soooo many times to make this. I think it'll be better if the bowls of the uppercase have the same shape

Comment by regina15143 9th April 2016

great consistency ! :) 

but u need to fix some of the thickness

good job

Comment by Kevin Christopher (kevinchr_) 10th April 2016

cool concept!

Comment by tania_15065 10th April 2016

kemiringan hurufnya bener-bener keren fes <3 ujung a kecil nya kerasa agak ngganjel tapi font keseluruhanya buagus :D keren!

Comment by Theresia Monica (ailatan) 11th April 2016

good job!

Comment by m42415096_felita 11th April 2016

Good Font ! secara keseluruhan sudah overall dan konsisten keep it up !!

Comment by vinsen15174 11th April 2016


Comment by Karensuherman 12th April 2016

great interpretation of duck's shape on letters! I'd suggest consistency on 'A' and 'K', make it the same way you did 'R'. Then distinguish 'F' and 'f' further because it looks similar from afar.

keep up the good work~

Comment by RanaiD 12th April 2016

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