Super Mario Maker Extended

by Dale Thiessen (Gnarizard)

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A recreation of the Super Mario Maker font. Now with lowercase characters and accents! UPDATES: Sep 13, 2015: I've also been made aware that the '7' has changed between the promotional material and the actual game. I've updated the actual '7' to reflect the in-game character as it is more legible. The '7' in the promotional art is now taking the place of the Dagger (†), because honestly, who uses that? In all seriousness, if anyone can suggest a better home for it, I'm all ears. Sep 17, 2015: Found a reference for the letter 'J' and updated accordingly. Nov 12, 2015: Several glyphs have been updated! Notable changes include the ugly old '*' being changed into a star, and the '†' being changed into a crown, as well as several minor tweaks here and there.


can I please use it to write my name in an image for a gameplay video?
Comment by kd1991 18th september 2015
The zero was changed too, Now it's width is one block back.

Comment by Jack West 22nd september 2015
Oops, Image didn't show right:
Comment by Jack West 22nd september 2015
Dang it, again!
Comment by Jack West 22nd september 2015
You mean it's one block thinner?
If so, that's an easy fix. :)
Comment by Dale Thiessen (Gnarizard) 13th october 2015
could I download this and use it for an image to post online? I'd credit you
Comment by bagbe 26th october 2015
If I understand the licensing options correctly, then yes, you can use this for whatever you want.
Comment by Dale Thiessen (Gnarizard) 31st october 2015

Note however, your Cyrillyc is totally wrong. On the BACK on the disc case there is some russian text

Comment by PeterSvP 20th november 2015

PeterSvP: I never finished my implementation of Cyrillic characters in the font, sorry. This is partly due to the fact that I have no references for those characters. My copy only has English and French (and maybe Spanish) on the back. If you or anyone else can provide me with reference images of other characters in the font, I will gladly implement them if possible.

Comment by Dale Thiessen (Gnarizard) 23rd december 2015

k nob fite me on rust

Comment by theRobotager 25th march 2016

There's some huge space right after the @ symbol.

Comment by Meulin 31st may 2016

Whoops! You're right!
I wonder how I ended up doing that.
Regardless, it is now fixed! :D

Comment by Dale Thiessen (Gnarizard) 13th june 2016

Some of your Japanese characters are wrong, compared to the ones on the official Japan logo:

Comment by manaphy490 6th october 2016

Some of your Japanese characters are wrong, compared to the ones on the Japanese logo.

Comment by manaphy490 6th october 2016

I used your font for my YT video. Thanks for making it available. Have credited you in the video description with the CCA liscence catogerisation.

Check it out @

Comment by TheNawab 4th may 2017

Amazing job on the font.. Kudos to you Gnarizard.

Comment by Mark Collins (DCollins) 3rd october 2017

Hey dude you need to update the lowercase.

In the new SMM2 direct (specifically the UK one) the Mario Maker font now has lowercase (although it's slightly out of place)

Comment by SonicFontsHD 17th may 2019

funny how both 7s are actually in the game

also that 6 was never in SMM1 

Comment by TOTers 25th december 2021

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