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A simple FontStruction with cut off upper left and lower right corners creating a pseudo-calligraphic look.


Comment by Quinn Siebers (packerfan21396) 14th october 2017

Can you add dots to lc i and j?

Comment by anonymous-1466233 14th october 2017

@Xbox No, because that's not how I wanted MY font to look.  This entire site is devoted to indiviualism and not based on your standards of what a font is.  Please stop telling designers such as myself how to make their own creations and try constructing reasonable criticism instead of pointless nitpicking.

Comment by Quinn Siebers (packerfan21396) 14th october 2017

I wonder about how Turkish ı and i would be distinguished. In that font these charactes look the same. Overall, this font is very nice. 9/10

Comment by ArrowUP 14th october 2017

ı and i will be obvious/legible through context even if both stand side by side. Germans are able to 'see' ß where foreigners write B in text, and French know their language well enough to 'see' é and è when foreigners write 'e'.

Comment by nightpegasus 14th october 2017

plz add dots on i  and j can't write Turkish

Comment by Echo Heo (bluemon) 14th october 2017

Having said that:this is a great font and a clever technique to get that hand drawn broad-nib lettering style. It shows understanding of that type of calligraphy. 10/10

Comment by nightpegasus 14th october 2017

Like this though i and ı are the same...

Comment by anonymous-1466233 14th october 2017

As with most of my other fonts, I chose to go without a tittle on the i.  Would that make it hard to distinguish between i and ı?  Maybe.  However, I'm on @night's bandwagon in that you'd know via context what glyph is implied.  As a designer that isn't a Turk, I appreciate all you guys rushing to bring light to the issue.  However, the whole reason behind choosing not to add a tittle was because my ascenders are 2 blocks high and descenders are 3 blocks low and I'm using 2x2 filters, so a tittle wouldn't be able to be separate from the x-height i without ascending higher than the rest of the ascenders.

@Arrow & @night Thank you for writing an actual criticism with an explanation rather than taking the @blue and @Xbox route and just commenting "change this," "add this," or "do this."

@night Also, thank you for tying it into calligraphy.  As an amatuer calligrapher myself, I was trying to make this font semi-realistic to write and I'm so glad you could see that.

Comment by Quinn Siebers (packerfan21396) 14th october 2017

A modern blackletter style that deserves to be in my favs. I hadn't realised you worked on such a tight grid, now your font is even more impressive.

Comment by Aeolien 14th october 2017

@Aeolien Thanks so much for the kind words :)

Comment by Quinn Siebers (packerfan21396) 15th october 2017

Have you tried using the same dots on c, g, et. on lc i?

The dots are at the same height as macron, acute, etc.

Comment by anonymous-1466233 15th october 2017

@Xbox I have tried that, but I have not found anything that I've liked or would fit well, including your suggestion.

Comment by Quinn Siebers (packerfan21396) 15th october 2017

Such a number of characters! The Letter И and Й must be turned over. The letter б add a stroke at the top right. The rest of the font is cool

Comment by Dmitriy Sychiov (Sychoff) 26th october 2019

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