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A recreation of the Super Mario Maker font. I've made it as accurate as possible. The only characters I didn't find good references for were J, and some punctuation. UPDATES: Sep 10, 2015: I released an "Extended" version of this font that includes lowercase characters and accents, but I'll keep this one for the genuine all-caps feel. Sep 13, 2015: Accented characters have been added to this version as well. I've also been made aware that the '7' has changed between the promotional material and the actual game. I've updated the actual '7' to reflect the in-game character as it is more legible. The '7' in the promotional art is now taking the place of the Dagger (†), because honestly, who uses that? In all seriousness, if anyone can suggest a better home for it, I'm all ears. Sep 17, 2015: Found a reference for the letter 'J' and updated accordingly.


I actually found this website specifically to try to make this font only to see you already did, and it looks great! My only recommendation is that I think the c and g should be one block wider: I cloned this and tested that, and I feel it looked better.
Comment by Squadaloo 31st august 2015
Squadaloo, I'd like to know what image you used as reference then.
I used the one seen here.
The 'C' matches perfectly, but again, I can't find a reference for 'G'.
Thanks for the advice though.
I updated the spacing of the font and now it more closely matches my reference image.
Comment by Dale Thiessen (Gnarizard) 8th september 2015
Hey guys, I made newer, better version of the font!
It features lowercase and accented characters!
Comment by Dale Thiessen (Gnarizard) 11th september 2015
This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing this!
Comment by knightofchicago 12th september 2015
Awesome! Just came here to do the same thing actually! Great job! :)
Comment by Phil Strahl (philstrahl) 18th september 2015
can I please use it to write my name in an image for a gameplay video?
Comment by kd1991 18th september 2015
Awesome job on this! Nicely done.
Comment by gingerbeardman 20th september 2015
no cyrillics :(
Comment by aolko 25th september 2015
I didn't honestly think there would be any demand for anything beyond Latin, and I'm currently unaware of any Super Mario Maker promo material that uses Cyrillic characters, but I guess I could try to tackle it in the 'Extended' version of my font. :)
Comment by Dale Thiessen (Gnarizard) 15th october 2015

As you may have noticed, this doesn't look quite right.
Long story short; something bad happened.
I'm not sure if it was a bug in the editor, or something on my end, but this font is practically ruined now.
If this upsets you, imagine how much it upsets me.
Thankfully I wasn't editing the 'Extended' version.
Please use that instead.
I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you for your understanding.

Comment by Dale Thiessen (Gnarizard) 12th november 2015

I stayed up a good portion of the night trying to fix the catastrophic meltdown that occurred.
In the meantime, I had cloned and edited the 'Extended' version of the font in order to be used as a replacement for this one, which I will leave available for a time in case something bad happens again, although I fully intend to bring this version of the font up to par with the copy by adding accents.

Comment by Dale Thiessen (Gnarizard) 12th november 2015

How do I go about getting a license to use this for commercial use?

Comment by Ajanimemisc 2nd january 2017

Thank you for this, I'm going to use this for the /r/ Mario Maker 2 Discord Server. I shall be sure to credit you.

Comment by neocereus 7th july 2019

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