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A pixel version of Tahoma. Every letter is exactly the same as the Tahoma equivalent in 8pt.


What is the point of this font? Sure, it's obviously been meticulously copied, but really, what can this do. It's not original, Tahoma comes with Windows for free, and can even be freely downloaded from Ubuntu repositories (although Ascender sells it too, derp). Not trying to be mean, but please hide this.
Comment by Houlaiziaa 19th november 2012
While this certainly isn't pushing the bounds of creativity, the 1,460 characters shows a high level of dedication. :)

The creator of this appears to be a young fontstructor. Copying a font is a great way to learn the ins and outs of creating your own. Discovering what works, what doesn't, etc.

Keep working...
Comment by aphoria 19th november 2012
@Umbreon126 // Wait…can't ETHproductions do whatever they want? I'm guessing that this wasn't meant to be used in place of Tahoma, and that it was just an exercise in patience and technique. What's more, I am extremely curious as to why it would matter to you if they hid it or not. It's not harming anyone…

Comment by demonics 19th november 2012
It's a great work to me. 10/10.
Comment by elmoyenique 19th november 2012
Thank you for your encouragement, aphoria, demonics, and elmoyenique. I just started fontstructing less than a month ago. I’m really interested in pixel fonts, and copying is good practice for beginners at almost anything, so I decided to try it here. Hopefully I’ll be able to create my own pixel fonts soon.
Comment by ETHproductions 19th november 2012

Can you make a font called "fsTrebuchet10pt"?

Comment by InsidersGameplay 3rd august 2019

Any bold?

Comment by InsidersGameplay 28th august 2019

This is so cool! 11/10! I like what you did there!

Comment by James Holmes (HolmesType03) 16th september 2020

I love this! It has such a different feel from full-pixel Tahoma.
I feel good looking at this font :)

Comment by Fracktail 8th july 2021

This is actually incredibly helpful. I'm trying to recreate Windows XP in a browser to the best of my ability (i wanted a cool homepage), and the default icon font is a non anti-aliased version of Tahoma. Unfortunately, you can't disable anti-aliasing very easily in browsers, but this looks practically identical to the original font. Thank you so much!

Comment by TBUk 1st january 2023

Thanks for posting this, now i can use it for my video editing lol

Comment by FlynMaker7 Tue, 14th november

The font for the Windows 2000 startup bar text:

Comment by LogoMan404MGD Wed, 15th november

Not only the startup screen but the font is broadly used in the operating system. (replying to the person above)

Comment by FlynMaker7 Mon, 4th december

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