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A futuresque extra-bold font built around a dodecagonal shape. See the font in use here.


From the author's blog:
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 28th july 2008
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 28th july 2008
By the way, this is the blog link:
Comment by Em42 29th july 2008
I love the use of the simple modular geometry in a legible sans. Very clever.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 29th july 2008
just cool...
you guys are truly in love with letters.
just cool...
Comment by kix 29th july 2008
@ meek: thanks a lot! I'm honored to receive a comment from you.

@ kix: thanks! From what I can see you share the same love. :)

Since yesterday the downloadable font has smoother diagonals than the ones you can see in the big O above, as the developers fixed a small bug.
Thanks again Rob!
Comment by Em42 30th july 2008
I really like your approach on this one, Em. It doesn't deny its modularity, it revels in it.
This one was hard to find. It's like a ninja font - it seems to be eluding the font preview on me, but the images on the comments are really nice. Looks like the "Top Pick" is hiding out also, but it might just be my computer acting up again.
Comment by geneus1 31st july 2008
The lack of Top Pickness was admin error. It has been corrected.
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 31st july 2008
@ geneus1: thanks!
The ninja behaviour is due to the large grid size I had to use to make the dodecagon visible also in the counters.
And you are perfectly right: I was not satisfied by the bezier technique used with great mastery by williaum and kix, so I decided to emphasize the lack of roundness.

@ Stewf: thanks for the Top Pick mark! :)

@ williaum: thanks, you are too kind!
I'm really curious about the different weights of the Vandal Gothic family.
I was going to fontstruct a light version of Doodeka, but the kerning became a real issue, and for the moment it remains in standby.
Comment by Em42 1st august 2008
I really enjoy how you stuck to 12 sides, and didn't add another 4 with the 45 degree angle blocks. I'm surprise at how few new fontstructions are taking advantage of the half-angled blocks and making some circles, or at least dodecagons. Hopefully this font can stand as a prime example of how good full circles can look!
Comment by nemoorange 3rd august 2008
beautiful :)
Comment by f_puschmann 1st september 2008
@nemoorange: glad you like it. As I said above I preferred to limit the circle to twelve sides, because I thought that using sixteen sides made the shape neither a polygon nor a circle.

@f_puschmann: thanks a lot!
Comment by Em42 1st september 2008
Really, really great...good concept for a nice result. :)
Comment by Axel Leyer 3rd october 2008
u're master !
Comment by aktywista 22nd october 2008
@Axel and Actywista: I'm honored you both like this font!
Comment by Em42 23rd october 2008
I love how you've embraced the modularity! (That's a word, right?)
Comment by Stelios Constantinides (sconstantinides) 8th march 2009
Thanks Emepar, I think it is the right word. :)

(BTW, looking back at this font I fixed the space width that was not available in July 08...)
Comment by Em42 9th march 2009
Comment by Em42 15th april 2009

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