Barney Stencil

by architaraz

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2nd entry, still in progress. Enjoy!
Info: Created on 23rd September 2012 . Last edited on 29th October 2012.
License Creative Commons
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Comment by architaraz 8th October 2012
Were you somehow inspired by my dm Minium?

Either way, great job, and I'm looking forward to the complete set! 10/10!
Comment by demonics 8th October 2012
Thanks, demonics :)
I don't see much resemblance with dm Minium, and I created this 2 days before yours. But I must say, this is the first time I'm using that kind of z.
Don't worry, if I'm inspired by somebody's work, I usually note it in the comments, like I did with Pearls of Margar, Extra Fontestrial etc...
Comment by architaraz 8th October 2012
Very organic look. I think the t should be a bit rounder and the S could be improved, but overall very nice shapes and I love the e and z. I really want to know the size of the grid on which this is made!
Comment by 3moDuDe 8th October 2012
Thanks, 3moDuDe, I'll think of those suggestions.
Here's the grid:
Comment by architaraz 8th October 2012
No, no, it's fine! I wasn't worried about it; I just noticed similarities. :-)
Comment by demonics 8th October 2012
I meant that the overall styles are the same on both fonts.
Comment by demonics 8th October 2012
Lovely! I really can't find anything wrong with this! It is amazing! Great job, you have really set the bar high for the StencilComp! ;)

Comment by mpdr 8th October 2012
:P Sorry by "anything wrong with this" I meant there are no flaws! Sorry if that sounded rude.

Comment by mpdr 8th October 2012
This is very clever. Great concept.
Comment by djnippa 8th October 2012
f may look better as a reverse z, and moved up to the baseline.
Comment by djnippa 8th October 2012
10/10. The B and R appear to have islands unless zoomed in all the way, which might be problematic.
Love the g, s, and z! Brilliant :)
by the way, I notice in your tags you have Barney Stinson and Himym. Who's/What's that?
Comment by Umbreon126 9th October 2012
Great start!
Comment by four 9th October 2012
Thanks! Barney Stinson is a fictional character from sitcom "How I Met Your Mother". I've seen some episodes, and noticed how funny he is :).
Changed the B,R.

Thanks! 2 days left, and I just hope I'll be able to finish this.
Comment by architaraz 10th October 2012
Well worth finishing - c'mon, you can do it :) 10/10 for what is already there.
Comment by p2pnut 10th October 2012
Great font. Don't worry about time and challenges. Com'on!
Comment by elmoyenique 12th October 2012
Comment by architaraz 13th October 2012
I like it.
Comment by elmoyenique 13th October 2012
The 'f' looks a lot better, but I'm not sure if it works so well, below the line. Have you tried it on the line, or making it longer if you still want it below the line?e
I personally think the 'f' on the line is the best version.
Comment by djnippa 26th October 2012
Thanks, djnippa, I've moved it up to the line. But the longened f actually looks cool, reminiscent of NAL's works, I'll think about it.
Comment by architaraz 29th October 2012
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Barney Stencil” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 31st October 2012

Las Felipinas Guereirro 

Comment by MISTERYOSO HUDAS Wed, 14th October

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