by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ)
Cloned from slubgob by intaglio.

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Clone of slubgob.

I saw some stringy potential dyed in the wool of intaglio’s original and tried to draw it out. First I added one brick to the x-height; second I added little connecting, er, nubs for a very tightly spaced continuous script. From there, I was basically done, but then had very little restraint and took it to this point, which is now sort of a mishmash of styles (let’s just go ahead and rule out all caps settings right here and now ;)

I am hoping one of y’all fontstructors will chime in with the next version that really knits the job up all nice like! Or, barring that, I will try to tighten it up and continue to defer all praise to intaglio.

Edit [12/10/09]: After receiving the blessing of intaglio, I added More Latin and the first half of Extended Latin A. This fontstruction is nearing its final stitches, however I still welcome suggestions and additions. As seen in my samples below, it seems to work well with a rounded outside stroke. Be forewarned: Approximately -10 tracking and some manual kerning are a must to properly render the connected script effect. Enjoy! : )


Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 18th november 2009
This is really beautiful. I like everything you've done with it. Particularly your more thorough exploration of unicase properties in the caps: the cap q is particularly pleasing. Hot damn, it looks like some kind of real font!
Comment by intaglio 18th november 2009
THIS is what makes FontStruct so endlessly fascinating. I adore it. Did you raise the x-height from Subglub a notch?
Comment by afrojet 18th november 2009
This is wonderful. You are wizards, both. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 18th november 2009
@intaglio: So glad you dig it! My modifications are there, but they’re effectively minor. I still feel like this is your baby. Be proud, then, and feel more than entitled to carry it forward.

And I will say this emphatically whilst trying to restrain myself from shouting, ALL (sorry, fail) credit goes to your continuing courage in releasing “Share Alike” fontstructions. Thank you a million times for choosing to care less about the anonymous clowns abusing the clone feature, sadly trying to steal your thunder, and caring more about this most enduringly exciting aspect of fontstruct – sharing techniques openly and seeing them enter the fs lexicon and fser’s visual dialog. Collaboration, my friend, you has it.

@afrojet: hey, another unstoppable creative dynamo who never lets the sometimes unintentionally flattering imitators harsh his buzz :-) Where does your totally apparent artistic confidence and self-esteem come from? Is it the knowledge that your creations are somehow not your own, but the creating of them is? That the process of unflagging diligence given to your work in turn imbues you as a creator with merit and refinement? And that the product belongs, in totality and in all constituent parts, itself to the world (No Commie)?

Btw, thanks for asking about the x-height increase. I failed to mention this (or really any) salient and coherent detail in my own process’s description (x_fallible head slap_x). Remedied above.

@Frodo7: Thank you for the compliments and also for generously recognizing intaglio. He deserves it! To me, your good-willed hobbit nature speaks to a depth of maturity belied by a childlike halfling form. Even as a relative newcomer to the party (showing up right on time, of course), you are not to be underestimated, having made great and lasting marks on our story. I implore you, then, to always remember: even Sméagol’s selfish machinations play a crucial part in all this.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 18th november 2009
This is awesome. Certainly the fontstruction, but more so the constant goodnaturedness of intaglio and your own wit, wisdom and wonder. You've taken something delightful and made it inspired. Thanks for caring and sharing.
Comment by thalamic 18th november 2009
@will.i.ૐ: this is collaboration and I love it. You've made something more of the font than I could on my own, and now it's a killer. It was the same when thalamic and I collaborated on a font: what he brought to it was surprising and delightful.
Comment by intaglio 18th november 2009
I have to agree with everyone else.

The font, the collaboration, the camaraderie, the respect...they are all great things to witness.

Thanks guys.
Comment by aphoria 19th november 2009
Great work intaglio and will.i.ૐ.

I must confess that I had a knee-jerk reaction, when the clone thief was discovered, and changed my licences. It felt wrong at the time and will.i.ૐ's words about tag's generosity in sharing make me think that I should change my licences back. In the meantime, if anyone ever wants to improve any of my meagre offerings, they are welcome to send me a message and I will be pleased to share that font.
Comment by p2pnut 19th november 2009
Luscious oldstyle figs! You're on a roll. I'm fascinated. Keep going!
Comment by intaglio 19th november 2009
Great $ and ampersand! I think we can safely say this has passed into your hands, totally with my blessing; a new creature you can be proud of.
Comment by intaglio 22nd november 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Slubscript” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by gferreira_admin 23rd november 2009
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 3rd december 2009
Hmmmm. I read the above sample ... and ... the sad thing is, I think I know what you mean. :-)
Comment by p2pnut 3rd december 2009
My affection for this Fontstruction grows daily.
Comment by afrojet 3rd december 2009
Great big thanks to everyone who took a moment to appreciate this. I have been lax in responding to your warm comments of late and ask for your forgiveness.

@thalamic: It’s my pleasure and you are very welcome. I still can’t match the awesomeness of your chrome clone of kix’s mostly. I would link to it, but it appears to have been unshared :( Please share it again so I can loudly demand that it be awarded a top pick :)

@aphoria: I may have my very opinionated and complex precepts, but my fondness for collaboration and the endless evolvement of new and unseen excellences is one I happily – and not just selfishly – share.

@p2pnut: Thanks for reconsidering the choice of license that allows or bars cloning. It is very true that any of us can take the initiative and muster the humility required to ask for cloning rights. This could be a smoother process than it currently is, for sure, but it is totally possible.

Part of my point, though, is about all the silent folks who would never ask for the ability to clone. Many, even the most innovative amongst us, inspect fontstructions with the Share Alike license and learn more advanced and innovative techniques without intending to modify or evolve the design. This is actively inhibited by the increasing tendency to disable the clone feature. Funny thing is while this prevents native FontStruct imitators (which have never succeeded in gaining the limelight this way, only a shower of 1 votes) it does little if anything to prevent people from posting .ttf files of fontstructions on other free font sites with or without proper attribution or selling them in cheap font compilations.

So, I don’t know – just more of my opinions. I do take it that FontShop stands proudly by the creative commons rights and licensing choices of fontstructors. It’s worth acknowledging in another way that we have a choice and it is each of our’s to make regardless of my, or anyone else’s, opinions.

@afrojet and p2pnut again: Thank you so much. I feel this is a pretty passionate work, if I may be so bold as to say so. I learned a lot thanks to intaglio’s original and went on to apply a lot of subtle details to this fontstruction. In use, the spacing out of the box does not follow the preview widget’s example, but I guess the challenge of applying it as a real typeface is to be expected. There’s quite a lot one could do within this grid playing with traps and contrast and the like, but I have other ideas to pursue regarding this grid, which I will try to get to posting here sooner or later...

@intaglio: I just seem to go on and on, don’t I? :) But I would be remiss to not acknowledge you again. So allow me to thank you once more for your generosity and encouragement. I still try to create this while remembering your spirit and innovations, even while I depart from it with out-there glyphs like the †. I am not alone in believing you to have the most definitive and singular voice of any of us fontstructors, and if you ever make the jump to full-fledged typographic alchemy, I will hope to witness it and cheer you on.
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 4th december 2009
I´m just going to add:
I am in love with this font!
Comment by cayo 11th december 2009

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