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Good evening and welcome to the Steeplechase, Fonstruct's premier jazz club. Be-bop on over to the bar and order your favorite libation. The show is about to start.


Comment by afrojet 4th september 2008
The inspiration for this font came from these panels at the playground I take my kid to.
Comment by afrojet 4th september 2008
Really nicely done, afrojet. I especially enjoy seeing your inspiration. It's the ideal format for a FontStruction.
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 4th september 2008
Isn't it though. Being under the spell of Fonstruct makes you see the world a bit differently sometimes. When I looked at that playground panel, I immediately saw the word 'zis'. Which isn't really a word but a beginning. I snapped it on my camera phone. Went home and drew the panel's cutouts verbatim using Fontstruct - things quite naturally fell into place after that.
Comment by afrojet 4th september 2008
Jazzy sweet! Each new creation of yours is distinctively on purpose and on point. I can almost hear the music in the background from the sample image.
Comment by geneus1 4th september 2008
Wow, Saul Bellow.
Comment by intaglio 4th september 2008
I always get my basses and bellows mixed up. Oh well.
Comment by intaglio 5th september 2008
The sample image is just great! It shows very well how much expressiveness the font has.
And thanks for sharing the inspiration as well!

@intaglio: I got whom you were referring to, even without noting the mistake at all. :)
Comment by Em42 5th september 2008
brilliant sighting!
very sweet and cheesy execution!
simply great!
good decision to set the heigth of the cabs that way. tight!

i peed myself!
Comment by kix 5th september 2008
As subtle as your inspiration is; as cool as the resulting font is; it is, without a doubt, your ability as a designer that surpasses them both. Good font, excellent usual! You are quickly becoming one of my design heroes. Any chance to see some of your other work...somewhere?
Comment by thalamic 6th september 2008
Thanks folks for the encouraging words.

@Kix: You really need to see a doctor about your bladders explosive predilection for fonts.

@Intaglio: I tried to incorporate some of Saul Bellow's Trotskyist leanings into Steeplechase. So you're perception is correct no matter what Saul you lead with.

@Thalamic: I'm blushing! Stop...No go on...No stop, really. Sadly, I'm about as bad a case of 'the cobblers children have no shoes' as there can be. But if I ever get around to putting an online portfolio together I'll let you know.
Comment by afrojet 8th september 2008
Wow! excellent work...I can really hear the rythm over this sincopated jazzy font...
Comment by Axel Leyer 11th september 2008
The new sample preview highlights how awesome some fonts really are. For instance, this one.
Comment by thalamic 26th march 2009
This is one of the nicest fonts I've ever seen, very, very, very, very, very, very nice!
Comment by B-e-n-O-F-o-n-t 11th august 2009
Looks like they used your idea and then tweaked it. Or mayhaps, you did it for them?
Comment by thalamic 28th august 2009
Ha. Nope. I got nothing to do with that. It looks like a real typeface to me.
Comment by afrojet 28th august 2009

this looks familiar...

Comment by erikkoev 21st november 2021

this kinda looks like the aseprite logo

Comment by Kaia (notkaia_pmc) 22nd november 2021


This font shows me that I don't have to use 50 million compisites just to make a simple but effective font!

Comment by Better Handwriting 4th january 2023

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