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A typeface inspired from Indonesian food called "gado-gado"(salad with peanut sauce). Its texture is soft because of peanut sauce. Rice cakes and potatoes add some blocks texture. So, i made this blocky and soft typeface.


nice typeface ;)

Comment by _golda 31st march 2016

keren bro !

Comment by vinsen15174 31st march 2016

mungkin huruf "J" sama "X" nya ada yang aneh(?)

lainnya bagus kok!

Comment by Winny Melina 5th april 2016

Cool font! Probably you should fix the 'X' arm anatomy to make it perfect.

Comment by cherlita 7th april 2016


Comment by ivana tammy 7th april 2016

Wenaks... fontnya keren buat gado-gao lover... nice work

Comment by Bryan Tj 7th april 2016

huruf J sma X nya aneh.. tapi designnya sudah mantap!

Comment by jeremyadriansutanto 7th april 2016

nice job 

Comment by ameliajesica 8th april 2016

Nice workk :)

Comment by feliciaamanda 8th april 2016

great font bro ! :)

Comment by Kevin Christopher (kevinchr_) 8th april 2016

bagus pol wkwkwk konsisten ketebalan nya. cool !

Comment by levinafang 8th april 2016

suangar iki vid! cuma e X e agk yapa gitu.. but overall so good broh! wkwkwj

Comment by jevon15010 8th april 2016


Comment by jennmariana 8th april 2016

Looks so Neat ang Great!

Comment by marcia42415176 8th april 2016

boldnya dan sudah konsisten, goodjob

Comment by Ivana H W 8th april 2016


Comment by cornelli15026 8th april 2016

Rapi sm konsisten vid. Apik 

Comment by marvelferdinand 8th april 2016

"X" nya ada yang aneh(?) overall bagus vid!

Comment by Winny Melina 8th april 2016

sangar boss

Comment by William Jevon I 8th april 2016

huruf x mungkin bsa diperbaiki supaya terliha lebih konsisten, tapi semuanya sudah bagus. nice concept!

Comment by Anita Sylvia 8th april 2016

Huruf x nya agak susah dibaca tapi keseluruhan e wes bagus. nicee work!

Comment by natalia devara 8th april 2016

awesome! tapi J nya agak aneh

Comment by Karensuherman 8th april 2016

fontnya unikk! tapi prlu diperbaiki sedikit konsistensinya beberapa huruf juga terlihat awkward seperti N dan X

Comment by theresiamarseli 8th april 2016

it is nice, but can u fix the "x" or is it really that way? i can be easily mistaken the "O" and "D" maybe because of the sharp end on the top right..

Comment by secondxart 8th april 2016

bagus, tapi X nya perlu diperhatikan lagi

Comment by tifannysaverinap 8th april 2016


Comment by ivana tammy 8th april 2016

bagus fontnya !

Comment by Florencia Irena Yuwono (pororo1997) 9th april 2016

kerennn vidd!!

Comment by Felianaagustin 9th april 2016

apiiik vid

Comment by repratantra 9th april 2016

keren pol 

Comment by febrina2397 9th april 2016

very nice! so bold and brave

Comment by steven_15167 9th april 2016

Sdh bagus vid. Sdh konsiten tebel2 nya 

Comment by ameliarahmannn 9th april 2016


Comment by lyciaellyzabeth 9th april 2016

Nice font ! Keep going 

Comment by agathaangelicaa 9th april 2016

unik dan bagus, mungkin perlu perbaikan sedikit dengan huruf X karena terlihat agak aneh. overall sudah bagus GOOD JOB

Comment by FeliciaSujarwo 9th april 2016

so cute! I like it~

Comment by regina15143 9th april 2016

baguss ! tebel tipisnya jg sudah konsistenn. good work!

Comment by ivanajayadii 10th april 2016

Nice font, tapi huruf X nya yg bagian kiri atas kesannya terlalu kecil kurang seimbang dgn bagian lainnya. Overall good job!

Comment by yunitasalim 10th april 2016

Nice font, tapi huruf X nya yg bagian kiri atas kesannya terlalu kecil kurang seimbang dgn bagian lainnya. Overall good job!

Comment by yunitasalim 10th april 2016

Konsisten dan simpel tapi, agak kurang menyesuaikan tema

Comment by Alvin Febrian 163 11th april 2016

bagus! mungkin tinggal menyempurnakan huruf j nya

Comment by Judith_Novia 12th april 2016

eh kueren viddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so gendut ya seperti kentang rebus gado2. tidak seperti saya yang kurus :)

Comment by vaniaseputra 12th april 2016

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